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Bringing you curious minds and profound ideas. Your weekly dose of real conversations. We chat openly with industry and thought leaders from all walks of life, exploring the “what ifs” and “why nots”.

Bringing you curious minds and profound ideas. Your weekly dose of real conversations. We chat openly with industry and thought leaders from all walks of life, exploring the “what ifs” and “why nots”.




Bringing you curious minds and profound ideas. Your weekly dose of real conversations. We chat openly with industry and thought leaders from all walks of life, exploring the “what ifs” and “why nots”.




131. Dr. Courtney Brown – Mathematician, Social Scientist / Remote Viewing Scholar - Committing to Full Disclosure

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. Courtney joins us from us studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Courtney is a mathematician and social scientist, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta. He is also the only professor on the planet who researches and publically discusses both Remote Viewing and Extra Terrestrials. After learning about the CIA’s remote viewing program led by Russell Targ (ep 80), Courtney dove in and became fascinated with the science. He found that the military was not interested...


130. Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso – Founder, Seven Sisters Mystery School / Oracle – Being in the Mystery and in the Wonder

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. This week, we are speaking with a modern day Oracle and Founder of a Mystery School. Marguerite grew up in the suburbs of New York, the daughter and granddaughter of Sicilian immigrants to the US. We discuss her roots to the ancient world where natural and indigenous philosophy of existence ruled for hundreds and thousands of years before the advent of Christianity. She illuminates for us the importance of ancient knowledge traditionally held by “streghe”...


129. Robert Doyle – Wizard / Hypnotherapist – Seeing It Because You Believe It

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. Today we have a wonderful chat with Robert Doyle. Robert has been a therapist for 25 years, with an expertise in hypnotherapy and brief therapy ACT. He grew up in London – a small city between Toronto and Detroit – and needed to expand his own limits as a young man. He was a highly intuitive and curious young boy who also developed an early affinity to tech. After leaving for the big city, he graduated from university and started on a career in...


128. Anthony Scilipoti – President & CEO @ Veritas Investment Research Corp - Aiming to Lose Track of Time

Anthony joins us from his office in Toronto. He is a long time friend of our team and Behind Greatness. For over two decades, he and his firm Veritas have been very prominent and public in the world of forensic accounting and investment research in Canada. Anthony is a multi-layered human being with a drive-forward bent – and boy does he bring it in this conversation. We talk about preparation, freeing your mind for new ideas and quick-start vs follow-through – and being open to reciprocal...


127. Stephen Gyllenhaal – Award Winning Hollywood Director / Founder, Director, The Identity Development Institute – Exploring What Makes Us Tick

Stephen joins us from his home in the Los Angeles area. Stephen is the founder of The Identity Development Institute and an acclaimed Hollywood Director, and a published poet. He is a father of 3 children, two of whom are Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, who are artists in their own right. He grew up with parents (and grandparents) who suffered trauma and addiction. His father, as a young American soldier during World War II, lived the reality of opening and freeing concentration camps in...


126. Wynton Marsalis – Internationally Acclaimed Jazz Musician, Composer, Trumpeter / Leading Advocate of American culture – Rising Above Your Limitations

We sit with Wynton in Toronto for a delightful conversation shortly after a show at Massey Hall. Wynton, a Trumpeter, is originally from New Orleans and is widely regarded as one of Jazz’s all time greats, having also won multiple Grammies for his classical and jazz work. He also co-founded Jazz at the Lincoln Center and acts as the Center’s Managing and Artistic Director. We discuss music as core human expression, the responsibility of teaching music, antagonistic cooperation and modern...


125. John Kapelos – Film, TV, Theatre Actor / Writer/ Musician – Exploring Beyond the River’s Edge

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. John Kapelos joins us from his home in Hollywood. He is a veteran actor, with over 40 years of acting experience in Film, TV and Theatre. Originally from London, Ontario, John shares with us his life as a child of Greek parents with older siblings who he adored. As a perennial “leaver”, John explored a young adult life as a creative nomad, living in several cities across North America before spending years in Chicago and then finally settling in LA. He’s not...

124. Gary Lachman – Writer, Author, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer (Founding Member, Blondie) – Paying Attention

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. Our dicussion today is with writer, author, philosopher and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Gary Lachman, who joins us from his home in London. Gary grew up in New Jersey and as a young adult he decided to follow his musical curiosities and move to NYC to play and write Rock & Roll. Living in a store-front at 19 in NYC, he spent years writing songs and playing gigs as Gary Valentine until he lived his dreams: co-founding a successful Rock & Roll band, opening for...


123. Mark Cecchetto – President, Nestle Confectionary – Choosing to Navigate Through Rough Waters

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. Today we are speaking with Mark Cecchetto. Mark acts as the President of Nestle Canada’s Confectionary Division and lives in Toronto. Mark grew up in a healthy family environment where he was encouraged to explore and where the expectation for a successful future path was also not negotiable. Originally wanting to have a career in sports management – with the ultimate ideal as the GM of the Blue Jays – Mark saw a different path emerging as he became a young...


122. Dr. Dean Radin - Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences /Best Selling Author /Musician – Exploring the Frontier of Consciousness

We are joined by Dean Radin at his home in Idaho. Dean is the Chief Scientist at the famous IONS in California. IONS was founded by Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell 50 years ago after the Apollo-14 mission. Mitchell had a mystical experience as he found himself in space and walking the moon that he started this Institute when he returned to Earth to study our interconnectedness with the universe. And Dean has certainly taken on those reigns. Contemplating existential questions at a very young...


