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Thoughts, talks, and tips to elevate you to win at life.

Thoughts, talks, and tips to elevate you to win at life.
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Thoughts, talks, and tips to elevate you to win at life.




Creating A Roadmap For Responsibility In 2019 | Elevated U Podcast #58

Happy New Years! In this 58th installment of the Elevated U Podcast, host Michael bids farewell to 2018 and discusses how to conceptualize responsibility in new and challenging ways in order to create a roadmap for acting responsibly throughout 2019 and beyond! Topics of intrigue include the two extremes of responsibility (absolute responsibility vs. 0 responsibility); the subjective vs. objective nature of responsibility; different approaches to responsibility in social relationships,...


How To Be More Social | Elevated U Podcast #57

Let's face it, you're listening to this completely alone, isolated from humanity, wishing you had what it takes to be more social, to make friends more easily, find and keep a partner that loves you for you, have positive encounters with people outside the house, move closer to your goals, and feel like a part of the broader human community. Okay, maybe that's a gross over-assumption, but it pays dividends to cultivate effective social skills for attaining greater degrees of personal...


Can Kindness Restore Our Inner-Lives & Communities? w/ Bianca Goyette | Elevated U Podcast #56

Is kindness enough to restore the chaos in our inner-lives and disconnection in our communities? Can loving our deepest flaws bring out the best of our humanity? In this episode, singer-songwriter and creative designer Bianca Goyette crosses 1800 miles of virtual space to discuss empathy, vision, compassion, leadership, self-criticism, creativity, and what we can do to embrace our unique humanness and find inspiration to make the world a better place. You can find Bianca and her...


13 Self-Care Tips For A Happier Mind & Body | Elevated U Podcast #55

This week, we share our 13 favorite self-care tips for a happier mind and body, why each is important, and how to implement them in your life! 1 - Stay Hydrated 2 - Sleep Enough 3 - Eat A Nutrient-Rich Diet 4 - Get Sunlight 5 - Move Your Body (Stretch, Move, Exercise) 6 - Manage Stress 7 - Keep Learning 8 - Make Time For Things You Enjoy 9 - Be Your Own Friend 10 - Do Things That Make You Feel Proud Of Yourself 11 - Cultivate Positive Social Relationships & Interactions 12 -...


The Power Of Patience (It's Less Boring Than You Think!) | Elevated U Podcast #54

Learn how to harness the power of patience in this week's episode in order to unlock success and inner peace in your life! We discuss patience as an "active" rather than "passive" practice; how it cultivates higher-level thinking, strategic planning, and impulse control; ways to embrace and master the inevitability of change; healthy detachment; how patience enhances personal power and autonomy; process vs. outcome and the path to personal mastery; why patience isn't an excuse for...


Logos, Pathos, Ethos | Elevated U Podcast #53

This episode we discuss the Aristotelian Modes of Persuasion – Logos, Pathos, Ethos – how each can be used as an argumentative strategy to influence others, ways in which these persuasive techniques are used to sway your decision making, the intrinsic nature of Intellect, Passion, and Soul to human nature, methods for balancing the three to make optimal choices, and the ways each impact elements of culture, politics, personality, consumerism, and society. One more episode until the October...


Philosophical Imprisonment: Why Your Life Is A Prison | Elevated U Podcast #52

I hate to break it to you, but your life is a prison. No, not like a jail cell or some nefarious living quarters guarded by a malefactor, but a philosophical conundrum, inescapable and all-encompassing. From birth, we are confined to the time period and circumstances we are born into. We possess bodies with inextricable needs, limited perceptive capacities, and a guiding human nature and temperament that set the ground rules for what potential we have available within us. Our societies and...


Stress Management, Dealing With Uncertainty, Following Your Gut | Elevated U Podcast #51

Stress is like a volcano; pressure builds up under the surface over a period of time and erupts when the powers holding it in check explode from its overwhelming force. Unlike a volcano, however, we possess the ability to release some of that pressure in controlled ways to avoid catastrophic destruction. This episode focuses on strategies for stress management (which I have not always implemented as quickly or effectively as I should have), dealing with uncertainty, questions about...


Becoming The Person You Want To Be | Elevated U Podcast #50

Who is the person you want to be? What do you need to do to become that person? Are you willing to do whatever it takes? This episode challenges the typical static notions of what is required for personal development and success (buzzwords like hustle, motivation, empathy, etc.) and focuses on adaptive strategies for changing behavior and mindset to achieve real-world results. We also launched our Patreon page to offer some cool benefits in exchange for your support if you're interested...


