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Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.

Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.
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Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.




Ep. 83 // Venus Rx in Scorpio: The Whispers of our Ancestors

When Venus starts dancing in the dark, so does our connection to love. The beautiful illumination Venus brings to the sky as the evening or morning star is something so undeniable, so visceral, so captivating, that we realize how much we miss her only when she is gone. . Ancient symbology and story throughout time has tried to capture this rommance humans have always had with this incandescent planet. . Venus has begun her Retrograde, as of October 5th 2018 in NYC (correction from...


Ep. 82 // Finding Purpose in your Astrology Chart

While our purpose continues to ebb + flow, there are sure-fire ways to become more clear about our path and direction, when we follow indications in the chart. In today's episode, I go over some of these key elements and how to look for them in your own chart. To learn more, be sure to join the TRIBE, where you will have access to my most recent 2-hour lecture from Minneapolis, MN! Join at {Image from the Road: Wisconsin}


Ep. 31 // Returning to Wholeness: Ayurveda and Astrology with Cherise Bangs

We're back! After our long-winded introduction and catch up chat, Cherise Bangs joins us to discuss her work with ayurveda and yoga therapy. We briefly explore how the doshas may be found in the tropical/western natal chart and how we can best align with the cycles and rhythms of nature. You can find more info about Cherise on her website: {Image of Dhanwantari Jayanti, Ayurveda's patron diety whose celebration was just 5 days ago! So timely.} To support our efforts...


Ep. 30 // Chart exploration with Full Moon auction winner

This week we share our musings about the last days of Libra season and this week's Mars/Pluto conjunction. Then we explore the natal chart and transits of our Full Moon Auction winner, Melia. This is another great episode for astrology students who are curious to see how certain aspects and placements manifest in real life. We hope you enjoy the conversation! {epic image by Devany Litha Wolfe aka @serpentfire}


Ep. 29 // Astrology + Healing Modalities: EMDR Part I

On this episode we speak to Sara of Conifer Counseling ( who works closely with Eugenia to find the most optimal healing strategies for their clients. Tune in to hear more about the amazing work Sara does with her clients using EMDR as a healing technique and how this truly bridges realities with astrology. We explore a client's chart as an example. This is a really rich subject so this will be part I of more to come! We hope you enjoy!


Ep. 28 // Progressions and Astro-Chat with Kelly Surtees

The lovely Kelly Surtees ( joins us again for an astro-chat! We reflect on the recent New Moon in Libra, Jupiter in Libra, and share insights about progressions and how they work with predictive astrology. We hope you enjoy! {Image source unknown}


Ep. 27 // Pluto in Scorpio: Sex, Death, + Money with Timothy Halloran

Pluto is the planet that represents transformation through sex, death and rebirth. It's the Phoenix archetype emerging from the ashes of destruction. It takes us to the dark recesses of our own underworld -- our unconscious desires, impulses, passions, and fears. As the ruler of Scorpio, the archetype of Pluto is magnified. On this episode, we invited astrologer Timothy Halloran to explore the topic of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. Tune in to hear his eloquent interpretation of this...


Ep. 26 // Jupiter in Libra - Make Love Not War + other sentiments

Isn't this collage by Katelyn aka @low_tide_lover a perfect image for Jupiter in Libra?! So good! Join us on this episode as we share our take on Jupiter's shift into the sign of Libra. We explore the archetype of Jupiter and how it's sojourn through Libra might touch upon themes of love, relationships, harmony, finding balance, creating beauty, decision making, legal issues, communication, conflict, and more! We had fun with this one. And, in honor of this astrological shift and our...


Ep. 25 // The Lunar Eclipse + Guest Chart Exploration

The final eclipse of 2016 is almost here! Tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse in Pisces allows and invites us to release, forgive, let go, and heal. We discuss our personal experiences with this eclipse season and also dive into the natal chart of our monthly donation/auction winner and guest, Sarah. This is a great episode to explore your own interpretations of her chart alongside our interpretations -- a perfect opportunity to practice and learn more about astrology! So grab a pen and paper and tune...


