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The purpose of dialogue is to let the ideas die instead of us. "Strong Opinions, Weakly Held" is the ethos of this show; free speech, reflection and reason are supported in here.

The purpose of dialogue is to let the ideas die instead of us. "Strong Opinions, Weakly Held" is the ethos of this show; free speech, reflection and reason are supported in here.




The purpose of dialogue is to let the ideas die instead of us. "Strong Opinions, Weakly Held" is the ethos of this show; free speech, reflection and reason are supported in here.






Flow State, Joy and Absorption Vs Distraction

We all know that state in which time seems to fly by while you are achieving at the highest rate, that is Flow State and it has a lot to do with not being aware of being aware of doing, it's just doing in the purest form, 0 abstractions from what you are doing. The State of Flow is highly joyful and makes what you are doing seem really meaningful. The opposite would be to be constantly hijacked by the hottest and newest trend that will perish in the following days. Absorption transcends...


Explicitness Vs Mitigation

Modifying your speech deliberately in order to conceal a deeper intent, to gather further information about the state of other people or to adapt the message to the intended purpose is a widely used technique that is mainly used implicitly, in this episode Baer and Alex discuss the topic with a critical perspective. There are situations in which the existence of a conflict of interests leads us to not be as direct as we could be, misrepresenting reality to maximize our objectives(the...


What is Beauty?

Do beauty standards vary with time? If this is the case… What is the standard that encompasses all of them? Baer and I present here a theory that makes sense of the subjective sense of beauty, social trends and the status signaling through an evolutionary lens relating to the seeking of fitness maximization. Even if this is in the expense of collective fitness as long as it gives the individual more comparative fitness than it takes absolute fitness from the collective(A human’s Ferrari or...


Imposter Syndrome, Life Coaching and Social Standards W/ Denise Garrett

Why is it that we develop imposter syndrome? Why would nature equip us with the common feeling that we are not well prepared to deal with the situation we are facing? In this conversation with life coach Denise Garrett we discuss the origin of feeling inadequate, how society expects us to be consistent with previous performance, generating a self-fulfilling prophecy in which mediocrity is promoted and greatness penalized as a side effect of a natural trait we should be aware of. We also...


Shakespeare was just a PEN NAME W/ Robert Boog

Robert Boog, is the author of 7 books among which ''Shakey's Madness: Does a Mental Disorder Reveal the "Real" William Shakespeare?'' is located, he bravely posits the thesis that Shakespeare was only a pen name to avoid backlash from contemporary royalty, backed by rigorous evidence gathered by the aforementioned author. Boog started considering the story of Shakespeare as flawed by a diverse set of mutually exclusive facts that are held as true in the mainstream knowledge of the story...


The Moral case for Capitalism W/ Germinal G.Van

Germinal G. Van is an author, economist, political scientist, and scholar. He is a member of the National Association of Business Economics and the Economic History Association. His works mainly focus on Public Choice Theory, Economic History, Econometrics, Statistics, and Mathematical Economics. He has written more than a dozen books in Economic History, Political Economy, Development Economics, Business Economics, and Macroeconomics. He has also written several columns for the Foundation...


What is the best way to learn a Language? W/ Phil Ladbrook

I am accompanied by Phil Ladbrook on this occasion, he is a professional English teacher with experience in marketing, he has resided in the Basque Country for 20 years. We discuss: skill acquisitionDemographic expectationstechnological improvementcultural differences between Hispanic and Anglo Saxoncountries


The Existence of Karma, Moral Nihilism and Dogmatism

Does karma exist? Is Moral Nihilism true? Is dogmatism always something bad? Alex Buxeda and Emilio discuss in this episode the existence of karma, the surprising rigor of moral nihilism, what it leads to, its inlivableness and dogma as the antidote to the perpetual skepticism, itself an antidote to moral nihilism.


Repentance, is it rational? W/ Dr. Brad Seeman

Brad Seeman is a PhD in philosophy and an associate professor at Taylor university. Seeman’s own areas of research include metaethical questions about the ways in which God grounds moral obligations, difficulties facing Materialists who seek to ground objective moral obligations in a world without God, and how Christians can respond to the tough questions people ask Christians about their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He also has a lively interest in contemporary continental philosophy and...


What is Failure? W/ Patric Schiess

In this episode I am accompanied by Patric Schiess in order to discuss the meaning of failure and how this is a relative perception of the accomplishment of one's ambitions which are highly influenced by our social environment and to what we (as a social animal) perceive will contribute status to our inner out of phase ancestral 24h-status-counter, making us feel realized due to evolutionary reasons explained in the episode. Other peripheral topics like the moral capacity to complain, the...


Empiricism Vs Rationalism

When it comes to approaching problems we tend to dogmatically assume that either empiricism or rationalism is the proper way to go, I question this natural bipartisan assumption in order to favor staying alert for nuances that will favor one system vs the other depending on the situation, requiring criteria in order to distinguish successfully what the kind of problem you are facing is. The idea of an infinite spectrum of grays between the black and white that is sensible to time is also...


The origin of all VICES and VIRTUES

What can be attributed to our general inadequacy when it comes to do the ''right'' things and avoid doing the ''bad'' things? In this episode my friend Emilio and I do a deep dive into how the lack of complex and intangible concepts in the evolutionary process leading to us caused our current incapacity to do the things we know are good but require insight, rationality and long term dedication and how we end up falling for the ''quick fix'' that is perjudicial in the long term (the episode...


Everything does NOT fit into FAIR or UNFAIR

Me and my friend Emilio argue about the third category that most things fall into when it comes to judging things in terms of Fairness, this third option is non-intuitive due to our predisposition to judge things as being binary(as in fair or unfair). The third category: the lack of fairness or unfairness(or extrajudicial), takes into account that many things in life come given to us (us not having been capable of using our agency to affect these things); our genetic predisposition to...


Atheism, Meaning and Existential Crisis

Are atheists left without meaning by ditching the meaning-building machine of religion? Does life have any ultimate value? Is the scientific method the way to go in order to defeat our biases and achieve truth? Can we create our own meaning out of the apparent meaninglessness of life? What is the value standard from which we start for judging things in life? This and much more is discussed in this episode!


What is rationality? Is the ego detrimental to it?

In this episode my friend Baer and I talked about what rationality is, the impossibility of being rational without taking into account other people's irrationality in order to achieve your goals, how the ego is detrimental to your long term flourishing and how it is correlated with the influence the instinct has in our lives and our willingness to perpetuate our genes (ensuring survival).


Does Altruism Exist?

The existence of altruism as doing something selflessly is discussed deeply in this episode by my good friend Baer and I. Our thesis are not too misaligned as we both agree in most of the nuances, but we came into new conclusions and were able to distil the essence of the debate.


Podcast Presentation Episode

In this episode I talk about what I intend to do with this podcast, I let you know that my primary intention with this podcast is to have an open mind towards the different hard topics that will be covered in the future episodes as I believe that having an open mind and being ''rational'' is the best approach to maximising your human capital (as in capability of generating value in general, not just money). In case you are interested in requesting to partake in future episodes as a guest or...