Maturity, Morality, & Growing Pains | Elevated U Podcast #49

This episode, Michael discusses the metaphysics of maturity (an idea that maturity is not a direct consequence of age, but character and perspective ascending towards truth), morality as a mechanism to promote maturity and favorable growth, and all the growing pains associated with this transitionary process. This episode represents somewhat of a "low" point for me, but so it goes with progress. We do our best to keep it real, no matter the ebb or flow.


How To Remove Poison Perceptions That Distort Reality | Elevated U Podcast #48

We start this episode with a little ASMR action, a quick update, and then dive headfirst into deep philosophical waters to attempt an understanding of consciousness, reality, and how certain poisonous perceptions muddle our ability to seek and attain truth. The argument (which is the first we've attempted on this podcast) goes through a few stages. Stage 1 is defining and understanding consciousness, particularly from a philosophical standpoint. Stage 2 looks at reality and objective...


Celebrating One Year Of Elevation With Bryan Sichler | Elevated U Podcast #47

Elevated U is officially one year old! To celebrate the podcast's first birthday, we are joined by original co-host Bryan Sichler to discuss growth over the last year, maturity, soul-searching, the nature of progress, and chasing your dreams. Thank you to everyone who has shown love and support throughout this podcast adventure; our listeners are the absolute backbone of everything we do. Cheers to cake, confetti, and many future podcast episodes to come! #stayelevated


Elevated U Podcast #46 - A Starlit Albuquerque Park Philosophy

Michael relays his memories of a special park in Albuquerque, New Mexico that had the power to make you feel small in the best of ways, along with other reflections about life and growing up. View looking east from West Bluff Park, Albuquerque, NM (in the day, color-enhanced).


Elevated U Podcast #45 - Become A Lifelong Learner, Master The Skill Of Learning

August is officially in full swing! School is back in session for many children throughout the U.S., football is back in action, and that pre-fall feeling of invigoration and starting anew is in the air. This episode is all about learning, particularly for those getting back into school-mode and people picking up new skills/disciplines. It is important to be a lifelong learner and master the skill of learning because knowledge is power: it enables us to better our lives and solve...


Elevated U Podcast #44 - How To Course-Correct Your Wretched Life!

We've been faking the funk for long enough and it's time to get back to our roots and down to business... This short episode features an introspective talk about course-correction when your life begins to spiral downward. I discuss personal struggles and frustrations with knowing who I am, where I'm going and living up to my potential. We outline a plan for course-correction which involves doing what is RIGHT and REMOVING distractions that keep you from doing what is right. We are...


Elevated U Podcast #43 - Making Poor Decisions & Setting Strong Boundaries

In this episode, we talk about decision-making, moving on from poor decisions and how to make poor decisions "right", how setting boundaries and learning to say "no" can enhance one's ability to achieve potential, personal authenticity and charting one's own course in life, limitations of perspective and people's unwillingness to overly question their situation, ways to wake up to different schools of thought, cultural influence on behavior and value systems, and more! Stay tuned for future...


Elevated U Podcast #42 - The Only Way Out Is Up

This episode shows off the brand new production studio setup for the Elevated U Podcast, we discuss the plan for the show moving forward (2 episodes per week, mostly solo for a little while, free-flow discussions), and touch on a variety of topics primarily philosophical in nature such as identity and the difficulty assessing who "you" truly are, the intrinsic evolutionary process of all life forms to strive for improvement, reality vs. self-constructed narratives, moving to a new city and...


Pursue Your Purpose Like Your Life Depends On It, With Army Veteran TJ – EU 41

This week features army veteran and nursing student TJ to discuss purpose, insights gleaned from 15 years of military service, life and death, evil, culture, mental illness, healing, and much more. Full episode summary will be published soon!


Familia Es Todo: Maintaining Happy & Healthy Family Ties with Sherri Blowers – EU 40

Familia es todo (translation): Family is everything. This week we sit down with special ed school teacher, mother, aunt, wife, and advocate Sherri Blowers to discuss the topic of family and how to maintain happy and healthy family ties. Sherri is the mother of host Michael. We discuss our relationship as mother and son and how it has progressed through various stages over the last 25 years. Topics of interest include a mother's perspective towards her children and family, ways to take care...


Reflection, Forgiveness, Moving Forward – EU 39

It feels as though a heavy weight of negativity, pessimism, and stagnation has been lifted, and the moment feels peaceful and the future seems bright. This episode, which marks an end to the 30s and a bridge to the 40s (episode-wise), is all about deep reflection of past events, feelings, and self-worth; forgiveness towards oneself and others for all mistakes made and hard lessons learned; and moving forward with love, hope, and only the important teachings from the past with no unnecessary...