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Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.

Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.
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Join Eugenia Krok, MA to bridge the esoteric + practical concepts of astrology to create a more professional + grounded future for astrology.




Ep. 79 // Audience Q+A: The Solar Eclipse in Leo

The 3rd and final Eclipse of the season comes Aug. 11th. In this episode, I answer a few questions from listeners, focusing on the importance of the Sun! I discuss ancient Egyptians Mythology, to inquire, how they may have interpreted these times. I also discuss, how to avoid obsessing over astrology. To watch the full episode + bonus episode + to support my work, join the TRIBE at


Ep. 78 // Importance of Cultural Diversity in Astrology with Cheryl Hopkins

The past few years have shown the world the depth of fear, racism, sexism and cultural divide’s that create so much anxiety in life. We are in a time of looking through our personal pasts, and our historical past. We are being asked to look at storylines which have brought us to this moment and we now have the opportunity, right now, to change them. . In this weeks episode, I bring onto the podcast, Cheryl Hopkins of to discuss the importance of cultural and racial...


Ep. 77 // Empowering the Feminine in Your Chart with Allie Couch of Cosmomuse

Tomorrow we experience a powerful Lunar Eclipse in AQUARIUS, so in this episode, I wanted to be sure to include some often times, left out ladies! Included in this Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, 2018, is not only the Sun and the Moon, squaring Uranus and Jupiter during a Mercury Retrograde and a Mars Retrograde, but it is also highly important to be reminded that Athena, Juno, and Lilith will also highly influence this energy. The Wife, The Daughter, and the Rebel Chick. . In today's episode...


Ep.76 // Audience Q+A: Pluto/Saturn, Psychology, Mars Rx

In this week's episode, I cover questions I fielded from listeners through the Bridging Realities Instagram account (be sure to follow me @bridgingrealities to participate in future Q+A episodes). Thank you for your participation! There were so many fantastic questions! . If you don't hear the answer to your question and or you enjoy my style of teaching astrology and learned something from this episode, consider supporting my work by joining the TRIBE for $10 a month at...


Ep. 75 // Real Life Retrograde + Eclipse Cycle: Necessary Endings

Ok, ok, ok. It's eclipse season. Shit be whack, and things be changing. Every Astrologer has something to say about it... What I want to share with you, is my very personal experience of Saturn in Capricorn, Mars Retrograde, and The Eclipses, and how perfectly these transits have the potential to fuck our lives up, to re-route us onto a more appropriate path. My hope for those of you listening who have felt a LOT of change is to let you know I see you, I feel you, I hear you, and I am...


Ep. 74 // Listen + Look + Love

Happy Solstice! Happy Beginnings! The chart for this Solstice is all about Polarities, Relationships and the Cry for Balance! Masculine Opposing Feminine // Yang Opposing Yin // Destruction Opposing Creation. In this episode I take a night stroll through the streets of Cairo, Egypt while contemplating the importance of being in the present moment and finding the beauty in the moment. Be sure to listen around 26min! It's my favorite part of the episode! And be sure to Subscribe and Review...


Ep. 73 // A BIG Fucking Day! Uranus into Taurus + Taurus New Moon!

Welp! Today is fucking huge! At 9:17 am MST on Tuesday, May 15h 2018, Uranus moves into Taurus, just after the Taurus New Moon, AND… I’m off to Egypt! So for this grand and momentous day, I bring back to Bridging Realities, Tareck, my love, my partner and the man I will whisk away to Egypt with. We have an authentic chat about all of these changes and I offer a helpful guided meditation around the 40min marker to help ground you during these somewhat noisy times. May all the changes...


Ep. 72 // Co-Creating Wellness: Medical Astrology + Chiropractic Medicine

Guess who’s back…. In this one Dani and I catch up with one of our famous authentic chit-chats and also welcome on to the show her lovely husband and chiropractor Dr. Randall Polgar to discuss their work combining astrology with the field of the physical, nutritional and supplemental worlds. If you resonate with the work Dani + Randall are offering to the world, be sure to visit to find out more. . . . #Astrology #AstrologyPodcast #Chiroprator...


Ep. 71 // Part 3 Trialogue with Chris Brennan + Adam Sommer

Welcome to the final episode of 3 with astrologers and fellow podcasters, Chris Brennan of “The Astrology Podcast” and Adam Sommer of “Exploring Astrology.” In this episode we cover LOTS of different material. Chiron + whole sign house system + ethics in astrology + much more! I am honored to have spent time with these men and am grateful for this wonderful send off for my new journey! Enjoy!


