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Acid Horizon and Inner Experience theory podcasts. Metaphysics, ethics, politics, critical theory, phenomenology, and beyond.

Acid Horizon and Inner Experience theory podcasts. Metaphysics, ethics, politics, critical theory, phenomenology, and beyond.


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Acid Horizon and Inner Experience theory podcasts. Metaphysics, ethics, politics, critical theory, phenomenology, and beyond.






What is Destituent Communism? Tarì Part 2

On this episode of Acid Horizon, Craig, Matt, Will, and Adam are joined by Henry from the Forms podcast, Matteo Spanò of Cashmere Radio, and musician Danji Buck-Moore to discuss There is No Unhappy Revolution by Marcello Tarì. This discussion centers around Tarì’s account of “destituent power”. What is it? What is its relationship to the concept of the constituent? What is the relationship between destitution and the subject? How can we recognize the ruptures in time that allow the communism...


Machinic Enslavement: Deleuze and Guattari's 'Apparatus of Capture'

On this episode, Craig, Adam, Matt, and Will recap and reflect on the reading group’s discussion of Deleuze and Guattari’s “Apparatus of Capture”. What does “capture” mean in the work of Deleuze and Guattari? How is the subject of capital captured? In what ways does the cybernetic present redefine the nature of our social subjection? How can we resist capture? This discussion ranges from pontifications about neoliberal theories of “human capital” to the function of Nielsen ratings at the...


Bataille: Nietzsche or Communism? An Interview with Stuart Kendall

Members and friends of Acid Horizon meet with Stuart Kendall to discuss the work of 20th century writer Georges Bataille. Bataille is a unique figure in French thought whose work spans various milieus from literature to politics. As an opponent of fascism, liberalism, and the real-existing communism of his day, he and his associates endeavored to found a new politics which drew together disparate threads from French anthropology, mythological studies, and the work of Friedrich Nietzsche. The...


What Does Deleuze Mean By 'A Life'?

On this episode Craig, Will, Matt, and Adam take a close look at Gilles Deleuze's essay "Immanence: A Life", one of his final writings in which he describes immanence as a 'transcendental field'. Deleuze makes use of a lesser known work by Charles Dickens entitled “The Same Respected Friend in More Aspects Than One", casting the events of the story as a paradigmatic example of how singularities and their manners of expression are distinct from processes of individuation. This discussion...


Césaire: Discourse on Colonialism

On this episode we're going to be looking at the work of Aime Césaire, focusing on his 1950 work Discourse on Colonialism, Césaire was a Martinician poet and communist politician who was one of the leading figures in the emancipatory movements of the French-speaking colonial sphere, as well as a poetic voice central to the cultivation of contemporary forms of radical political blackness. In the discourse on Colonialism he poetically and powerfully exposes the hypocrisy and ideological...


Schelling and Ecological Thinking with Chris Satoor

Craig, Adam, and Terry (from our last Kant episode) are joined by Schelling scholar Christopher Satoor to explore the early work of Friedrich Schelling. Schelling tried to deduce the harmony of the conditions of experience and the productive activity of nature, and through a dynamic of intensities and forces aimed to synthesize and transcend the Spinozistic and Kantian limits of knowledge. We are guided through Schelling's naturphilosophie by Christopher Satoor, a doctoral candidate and...


What Do Deleuze and Guattari Mean by 'Nomadology'? - Acid Horizon 'A Thousand Plateaus' Reading Group Wrap Up

In this episode, the cast is joined by Noah, patron and reading group participant. Together we unpack Deleuze and Guattari's concept of 'nomadology' or 'nomadism' as it is laid out in A Thousand Plateaus and in other areas of their work. We invite you to join our future discussions! To become a member of the A Thousand Plateaus reading group, simply navigate to our Patreon page and become a member. Noah on Twitter: @pen_keeper Subscribe to Acid Horizon on Patreon:...


Baudrillard: Order of the Simulacra

Terms like 'simulation' and 'hyperreal' are sometimes bandied about with respect to our experience of media--but what is the structure of these concepts as Baudrillard lays them out? Moreover, how can we use these concepts to make sense of the present global crises? Craig, Will, and Adam are joined by Cooper from Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour to tackle these questions. Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour: Subscribe to Acid Horizon on Patreon:...


Finalists: The Poems (and Metaphysics) of Rae Armantrout

On today’s episode of Acid Horizon, we are joined by Pulitzer Prize winning poet Rae Armantrout to discuss her most recent collection of poetry entitled Finalists. We discussed the often explicitly philosophical dimension of Rae’s writing, particularly as it relates to notions of consciousness, cybernetics, and psychoanalysis. Finalists is now out from Wesleyan press. You can purchase the book using the link below. Buy Finalists: Links for...


Strange Apprenticeship: Experiences as Students and Mentors in Philosophy

In this episode, we close out our set of engagements on pedagogy and the contemporary student experience. This time, we are joined by Vernon Cisney, a professor and the author and editor of several books on Deleuze, Derrida, Foucault, and others, and his student, Ryder. Of course, each of them provides an account of the various encounters that led them to philosophical work – but this discussion remains quite broad. We cross everything from the lingering importance of existential...


