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Cheap Talk podcast hosted by Princess Amarachi. A podcast focused on helping you put an end to the unproductive demands from society and peer pressure. Join me weekly as we discuss topics that aim at changing mindsets for the better. Positivity is key and we say it to do it right. Subscribe and join us on The Cheap Talk podcast is brought to you by Jamit.




Cheap Talk podcast hosted by Princess Amarachi. A podcast focused on helping you put an end to the unproductive demands from society and peer pressure. Join me weekly as we discuss topics that aim at changing mindsets for the better. Positivity is key and we say it to do it right. Subscribe and join us on The Cheap Talk podcast is brought to you by Jamit.






Imposter Syndrome

When is it cheap talk to claim imposter syndrome? Could it be laziness or procrastination? Dro joins me in this episode to discuss the realities of imposter syndrome and when it could be other syndromes.


Must We All Marry?

Marriage is a beautiful thing to behold and be part of. But somehow, some people don't want to be part of it. What could lead one to choose the part of singleness? Is it weird to choose to be 'consciously single'? Niye joins me in this interesting conversation.


Is Africa Overhyped?

Hardly can you find encouraging stories about our motherland Africa these days. Has it always been this bad? And, is the media doing justice to other aspects of Africa? Join Ebo and me as we answer some of these questions you have about Africa.


Millennial Struggles

How comfortable are your parents seeing you with a laptop 24/7? What are some of the generation differences millennials experience with other generations and how can it be solved? Join our guest on this Cheap Talk table as he answers the questions with his story.


Growing Through The Process

When does the growth process become too long? Are there certain processes in life that are not necessary for growth? Cassie shared her thoughts on the millennial’s challenge in this thing called process. Join us and share with your friend.


Are Husbands Scarce?

There is this saying that every lady needs to be up and about if she wants to marry because, husbands are scarce. That’s a normal saying that got the cheap talk table thinking. Are husbands really scarce? Why are they? Listen to this episode to hear our guest’s view on this.


Net worth Vs Self-worth

Can there be self-worth without a net worth? Which would you go for in choosing a spouse or friend? Join us in this episode to find out the differences and what should determine your choice of any.


Proposal Declined

“Will you marry me?” “No!” Then, what’s next? What happens to a relationship after a proposal, whether public or private is declined? Join our guests in this episode as they share their views on public proposals and how to handle a denial.


Must I Be A Boss?

Truly, I want to be an entrepreneur. The hype and glamour on social media make me want to leave my job and enjoy being my boss, in charge of my time and space. Is this also you? Before you make that decision, you will need to listen to this episode to be sure you want to be this boss at all.


Social Media: The New CV

Have you ever built an expectation based on what you saw on someone's profile and what you saw offline is way below standard? Well, listen to this episode of Cheap Talk as Princess Amarachi shares the danger of hyping our abilities. Get a friend to listen as well.


Baby Gender Bias

Why would you prefer a baby boy to a baby girl? Is it culture, society or personal experience?Join us in this episode to find out how prevalent and irrelevant the baby gender battle is in our society, and how women are raising the bars.


New Year Vibes

What vibe does a new year come with for you?Upbeat, slow, or are you just indifferent? Well, I got your story in this episode where we talked about the new year's vibes, the fall and how we can achieve our goals regardless.Don't forget to subscribe for more amazing episodes.


Season 2 Trailer

Welcome to the second season of Cheap Talk Podcast. On this new season, we'll be answering all your questions on issues of controversies and doubt as you sent them. We've had those moments of curiosity with questions that seemed weird or socially unacceptable but here in Cheap Talk, we discuss issues from the known to the unknown with our amazing guests. Join me, as usual, every Friday as we clear our doubts and let our minds settle. It's a ride you'll enjoy.Thank you for being part of this...


BONUS: Can We Be Rape-Free ? (Conversation)

Bonus: Can We Be Rape-Free ? (Conversation)


BONUS: What's Next After Covid-19?

BONUS: What's Next After Covid-19?


Maintaining Sanity This Lock down

They say we teach what we need to learn, although I'm not teaching here. I'm simply offering suggestions that I know work well for me and you this lock down period.


Moment of Reflection (Season 1 Finale)

Yay! I appreciate your tenacity to have gone so far with me through this season. This episode is my special shout out to you for listening so far. The past weeks have been tough. We had an unusual Easter celebration, all at home. And to think you've been in with Cheap Talk is worth appreciating. This episode officially ends the first season of Cheap Talk. We'll be back in two weeks with season 2. Trust me, it's going to be a bang! While on it, I shared thoughts that are worth reflecting...


Why Do Successful People Lie ?

I’m not judging anyone here today because I know most of us are guilty of this. We’ve had people we envied or wondered about their success story. How did they scale academically, career wise, in business or in any venture that’s of interest to you? We seem to only see their glamour and success not the struggles (if there is) that birthed these results. So, we keep wondering why life is this easy for them while we’re fighting with our goals here. Somehow, out of curiosity we ask, yet we get...


Too Young For That

Age seems to be an important factor in decision making. So many people including me have been limited by the societal template of being too young or too old for achieving our dreams. We ask how young is too young or old is too old in chasing our dreams? A lot of people have defied the odds of age to chase their dreams and today, they’re telling the story. You know, the intriguing thing, the same society applauds their results. This situation brings us to discuss in this episode how to live...


The Government Made Me...

Everyday, we wake up to face the full consequences of government actions and inactions. Here in Nigeria, we're not left out of the pains we've been subjected to by our leaders. Somehow, we've lost hope for a changed nation. This then makes everyone of us settle for what the government offers and live by them. Seeing these realities, would it be cheap talk for someone to say that "the government made me" I'm sure you must be raising an alarm right now. I can't be serious this time around....