Ep. 70 // Heart + Chart

Often times in Astrology, we can find ourselves overusing our heads, looking to the astrology chart to predict the future and at times trying to control the outcome, especially when we find ourselves in big transitional times. In Ep. 70, I bring back Rachael Starr Bruck of, to discuss the importance of Presence, Breathe, Ceremony and The Heart. This is a great episode to be seated for, as there is meditation, mindful contemplation and encouragement to be still. When the...



In life, there are moments that sweep us away. Sweep us away and direct us onto a new path. These changes are reflected in our astrology chart by way of transits, progressions, profections and others... Understanding our chart shows us how we change and how life redirects us. In this episode, I discuss changes I am going through and how they are reflected in the bigger changes happening in the sky. How do we learn to balance the yin and yang of life during these transitional times? We are...


Ep. 68 // Boundaries Will Set Us FREE

Accessible Astrology: A Manifesto. In this one, I explore the very personal story behind Accessible Astrology. A story of boundaries crossed, ethics ignored and my mission to create a more professional future for Astrology, to empower more. . . . #Professional #Astrology #Boundaries #TimesUp


Ep. 67 // The Problem With Astrology

In this episode, I have a candid conversation with myself about problems in astrology. From women being taken advantage of, to the inequitable masculine approach to astrology. There are many battles taking place in the field of astrology and beyond right now. So what do we do? Perhaps staying in the heart while looking above and staying grounded below is advisable? To learn more about your heart and Leo in your chart, be sure to join the TRIBE or download information at...


Ep. 66 // What Has Saturn Taught You?

In this solo episode, follow me on a stroll through foreign lands, as I muse about Saturns journey through Sagittarius and Nodes in Aquarius and Leo. Right now is a wonderful opportunity for review and revelation. What has Saturn been teaching you since December of 2014? Are you ready for Saturns move into Capricorn? Enjoy my thoughts and let me know what you think of this very first SOLO episode! To learn more about Saturn in your chart, be sure to check out the informational video...


Ep. 65 // Venus the Star of Love with Agent 12 Julija Simas

Venus, so bold, so beautiful, so revealing, tells us so much about our heart. In today's episode agent 12 Julija Simas of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency and I honor Venus’ journey into Scorpio, where she brings us juice, depth, and honesty. Jules talks about the Venus star points and looks a little closer at my chart to show you how important the cycle of Venus truly is! To find out more about the amazing work Jules is doing, please visit! To help you...


Ep. 64 // LOVE Changes Everything

In todays episode, my partner Tareck and I shed light on some truths about relationships to honor the current transits in the sky. With Venus, Mars AND Vesta all in the sign of Libra, while the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury transit Scorpio, we are being asked to assess our relationships, look at the dark side and consider the whole. Who do we want to be in partnership with, who do we want to be as a partner? Enjoy this candid conversation about love and the challenge that follows. {Image...


Ep. 63 // Shifting Times & Onward Climbs

That crisp breeze in the air. Those leaves turning over to new vibrant hues. A new season is here yet again, reminding us that everything is impermanent. Change is the pulse of life. And so, in this episode we share some changes we're experiencing as individuals, and for this podcast. Wishing you all ease in your transition into this last phase of 2017. {Image @danielle_polgar} . . . #astrology #bridgingrealities #changeofseasons #seasonschange #chchchchchanges #newpodcastepisode...


Ep. 62 // Angry Mama Episode

For as much joy and heart exploding love that motherhood provides, it also brings tremendous fear, worry, frustration, loneliness, anger and rage, shame and guilt. On this episode we acknowledge and give voice to some of the unspoken/shadow aspects of motherhood and we discuss some astrological signatures that reflect these darker layers. We also speak to the evident discontent of Mother Earth/Gaia and bring compassion to our shared experience as women and what is expected of us. . . ....


Ep. 61 // Eclipse Reflections

After weeks of radio silence and a much needed break, we're back to share our personal reflections on the eclipse, Mercury retrograde and our sentiments about the current state of astrology. We hope our honest chat invites you into inner conversation and deeper reflection of what this chaotic time means for you. To support our work, visit us at {Image @gentlethunder} . . . #astrology #podcast #newepisode #bridgingrealities #mercuryretrograde...


Ep. 60 // Radical Love with Laura Menze & Stacy Mackey-Valdez

If there's one thing the world can always use more of, it's LOVE. On this episode, we chat with the creators of the first Radical Love Summit coming up the weekend of August 18th in Denver, Colorado. We explore the charts of both Stacy Mackey-Valdez, a relationship educator with Cultivate Couples, and Laura Menze, Chief Love Officer at Ready-Match. These ladies have come together to create this wonderful and heart-opening event, which includes several speakers and experts in the field of...