121. Dr. Thomas Verny, MD – Psychiatrist, International Best Selling Author, Podcast Host – Loving as Deeply as you Can

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. Today we are joined by Thomas Verny at his home in Stratford, Ontario. He is one of the world’s leading experts on the effects of prenatal and postnatal environment on personality. Dr Verny shot to international fame after the publication of his book entitled “The Secret Life of the Unborn Child” in 1982. But fame was never a driver for Thomas. Searching the truth suited him better. We speak to a man today who has had his own private practice for many...


120. Rick Campanelli aka “Rick The Temp” – National TV/Radio Host & Personality, Former VJ – Going To That Mountain, Not Waiting For It

Rick joins us from his home outside of Toronto. He is perennially and lovingly known as “Rick the Temp” in his home country. He is a long time national TV & Radio host and a long time friend to Inspire and Behind Greatness. As a shy kid growing up in Hamilton, Rick knew he had something in him. Armed with the love of music and art, a positive life-energy and a heavy commitment to preparation, Rick created the opportunity for himself to become a national video jockey for Much Music in the...


119. Doug Putman – Entrepreneur & CEO of Sunrise Records, HMV, Everest Toys, Toys R Us – Always Being in the State of Creation

Doug joins us from his home in the Hamilton area, Ontario. Doug is a serial entrepreneur, owning several brick & mortar companies that together employ over 20,000 people. After high school, he decided that university wasn’t for him and began exploring how he could create his own path. And like an artist, create is what he did. We discuss several themes that are important to him: the influence of his family and his parents in his life, having a healthy dose of an inferiority complex, the...


118. Dr. Jeffrey Kripal – Chair in Philosophy & Religious Thought, Rice University / Author / Philosopher – Believing in Belief, not in Beliefs

Jeff joins us from Houston. He is the current Associate Dean of the Faculty and Graduate Programs in the School of the Humanities and the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University. He is also the Associate Director of the Center for Theory and Research at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. In this conversation we explore the “3rd space” that Jeff occupies and a wide array of topics therein and all connected to the esoteric: a term that is...


117. John Ruffalo – Founder, Managing Partner, Maverix Private Equity – Using Persistence to Pierce Through

John chats with us from his place in Toronto. John comes from a family – like many of us – that left their country in poverty to make a better life in a new place. John tells us about growing up, living and working in a cocoon of a 2km radius … until he began to poke a hole in his bubble. In the 90s, John worked relentlessly for his firm fulfilling his billable hours, but spending 1000 hours / year trying to build a business with future tech-giants like Microsoft and Oracle. But before they...


116. Dr. Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat – Co-Founder, Cuban Democratic Directorate (Directorio) – Overcoming the Beliefs of An Ideological Grip

Orlando joins us from his home city of Miami. In a followup to last week’s scintillating talk with Luis Zuniga, we continue with Orlando in talking about living under a totalitarian regime and the peoples’ fight against the same. Orlando’s family lineage in Cuba traces back to 1492. Orlando explains how he and his Organization are trying to pierce through the communist armour of Cuba’s regime to get the message of hope, liberty and democracy to the Cuban people on his home island. We discuss...


115. Luis Zuñiga Rey – Former Cuban Political Prisoner (“Plantado”) / Lecturer - Finding Resolve in Being at Peace with Yourself

Luis joins us from Miami, Florida. Luis is a former Plantado. Born and bred in Cuba, Luis was a young teen during Fidel Castro’s revolution against the military dictatorship in Cuba at the time. However, he found out as a young university student just how oppressive Castro’s version of “liberation” was (and is) living under his communist rule starting in the early 1960s. Refusing “political integration” as a university student, Luis brings us through his harrowing story fighting back against...


114. Santiago Roa Duque – Founder, Jaguar Siembra Project / Filmmaker / Artist – Following the Art of the Growing Seed

Santiago joins us from Vienna. He is from Bogota, Colombia and spends his time between Austria and his native land. He is a founder and director of Jaguar Siembra – a not for profit outfit in Colombia dedicated to preserving Indigenous knowledge and sharing indigenous wisdom through film about this supremely unique place on the planet in northern Colombia: “La Linea Negra” in Santa Marta. This conversation is packed with what’s important to our guest – and to our podcast. Santiago warns us...


113. Dr. Diane Hennacy, MD – Neuroscientist/Psychiatrist / Artist/ Author – Exploring Beyond The Boundaries

We chat with Diane, who is joining us from Oregon. Diane is an artist and dancer … and she is also a practising neuroscientist, psychiatrist, clinician and author. She is a polymath, whose life has been enriched by unique near death experiences - at age 4, age 13 and again in her 20s. We learn about Diane’s challenge of the materialistic model that scientists are trained to follow and why this is important for her – and for science. Diane is also known for her pioneering work in...


112. Leslie Kean – Journalist, Best-Selling Author, Trailblazer – Pursuing Answers, Relentlessly

Leslie joins us from NYC. She studied ornithology in her graduate studies in Massachusetts, moved to humanitarian work for Burma to radio show production in California to then freelance investigative journalism. As a journalist she was able to publish her early work relating to UFOs in the Boston Globe in 2001 – and was struck by the deafening silence of response to her piece. But some did take notice …. She published a best selling book several years later and began to be invited by high...