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Do you love aliens, conspiracies , space, government cover ups and a good laugh? Then join The Alien Theorists as they wade through the BS and be inspired by the possibilities. A group of close friends discussing everything conspiracy, strange, unexplained and just straight up insane with beers in hand and open minds. Follow them at Twitter: @truthisoutthurr or facebook:

Do you love aliens, conspiracies , space, government cover ups and a good laugh? Then join The Alien Theorists as they wade through the BS and be inspired by the possibilities. A group of close friends discussing everything conspiracy, strange, unexplained and just straight up insane with beers in hand and open minds. Follow them at Twitter: @truthisoutthurr or facebook:
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Do you love aliens, conspiracies , space, government cover ups and a good laugh? Then join The Alien Theorists as they wade through the BS and be inspired by the possibilities. A group of close friends discussing everything conspiracy, strange, unexplained and just straight up insane with beers in hand and open minds. Follow them at Twitter: @truthisoutthurr or facebook:




Case File 83-Height 611 UFO

The Russian Federation has the largest land area of any country in the modern world. That’s over 6.5 million square miles of widely varying terrain and sparsely populated areas. What lies beneath the former Iron Curtain? For a country that is widely known for its secrecy and subterfuge it would be folly to assume that the former Soviet Union has never witnessed or recorded contact with UFOs. In the far eastern town of Dalnegorsk, just northeast of Vladvostok, an event took place in 1986 that...


Case File 82-The Black Monk Of Pontefract

England has no shortage of paranormal happenings. Countless locations in the English countryside are steeped in bloody histories and surrounded by local myth and superstition. Where you might expect many of the most haunted places to be ancient castles or foggy moors it is actually an unassuming house in East Yorkshire that claims the title of “The most violent haunting in Britain”. Number 30 East Drive on the Chequerfields estate has a paranormal history that spans 5 decades. From 1966 when...


Case File 81-The War On Weed

October 17, 2018 Canada has officially legalized the use of Marijuana for recreational purposes. The use of marijuana has long been stigmatized by the Governments of Canada and the USA. Demonizing marijuana and associating it with racist stereotypes that persist to this very day. Since the early 1900’s the US has been waging war on the hemp industry. The change in the majority of public thinking has been a long and arduous process. Public opinion is slowly being won over with multiple...



This week Braden is back live in Studio so we took a little break from the Alien/Conspiracy talk and bust out an old fashioned power hour. We bounce around from talking MCU to making a murderer, some pyramid talk and a story where Zel and Andrew watched a man get kicked pretty much to death.


Case File 80-Flying Humanoids

Look to the skies! Is that a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a 7-foot tall bipedal creature with bat like wings? When you look overhead you expect to see birds or perhaps even a bat or two. There are around 10,000 different species of birds in the world and over 900 species of bats. That’s a lot of biological air traffic. But, people have been reporting that they have seen more than average pigeon flying through the skies of Chicago as recent as 2017. Around the Great Lakes area witnesses have...


Case File 79-Colares UFO Incident

As you look up into the night sky, For most people, it’s difficult to imagine something lowering from above to put on a light show or make you truly question if we are alone in the universe. Most UFO sightings are just that, something appearing for a short amount of time to dazzle onlookers for an instant and then disappearing faster than the eye can see. The people of Colares, Brazil in 1977 had a very different experience and not a single townsperson would say that what they saw was...


Case File 78-Mutilations

Warning: Those of you with weak constitutions may want to stop here. This episode the theorists are exploring cases where the bodies of both humans and animals have been found to be mysteriously mutilated, those bodies that showed bizarre evidence of scorch marks, surgical grade incisions, and soft tissue and organ removal. What could have possibly perpetrated these heinous acts? Researchers have been baffled for decades on what has been the cause of a majority of these killings of which...


Case File 77-Skinwalker Ranch

The Native American people known as the Utes long have told the legend of skinwalkers. Men and Women who had the power to change their shape from human to beast and had many other supernatural abilities. The Utes held the strong belief that there were doorways with which one could connect with the spirit world beyond. One of those doorways was said to have been on a piece of land in western Utah that had been cursed by the Apache and was forbidden to be tread upon by the Ute people to this...


Case File 76-9/11 Redux

Once again, we remember the day that fundamentally changed the world after 2001. When the twin towers were brought down, it could be seen as a culmination of the West’s attempts to meddle in Middle Eastern affairs. In the face of these unprecedented attacks the word “terrorism” became the rallying cry for the US government to create new policies and new agencies to combat the threat. Even though the Sept 11 attacks are almost two decades past there are groups that still claim that this was...


