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A description about how the Magical Emergence of Potentiality in Life. An enthusastic and authentic look on how to get closer to our real selves.

A description about how the Magical Emergence of Potentiality in Life. An enthusastic and authentic look on how to get closer to our real selves.
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A description about how the Magical Emergence of Potentiality in Life. An enthusastic and authentic look on how to get closer to our real selves.






What is it to be Mindful and in the Present Moment

A basic feature of our mind is that it is very often "lost" in a series of thoughts that affect how we feel, how we see things and how we react to situations. Most importantly, however, we are not experiencing the situations we are in, creating impressions from the perspective of our ideas and far from direct objective experience. The latter can only be achieved if we remain present and awake observers, but what exactly do we mean when we say we are mindful and how this is achieved? As a...


The Meaning of Self-Awareness

What do we mean when we say I know myself? That is, say, I know something else that is myself and belongs to me? So I know myself but not me. But who is me that is something other than myself? These kinds of questions I try to analyze in this podcast. Also, if I'm myself how do I often do things that I do not recognize later when I remember them? Where was I? Still I find restrictive the perception that most seem to have, that they are altruists, neurotic, jocund and other ratings. Such...


The Importance of the Healthy Changes and the Way to Achieve them

Others are constantly seeking change, others are portrayed as proud to remain the same. Others sometimes are identified with one idea and others with the opposite. So, to refine under what conditions we can say that a change is prudent and under which stability is synonymous with character integrity? What is it that makes a difference? In addition, what characteristics do you need to have in order to diagnose when a change is needed and what to understand when a change has to happen in a...


How to Simply Create the Reality You Desire

How can we get something that we want or find ourselves in a situation that we would much like? As usual, I notice in society a dipole. On the one hand, those who believe that the result is a direct consequence of the effort, and on the other the ones who think they can simply ask for something and the universe will offer it to them. In my opinion, on the one hand, we have an overestimation of the effort and, on the other, a devaluation of it as there is no idea of even the slightest change...


The Process of Maturity

What happens when you believe in something too much? Most people may think that is necessary to have an "identity." And that the more deeply we have come into it the more proud we must feel. But have we noticed that this unilateral devotion is ultimately the one that leads us to a greater separation? Athletics are a good example, however, identification may not be so distinct. Perhaps without realizing, your conceptions and reactions come from a certain system of ideas. Especially if this...


Hiking Unforgettably all the Majestic Cinque Terre

Previous August I experienced the magnificence of hiking the Cinque Terre and of visiting all 5 villages. It's a place of outstanding beauty; blue sea, colorful-picturesque houses built on the edge of the rocks, olive trees and vineyards. I felt, thus, the need to describe this experience in detail. As a Token of Appreciation, you can download for Free my AudioBook How to Get Closer to Your Real Self: Entering a Path of Fulfilment and Long-Lasting Enthusiasm Made by You:


What Do We Mean by Metaphysical and How It Limits Our Perception

What do we mean by metaphysics today? Does it often give us the impression that it is something outside the natural? For my part, I can see a great admiration on a theoretical level in ancient philosophies, but at the same time a huge ignorance of the overwhelming majority of people for what is, in reality, described there. This is evident from the fact that we seem to be indifferent or even we intimidate elements that have appeared there when they are presented to us without the reference...


How the Change of Attitude Magically Leads to the Appearance of Solutions

I know well what it's like to be attached to something, to give it all, to think about it all the time, to try with more and more passion, but the results to not be coming; on the contrary, to feel that life totally disappoints you and does not give you what you are entitled to . This disturbs you and makes you angry because you probably think that your mental or physical body effort should produce better results. But does life work this way? And if anyone still says that this is true of...


The Freedom of Being Released from Labels

How much do the words we use and the labels in general limit us? We are accustomed to using them, and through them we are talking but often we neglect to take into account that the elements with which we have identified them do not necessarily describe the existing situation. Or when we describe ourselves, are we the same as anybody else bearing the same label or is there a reason not to do any action that seems unbalanced in relation to the label? As a Token of Appreciation, you can...


The Encirclement of Fear

Fear seems to be dominant, from the collective level to the deepest individual. Its "tentacles" appear everywhere, from emotional relationships to the labor market. Its consequences seem to be directly reflected in how we behave, how we make decisions and how we live. What I am debating is how much this is justified. I am concerned that we allow its influence on us and I understand that we can defend ourselves, while at the same time, we can also understand the reasons that is caused and by...


