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Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.

Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.
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Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.




#12 October Astrology - Transforming Attachment

Today's episode, I go into the incredibly transformational potential of the month to come! October 2019, gives us all the opportunity to really dig our heals into the depth of meaning and reason in our lives. We also have to potential to really try and understand our attachment styles, which were first created in infancy. I also announce the PRE-ORDER of the 2020 TOOLBOX! Because 2020 is looking like such a historical year, I wanted to be sure to offer you all the opportunity to work with...


#11 - The Dance of Jupiter and Neptune: Ushering in Grief and Expanding Opportunities

At the beginning of September 2019, I wrote a post on SM stating that this month would be a wake-up call, and I'll be damned, it TOTALLY was! September shook many of us awake, shook us out of fantasy, out of delusion. Lost in the sea of Pisces, many of us have been acting blindly, however in September we would begin to see. In this episode, I review the magnitude of the Astrology of September + I explain the Astrology of why this was the case and why this month had the potential of profound...


#10 - Cosmic Conversation with Astrologer + Healer, Ash Whyte

In this episode, I bring friend and colleague, Ash Whyte onto the podcast to discuss all kinds of HOT astrology issues! From discussing who should become an astrologer to the 2020 elections and taking astrology too far in self-diagnosis. Enjoy this episode! You find out more about Ash @ And to learn more about the podcast visit #HotBox


#9 - Leo - August 2019 Astrology

In this episode, I reflect on the Eclipse Season of July 2019 + peek into the Astrology of August 2019. Additionally, I dive deep into all things LEO! . To learn more about the Astrology for the month ahead every month, consider joining the community for monthly details Astrological Outlooks and Bonus Episodes. .


#8 - Working w Eclipse Season Astrology

Eclipse Season in Cancer + Capricorn There is a division being presented in our conciseness by the media + beyond. A force wanting to split the masculine + the feminine. There is energy forcing divide, boasting separatism. It’s not real, there is value in every single being, no matter race, sex, gender, etc. This month we have the opportunity to get comfortable with our own emotions, so that we may learn to react from love, not programmed hate. When we master emotion, we master life. To hear...


#7 - Healing the Inner Child/Teenager Using Astrology with Tareck Ghoneim

The longest brightest day in the Northern Hemisphere has arrived. The Summer Solstice, the peak of light and growth, invites us to review a point of change within us. . We are living in a time, when ”know thy self” is incredibly valuable. Knowing the truth of our personal authenticity vs our programs, is so key. . In today’s Episode, I have a chat with my love, Tareck, to discuss all things Astrology. From the Cancer North Node to Chiron in Aries to Uranus in Taurus. We dive into the meaning...


#6 - Self Worth with Eugenia

Hello, I am Eugenia Krok. . Today, I proclaim my worth. . I am a very good Astrologer. . I know this because of the daily gratitudes + enthusiasm I’ve received from countless individuals + groups for a decade. . I know Astrology Readings I have given, have absolutely changed peoples lives. . I’ve studied the human mind for 20 years. . Having now traveled + lived on 5 continents, in almost 20 countries + 30 states, I have cross-cultural experiences which informs my work with clients from all...


#5 - Working with Full Moon + Scorpio in Astrology

The Moon will be Full in Scorpio this Saturday, May 18th, 2019. But it’s no regular full moon! This bad boy brings a host of revelations + clarity from 6 months ago! It also brings up important energy we will be working with for the next 7 years! Hear my thoughts and how to work very personally with this energy. . Be sure to join the community to receive this months BONUS EPISODE!


#4 - Uranus in Scorpio: An Astrological Generation

The 1970’s brought with it an onslaught of dark shit. From the rise of serial killers, to cult leaders, to sex drugs + rock’n'roll! These events mirrored Uranus transiting the sign of Scorpio. Uranus breaks down matter, Scorpio holds the dark side. Uranus Scorpio was a time of breaking down dark shit! . This is episode is to describe this time in history, the individuals affected by it and Uranus in Taurus today. . The BONUS EPISODE for this month goes deeper into this topic. We explore the...