Inner Experience - Radical vs. Reactionary Magic: A Case for Magical Realism

This is your Inner Experience, and today we’re joined by Eden, editor-in-chief over at the HeavyBlogisHeavy and cohost of the Death//Sentence Podcast to discuss the theory, phenomenology, and fictional contours of Magic Realism as an abundance of everyday meaning. For this we read Eden’s essay 'On The Radical Escapism of Magic Realism, or, How to Become a God in Late Capitalism', looking at paradigmatic cases of magical realist fiction as a framework to explore everything from knowledge...


Acidic Unconscious Happy Horizon

Acid Horizon and Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour team up for a Q&A. Subscribe to Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour on Patreon: Subscribe to Acid Horizon on Patreon: Merch: Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts: Zer0 Books YouTube channel: Happy Hour at Hippel's (Adam’s blog): Destratified...


Rhizome Wrap Up - 'A Thousand Plateaus' Reading Group Extended Discussion Part 1

On this episode, we wrap up on our first A Thousand Plateaus reading group by discussing The Rhizome with Sam, one of attendees. We talk about the perspectives of rhizomatic vs tree-like forms of connective and semiotic structures, using paradigmatic examples from Chomskyan linguistics, Frank Herbert's Dune, and the dynamics of music and genre formation. We explain what Deleuze and Guattari mean by "n-1", "overcoding", "tracing", and discuss the political and creative opportunities (and...


The Refusal of Work in Guattari and Negri's 'Communists Like Us'

On this episode, the gang takes a look at Antonio Negri’s and Felix Guattari’s 1985 cowritten essay, “Communists Like US”. Guattari and Negri take a look at the state of socialist governmentality and examine the causes of the failure of the worker movement in Italy in the late seventies. The outlook seems bleak, but in these developments Negri and Guattari identify various communist potentialities in various opposition movements. Through a new pluralist approach, one that affirms...


Inner Experience - Carl Rogers: Grief, Therapy, and Global Crisis

On this episode of Inner Experience we welcome in 2022 with our friend Chuck LeBlanc, a psychotherapist based in Canada and host of the Couch to Couch podcast, to talk about his therapeutic practice. Chuck takes us through his influences from the Positive Psychologist Carl Rogers to Gilles Deleuze and Alfred North Whitehead, and explains the methods of an inclusive and empathetic therapeutic approach as well as how the pandemic has impacted how people receive and relate to their own...


So You Want To Study Philosophy?: A Discussion With Tyrique

On this episode, we are joined by listener and philosophy student Rique to discuss his academic experience. We follow Rique through his intellectual and personal development as a student of philosophy. He discusses the importance of the relationships he’s developed with faculty and the process of applying to graduate programs. Also on the docket for this discussion are student life in philosophy and the changing nature of education under contemporary neoliberalism. How can this pressure...


Spinoza, Marx, and the Great Resignation: A Conversation with Jason Read and Acid Horizon

On this episode of Acid Horizon we are joined by Jason Read, a professor of philosophy at the University of Southern Maine, to discuss one of his essays on Spinoza and Marx. The title is 'The Order and Connection of Ideology Is the Same as the Order and Connection of Exploitation', and will appear in his forthcoming book Double Shift. In it, Read assesses two contemporary French theorists, Frédéric Lordon and Yves Citton, who in their own writings explore the ways in which Spinoza can enrich...


Felix Guattari in Japan - 'Machinic Eros' with Gary Genosko

On this episode of Acid Horizon, we're joined by Professor Gary Genosko to discuss essays from Machinic Eros, a collection of Felix Guattari's writings and interviews from this cultural exchange trips to Japan. We explore notions of machinic value and machinic enslavement, as well as control societies and Guattari's enthusiasm for the Free Radio Movement. We also go into some of Guattari's conversations with figures from the Japanese Avant-Garde, such as the dancer and performance artist Min...


Answers Without Organs - Acid Horizon's Third Q&A

Fresh back from a brief hiatus last month, the Acid Horizon crew kick things off with the latest edition of Answers without Organs. In this episode Craig, Will, Matt, and Adam answer queries from patrons and twitter followers on such topics as: the use of psychoanalysis in political thought today, the meaning of philosophizing, getting critical theory work out there, Hardt and Negri on the Multitude and Digitalization, Plato's greatest hits, Nietzsche's interpreters, and the fundamental...


Demos, Kratos, Autos, Nomos: A Fragmentary Expenditure

In this short episode, Adam reads his text "Demos, Kratos, Autos, Nomos: A Fragmentary Expenditure" in which he ruminates on the etymological origins of democracy, law, and of the power of people, distinct from its reification as 'The People', which grounds the notion of representative political institutions. Adam invites us to consider the distinction between the power of people vs a People's Law, in light of notions of identity, ecstasy, discipline, and transgression. Contribute to Acid...