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Revolution with Lev Gonick

Can we ensure a bright future? Is holding true to our beliefs in a world of technological and social "progress" really possible? Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of Big Audacious Idea. In this episode, we will sum it all up. During the season we’ve delved into mind-spinning topics of technology, reality, and consciousness… All of these topics relate to how we as humans solve problems, generate ideas and transform our world. Advances through history have caused certain revolutions of...


Virtual Reality with Aaron Frank

How will augmented and virtual reality shape the future? Will 3D-printing impact our everyday lives? What’s real and what’s not? This episode is going virtual! Host, Craig James, will be joined by Aaron Frank, one of the first faculty members at Silicon Valley’s prestigious Singularity University. Together, they will discuss interesting topics such as programmable matter, 3D-printing and other things that make physical matter, not matter as much. These are the tech trends that are changing...


Time with Alan Burdick

Does time move backward? Can we change time? Can we move through it? Does time even exist? Host, Craig James will be joined by an expert in the field of Time, Alan Burdick, who authored the book, “Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation.” Alan is a former staff writer for the New Yorker and an editor for it’s science-and-tech blog. Together, Craig and Alan travel across the many twists and turns of Time, forward, backward, and in-between.


Money with Seth Godin

Will we ever get rid of money? Is cryptocurrency just a trend? Who is more valuable, a rich person or a volunteer? Money, with its complex implications for humans, raises some huge questions: questions that can only be answered by world-renowned thought leader and New York Times best-selling author, Seth Godin. Host, Craig James, talks with Seth about Money – and more importantly – the idea of the exchange of value. How humans define and trade value has had many historic shifts, from the...


Consciousness with Gordana Biernat

Are we all connected? How do we use memories from the past to heal the present? Is our reality an illusion? Host Craig James welcomes guest Gordana Biernat, a world renowned author, speaker, and explorer of the physical. She was named by Oprah “a top SuperSoul100 Teacher.” Gordana takes the conversation about consciousness to higher levels of thought and challenges us to look at the world with a new awareness.


Human with Maggie Jackson

What is technology’s impact on humanity? Is our ability to be empathetic disappearing? Are we living in a Dark Age? Host, Craig James welcomes awarding winning author and journalist Maggie Jackson to explore what it means to be human. Maggie’s penetrating views on work-life balance have been featured in The New York Times, Boston Globe and publications worldwide. Her expert opinion shines a guiding light on the social issues we face in this Digital Age.


Life & Death with Stephen Hawley Martin

Is reincarnation real? Where do you go after you die? What is an out of body experience? Skeptics beware! This episode adds powerful evidence that consciousness never ends, exploring the possibilities of life after death. Host, Craig James, visits these complex topics with author and paranormal enthusiast, Stephen Hawley Martin. They’ll take a trip into the unknown with specific examples, years of research and even personal experience that indicate memories can be formed and retained through...


Ideas with Tony McCaffrey

How do we create new ideas? Why do we get “stuck” on certain problems and how do we get “unstuck”? Is brainstorming helpful or harmful? Dr. Tony McCaffery joins, host, Craig James about the very idea of ideas! As a leading voice in the field of innovation and a doctor of cognitive psychology, Tony will explore the neuroscience behind thinking, brainstorming, and creativity. They’ll weave storytelling and inquiring narrative into the discussion of ideas.


Season 1 Sneak Peak

Does time move backwards? Can ethical questions be answered by science? Is there life after death? Is cryptocurrency just a trend? It's questions like these that will spark the Big Audacious Ideas of tomorrow... Big Audacious Idea is a podcast for listeners who think boldly and beyond conventional perception. Host Craig James meets with many of today’s most provocative thinkers to explore the meta-questions of life. Its 35 minutes of deep and thoughtful discussion guaranteed to feed the...