#3 - The Astrology of Today with Tareck Ghoneim

In this episode, I bring back my love and partner, Tareck Ghoneim. We discuss relationship astrology, the current astrology climate and living in harmony with nature. Tareck’s take on astrology is unique, abstract and striking. Enjoy! Tareck will be speaking at this month Astrology Meetup Group in Denver, CO on April 13th! Be sure to come meet he and I in person!


#2 - Saturn + Saturn Return with Dana Balicki + Sandy Sitron

If you’re currently between the ages of 27-30, or 57-60, you are smack dab in your Saturn Return! Which means the very foundation and structure of your life is getting a shakeup! . Great news: two of my fave healers Sandy Sitron (NYC-based astrologer + hypnotist) and Dana Balicki (Joshua Tree-based Transformational Coach) are offering a free live webinar on 4/5/19 to support you in navigating these big, sometimes core-rocking, life shifts. I am proud to be an affiliate for their work and...


#1 - New Year's Meditation - The Vernal Equinox

Breathe In. Breathe Out. Feel your heart this New Year!


Begin Again - Accessible Astrology

Some times, you have to step back, to step forward, to Begin Again.


Ep. 86 // To Serve Humanity

Thank you. I love you.


Ep. 85 // The Nodes in Cancer + Capricorn: The Counsel of Grandmothers

In this week’s episode, I talk all about the nodes shifting into Cancer and Capricorn. I share a personal story and ask you all, my TRIBE for support. To help to support my work, visit Enjoy these insights!


Ep. 84 // Looking Ahead to the Final Astrology of 2018 with Tareck Ghoneim

So far, 2018 has been full of typically unpredictable energy, with the Nodes of the Moon in Leo and Aquarius. We have been learning to listen to our hearts (Leo), but also raging against oppression (Aquarius). However, all of this is about to change and the world is about to feel very different as the final astrology of 2018 opens doors into a new consciousness and experience of life. In this episode, Tareck and I discuss the Nodes shifting, Jupiter shifting, and some other cool shit. Enjoy!


Ep. 83 // Venus Rx in Scorpio: The Whispers of our Ancestors

When Venus starts dancing in the dark, so does our connection to love. The beautiful illumination Venus brings to the sky as the evening or morning star is something so undeniable, so visceral, so captivating, that we realize how much we miss her only when she is gone. . Ancient symbology and story throughout time has tried to capture this rommance humans have always had with this incandescent planet. . Venus has begun her Retrograde, as of October 5th 2018 in NYC (correction from recording)...


Ep. 82 // Finding Purpose in your Astrology Chart

While our purpose continues to ebb + flow, there are sure-fire ways to become more clear about our path and direction, when we follow indications in the chart. In today's episode, I go over some of these key elements and how to look for them in your own chart. To learn more, be sure to join the TRIBE, where you will have access to my most recent 2-hour lecture from Minneapolis, MN! Join at {Image from the Road: Wisconsin}


Ep. 81 // Venus+Mars Rx Part 1 with Adam Sommer + Danielle Polgar

In today’s episode, I invite back onto the podcast, Adam Sommer of the Exploring Astrology Podcast and Danielle Polgar of to discuss Venus + Mars Retrograde. The past few months have been particularly unique, as Mars and Venus have, and will both Retrograde back-to-back. We muse about these transits while enjoying reflection and conversation about our heartstrings, reviewing past transits and being bold. Be sure to listen to this episode and Part 2 on Exploring...


Ep. 80 // The Shadow Side of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Meeting one's shadow is a HEROIC journey. Having the courage to see one's own demons and the demons that live in others, is the path of a warrior. This path is not always obvious or easy to walk down. In many cases, it takes a heinous, frightful, unbelievable event to show us the true nature of the dark that lives in and out of the human experience. When we are forced down this path, forced to look in the mirror, forced to ask the hard questions, we will have officially entered the innermost...