Ep. 24 // Astrology, Yoni Eggs, and Healing Ancestral Wounds with Jillian Anderson

Tune in to our latest episode with guest Jillian Anderson (, goddess of the yoni egg practice and female empowerment. Join us as we dive deep into the depths of the divine feminine as we discuss healing ancestral wounds, creativity, abundance, and changing the future. We also explore Jillian's chart in detail which highlights the gifts she brings to the world. Juicy, touching, vulnerable, and inspiring goodness. Enjoy everyone! {Beautiful image by Vanja Vukelic...


Ep. 23 // The Solar Eclipse in Virgo

We're back to chat about tomorrow's Solar Eclipse! Enjoy this short and sweet conversation. (Image by Dani from the 2012 Solar Eclipse at the Symbiosis Gathering).


Ep. 22 // Saturn Return with Tiff DeLancy and Maya Hackett

With all the energy around Saturn and Mars this week, we thought it was appropriate to discuss one of the hottest topics in astrology: the Saturn Return! We invited guests Tiff DeLancy and Maya Hackett to talk a bit about their amazing collaborative community called Saturn*s Sister, and we share stories about our experiences with our own Saturn Return journeys. We hope you enjoy! (epic image by @serpentfire). To connect with Tiff and Maya on social media, you can find them on instagram at...


Ep. 21 // Full Moon in Aquarius Vibes with special guest

The Full Moon is shining light on all things Aquarius tonight - which of course, includes ASTROLOGY! On today's episode, after our love-infused intro, our monthly donation winner joins to discuss her natal chart. We share our interpretations of some of her aspects and discuss generational patterns and other astrological concepts. To participate in our donation 'auction', please visit us and donate at and at the New Moon we will select the highest donor to...


Ep. 20 // Communing with the Moon with guests Kristina Wingeier and April Miller-McMurtry

We're back! In this episode we explore our relationship with the Moon with guests Kristina Wingeier and April Miller-McMurtry of The Lunar Womb and The Moon is My Calendar. We discuss the importance of re-aligning with the Moon and using it as a guide toward understanding our inner selves and how we relate to the natural and sacred cycles of our lives. You can learn more about Kristina and April through their websites:,,


Ep. 19 // Cosmic Chat with Kelly Surtees

Astrologer and friend, Kelly Surtees joins us again! This time to chat about Mars + Saturn stationing direct, Antares, polarities, signs in their exaltations, and finding balance in our both/and universe! We had such a great time recording this one, we hope you enjoy! Check out Kelly's offerings at: [Image by @leafandpetalvintage]


Ep. 18 // A Spontaneous Confession Session: NeoFeminism

In this spontaneous episode, we dive into a hot topic that is 'up' for the both of us right now, and might be for you too, -- NEO-FEMINISM. We waxed about the historical wave that got us here as a collective, and we ride the tide out into the future potential of an egalitarian, partnership society. This is SUCH a good one, you won't want to miss it.


Ep. 17 // Mercury: A New Perspective with guest Jason Holley

Mercury has received a lot of negative press in pop culture over the recent years, but there's so much more to learn about this valuable archetype. Astrologer, therapist, and teacher Jason Holley joins us to offer his brilliant insights and playful perspective which provides a new understanding of our dear friend Mercury. This is one episode we've been super excited to record, and it's just as lovely as we imagined it would be! We think you'll enjoy it too!


Ep. 16 // News, Consciousness, Antares, + the charts of Teenagers

We're back with some new ideas about our offerings, public service announcements, and an exploration into the light and dark elements of the Antares/Pluto conjunction found in current teenager's charts. It's a quick one, but it's deep! Enjoy! *We now have a landing page ( where you can submit donations to help us bring you more astrology! And you can now follow us on Instagram @bridgingrealities.


Ep. 15 // Astrology + Sexuality with Elizabeth Wood + VerDarLuz

As Mars stations direct today, we dive into a group discussion with tantric educator, Elizabeth Wood and shamanic astrologer, VerDarLuz. Eugenia recently attended their profound workshop around tantra and astrology. Together we all explore how astrology can guide us towards a deeper understanding of our sexuality and how it can help us embrace this sacred gift of expression. You can learn more about Elizabeth's work at her website: and more about VerDarLuz's offerings...


Ep. 14 // Rambling Reflections + It's All About Love

We're back! And we're doing what we do best -- shooting the breeze and catching up and talking about astrology. This episode floats around and follows its own tempo as we reflect on Mars Retrograde, with a few technological interruptions along the way. Please pardon the poor sound quality as Danielle's internet connection was sub-par.