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A philosophy podcast based on assessing thought experiments to think more about each other and ourselves.

A philosophy podcast based on assessing thought experiments to think more about each other and ourselves.
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A philosophy podcast based on assessing thought experiments to think more about each other and ourselves.




The Time I Tried To Save a 14 Year Old on Twitch (P.S. I'm Back)

I'M BACK! Hey guys I have been streaming consistently lately and decided to upload a conversation here is a podcast for you all! I will hopefully be having more conversations like this in the future as not only is it interesting but I think we all learned a lot that day. This boy was lost, but now he is found and I am really hoping that he can evolve and grow as a person with our support! Good luck making it through the first part of the conversation but trust me, it's worth it. Follow the...


Talking About Veganism With Jeezy

As per usual this was another interesting discussion with @theonejrf. Veganism is a topic I have wanted to discuss on the podcast for quite a while now and I am excited to open up the discussion. The debate on the treatment of animals is one that digs to our very core. It challenges all of our moral bedrocks and causes us to analyse the morality of our treatment of humans as well as animals. We go into great depth about these issues as we scratch the surface on the greater debate that...


Senators, Nazism and Vegans, Featuring Jeezy

In this episode Jeezy and I cover a broad range of political subjects as per usual. However there is important set-up to an episode we will be doing sometime soon, so pay attention to that! For more information on the veganism debate listen to: Destiny vs Vegan Gains: à-bas-le-ciel: Follow me on Twitter @advocate4devil Follow Jeezy @thonejrf Visit for more.


My Economic Philosophy - Milk, Bread, and the Pencil

Finally was able to release the episode! This is a building block for the discussions I will be having in the future. It is my core economic opinions that I would like to be challenged and that I would like to discuss. It's good for me to get this out of the way now so that in the future you know exactly what I believe and what I mean. I am excited for the debates involved with economics that I have planned! Look at that oxford comma in the title


Talking Tangents 1:01:45 - Read The Description

IM BACK! The real title is: Talking Tangents 1:01:45 - We discuss compulsive liars, storytelling, high school shenanigans, what it means to be cool, the dissappointment of being a magician and why David's family hates him, we go on random and obscure bits and also at one point we drink some alcohol. That's such a good title. Visit for more content.


Discussing A Flat Earth with The Laughing Ogre

In this much anticipated episode, I discuss the Flat Earth conspiracy theory with The Laughing Ogre. This was a great conversation and I learned quite a lot about the highly controversial conspiracy theory. The Laughing Ogre: Visit for more content.


Talking Tangents: Cucked By Kendrick And Dnd Made Me A Destroyer Of Worlds

In this episode David and I discuss everything from the Cold War and nuclear arms all the way up to Dungeons and Dragons and why you should give it a shot. As per usual, they are extremely different topics. Don't forget to like, comment or leave a review on iTunes.


Talking Tangents: The Mayor Of Frown Town, Animators And Why Bullying Is Good For You

Welcome everyone! Bullying is good for you I swear. Seriously. Listen to the podcast. There might be nuance behind that statement, or there might not be, who knows? Check out the blog here: Facebook: Twitter:


Talking Tangents - Jontron vs Destiny And The Nature Of Political Opinions

Watch the debate here: In this episode David and I discuss the nature of debating controversial topics and which side we stand on in the Destiny vs Jontron debate. This was by far one of the strangest debates I have ever heard and it can be reflected in the like to dislike ratio of the video. It was extremely polarising and the fact it was so polarising is worrying. Stay woke Twitter. /s For more content visit


Talking Tangents: Trump Is The Best Sportsmen Youve Ever Seen

In this episode, David and I discuss sport theory, how annoying it is to train children and even the big man himself, Trump. Visit descartesexperiment,com for more.


TT: Copyright Not Intended, But I Get Paid Higher On Sundays For Shanking Greg In A Park

The title was so long it almost didn't fit... We were in extremely good moods and it is reflected through our absolutely insane conversation. ENJOY! Visit for more.


Off The Cuff - The Bigger Picture of the Penalty Rates Cut

The Penalty Rates Cut has been massively in the news lately and buzzing on twitter and Facebook as Aussies go mad at the recent cut to penalty rates. I hope my opinion isn't too contrarian for you, but hear me out. Visit for more.


Talking Tangents: Catholic Oedipus Loves Trump As A Friend

In this episode we have not two but four people! Return guest Jeremy, a newbie Chris and of course, David the man! Today our conversations get deep and educational. visit for more.


Talking Rap with @headasshiphop : Comparing Favourite Albums

Today I'll be discussing hip-hop music with @headasshiphop from twitter. We talk about our favourite rappers as we compare our top albums and exchange some recommendations. Visit for more.


Talking Tangents: wear protection before you Pop!

What a euphemism. A glorious Euphemism. In this episode we go into our thoughts on all thoughts of music, especially instrumentals. See you next week!


Talking Tangents: Steel Webb's Eureka Streak

Welcome to 2017! New podcast series with a good mate named David! (a different David to Free Roam) In this show we sit down and start a conversation that always seems to head in strange and tangential directions. Biccy is by far one of the most entertaining people to converse with and I hope you enjoy having him on the show as much as I do! Visit my Twitter @advocate4devil to see me make fun of myself for the mistake I made in this episode. Visit for more.


Free Roam Teaser

Here is a little teaser of a podcast series coming out early 2017. It features David, Emily and I as we discuss everything gaming in our very first recorded conversation. Enjoy! Tweet at @Advocate4Devil if you have anything you would like us to talk about! Visit for more.


Approaching the Storm

In this episode, I breach the surface of the Stormfront website and review its material that they use to introduce themselves to new readers. This is in a new series I will be releasing someone frequently as we learn how to beat back the authoritarian movement. Visit for more.


Angela Merkel's Burqa Ban and Why I am Furious.

I am so angry in this podcast. Angela Merkel announced a platform of banning the burqa for her next election. This queen of the regressives is now representing the fascists. I am in awe. This authoritarian uprising that I have been talking about for months, is coming to fruition. I was right. And that is wrong.


Fidel Castro, Richard Spence and the Rise of the Authoritarian

In this podcast I discuss the death of Fidel Castro, the rise of authoritarians and what my first step towards fighting against them will be. We first must learn our enemy and only then can we successfully engage them. Pls don't arrest me ASIO.