The Extreme Distortion of Reality by Popular Media

I am wondering what most people consider as being informed if not to learn like parrots just the information provided by the big news agencies? Especially with today's technology people being connected to the internet for the most part of the day, it's easier to learn the news by heart. How can one think he has a real perception of reality when his knowledge is limited to what the few specific networks that have the most resources show him? What kind of thinking do people think they have...


Why You Shouldn't Pursue Happiness

What does it mean to pursue happiness? First of all, indeed, it doesn't make sense to not look for beautiful feelings. But the fact that we are chasing something doesn't also show something about our attitude towards our present situation? Isn't it sometimes causing us to deny the present moment and be looking at a vague future? I believe life can become much more harmonious if we start managing events differently, if we understand how much we are affected by labels we have subconsciously...


Self-Realisation Naturally Fights Depression

While the incidents of diagnosed depression are growing rapidly in the western world, the usual practices of immediate drug-type solutions seem to be unable to provide the solution. As much as victims and therapists prefer them, they just hide the problem under the surface instead of curing it, which actually makes the situation worse. So I think it is necessary to approach the problem with less direct but more radical methods - where possible - and what I'm doing in this podcast is to try...


Close Your Eyes for a Second and Do the Jump, on the Other Side Your Brighter World Awaits You

In this article, I find that either because of financial crisis or other reasons many young people are confined to environments with older people who, while supposed to be there to help them, they actually drag them down. It is often difficult to get away from that as these people have been there since the time they first remember themselves and they may not be able to imagine their life differently. However, through my own experience, I have found that a radical change of life is crucial...


Hoi An in Vietnam, the Paradise for a Western Expatriate

What if we take a look at the fast-growing country for more than 15 years (> 6%), Vietnam with the amazing weather for the most part of the year, the wonderful landscapes, the marvelous food and the friendly people? Last January I traveled in Vietnam for almost a month from the south to the north and I became impressed by its infrastructure. In Podcast, I'm looking at how it would be possible for someone to move there for a while. But because life is not just what it looks like in tourist...


Daedalus’ Escape from his Labyrinth and the Wisdom of the Spontaneous Action

In this article I am doing a decompilation of this particular Greek myth. How can it compare to the way we face life in relation to our needs and aspirations? What role do the latter play in our relationship with the mystery of life and how do we act on them? How real is ultimately what we perceive as future, and don't we sometimes overdo it and do not give value to the present moment? And if we contemplate on it, all these present moments are the ones that will eventually lead us to...


The Unbearable Lightness of Being “Weird”

I am wondering what is considered normal by most if not what the majority considers normal? At the same time do we personally believe that what most people say is always right? Would we not, therefore, need to think that perhaps we have to make a conscious choice between whether we want to agree with most or whether it leaves us unaffected to be considered "weird?" Then the other side behind the curtain appears, the bright one, where life becomes simpler, more authentic and way more...


Beyond Left Brain Thinking and the Formation of Our Worldview

I think my generation has been nurtured in linear logic and in great loyalty only on something that proves to be demonstrable. Through my own experience, I have seen how restrictive this is for our horizons, for our quality of life and understanding. At the same time, because I think most of the information we receive is controlled, I can see that this trend is not accidental. This is of immense importance as the way we perceive our worldview directly affects every aspect of life! As a Token...


The Essence of Comprehension and How It Reflects on Self-Esteem

Almost every Greek, till at least my generation, has been brought up with the archetype of the resourceful Ulysses. He was the one came up with the smart idea of the Trojan Horse that gave the Greeks the opportunity to enter the caste of Troy. He, also, managed after 10 years to return from Troy to Ithaca after roaming in several kinds of places, usually facing different types of adventures. But Ulysses was resourceful and was always figuring out a way in order to manage to reach his beloved...


Politics and Freedom of Mind in an Airbnb in Paris

I roam around many places in Europe and talk to people but everywhere I hear similar ideas that are very close to what I read in the big news agencies. And I find that very often people because they get used to some ideas take them for granted without questioning if they actually describe reality. Politics could not be outside of it because the propaganda game at this level seems to be genius. An example of my observations was a discussion I had with the AirBnb owner to whose house I was...