Case File 75-Cryptid Crush-A-Thon!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Meteor Studios arena for the inaugural ATT Crypto Crush-a-thon! Have you ever asked yourself “If elusive cryptids from the far corners of the globe were pitted against each other in an all-out brawl-out which would come out on top? Who would be the Crypto King of the Ring? Has anyone ever seen a Bunyip?! What’s the name of the cryptid that shoots tentacles out of a metal beak?!”Well the theorists have heard your secret askings and now bring you ringside...


Case File 74-Pizzagate

It is a disturbing reality that child sex trafficking exists in our world. Many people think this unforgivable crime is isolated to the dark corners of the world where law and order are in short supply. In recent years it has come to light that this inexcusable offense is much more widely spread than was previously thought. During the 2016 United States presidential election cycle an incident brought the idea that a ring of high power politicians were using secret messages and symbols to...


Case File 73-Aurora, Texas UFO

April 17, 1897 A Local newspaper in Aurora, Texas included a fascinating report of a flying object falling from the sky. On it’s descent the object was said to have struck a local resident’s windmill and exploded, leaving pieces of a strange unidentifiable metal strewn about the property. Even more intriguing is the paper mentioned that a military official had identified a body at the scene of the crash. A member of the United States SIgnal Service was to have stated that the body of the...


Case File 72-The Valentich Disappearance

What do you think when you look down upon an anthill? Do you see ants as simple pests, picnic Invaders that can ruin a Summer's day of fun? Or perhaps you don't consider them at all? Ants are simply ants and don't require consideration. What would be the thoughts of a civilization far removed from our own, one that has unraveled the mysteries of interstellar travel, towards humans? Hundreds of people have claimed of being abducted by intelligent creatures from beyond our own solar system....


Power Hour #9

This week on Alien Theorists Theorizing, the Theorists take a little break from the conspiracy/alien world and have a good time with Braden back live in studio. Tales are told and beers are drank and The Theorists expel some of the countless ridiculous stories of their adult lives.


Case File 71-Artificial Intelligence

​The singularity. In Astronomy it is the ultra dense point within a black hole where even light cannot escape making it impossible to see. In the field of Artificial Intelligence the Singularity is the point in the future where scientists are at a loss to predict what will be the outcome when a machine finally becomes truly conscious. Modern movies and literature have played this scenario out a hundred different ways. Robots overthrowing their masters, assimilating organic creatures or...


Case File 70-Giants

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum Let us tell you whence the Giants come. Nearly every single culture around the world has tales of Giant humans. From the nephilim of the Bible’s Old Testament to the Jotuns of ancient Norse mythology giants seem to hold a place in the collective memories of the human race. But are the tales of a race of Giant humanoids only pure fantasy? In the last century there have been thousands of reports of findings of giant skeletons. It has been reported skeletons ranging from 8-12 feet...


Case File 69-The Kecksburg UFO Incident

On the evening of December 9th 1965 residents of the town of Kecksburg, PA witnessed an event that was nothing short of spectacular. An object streaking through the sky at what is now estimated 1000 mph was sighted making it’s way over the town in a brilliant ball of fire. The witnesses on the ground were astounded that this object did not behave in a manner associated with your average meteor or shooting star. The object hurtling through the sky suddenly changed direction not once, not...


Alien Con Recap!

The Theorists went, got drunk, missed flights, met listeners, met Georgio and had just an awesome time in Pasadena, CA, USA, Earth for Alien Con 2018! This weeks episode features almost 2 hours of stories and events that went along with that trip. Thanks for listening, we appreciate all the support. Cheers, The Alien Theorists


Case File 68-The Bilderberg Group

In the last few recent years the world has become a seemingly volatile political landscape. Countries small and large have become inextricably linked by way of numerous economic and political factors. Is this the result of duly elected officials simply acting in the best interests of their own sovereign nation-states, or is it the prelude to a reshaping of the global politiscape in accordance with some shadowy agenda of one or more mysterious groups of select powerful people? On the 29th of...


Case File 67-Bigfoot Beatdown

Once again we turn our attention towards the tireless search for Bigfoot. The mysterious bipedal ape-like creature that seems to roam North America. Multiple sightings of these creatures throughout history, and their appeal to the human imagination and our collective curiosity, have opened the door for many organizations to be founded with the goal of positively identifying these creatures. But it is perhaps an understatement to say that these organizations struggle to gain credibility with...