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A podcast based inquiry into the next phase of the human experiment.

A podcast based inquiry into the next phase of the human experiment.
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A podcast based inquiry into the next phase of the human experiment.




Jared Janes - Stream Entry, Philosophy and the Terror of Getting What You Want

In this episode I'm speaking with Jared Janes (@jaredjanes). Jared is the host of the Impactful Podcast, as well as a friend and off-air interlocuter. We share many interests in common, from meditation and philosophy to diet and productivity hacking. In this conversation, we chat about different models of stream entry, the lubricative nature of awakening, how the philosophical investigation of free will opens up the space for liberation, awakening through World of Warcraft, and the need to...


Gail Bradbrook - Extinction Rebellion

On this episode, I’m speaking with Gail Bradbrook. Gail is a founder of Extinction Rebellion, one of the most exciting political movements on the planet right now (IMO). Extinction Rebellion is a group that believes that time has run out to address the ecological crisis and that it is the right and duty of every citizen to rebel in order to compel the government to tell the truth and decarbonize the economy in as short a period as possible. The movement is growing exponentially in Europe,...


Peter Park - (Meta)Modern Monasticism and Existential Risk

In this episode of Emerge I'm speaking with Peter Park. Peter is a teacher and Assistant Director at the Monastic Academy in Lowell, Vermont. Peter and I talk about what a 'modern monastery is', the choice between comfort and truth, the role of monastic style training in a time of existential risk, and Peter's experience combining contemplative practice and authentic relating in the context of a monastic community. www.peterxpark.com www.monasticacademy.com Deep Adaptation & Systems Collapse...


Peter Limberg - Memetic Tribes, Culture War 2.0, and the Perils of Grey Pilling

In this episode, I'm speaking with Peter Limberg. Peter is the creator of the Intellectual Explorers Club in Toronto, CA as well as co-author of 'Memetic Tribes and Culture War 2.0', a recent medium article that has been very popular in my odd corner of the internet. In this conversation we chat about memeplexes, grey pills, radical agnosticism, Robert Anton Wilson, how to speak with confidence in the midst of uncertainty, authentic relating, anti-debates, and pragmatic tribal affiliations...


Nora Bateson - Awakening Interdependence and Evolving Systems with Warm Data

Nora Bateson is a Filmmaker, writer, educator, lecturer and President of the International Bateson Institute. In this conversation we discuss how systems learn and evolve, the importance of moving between contexts, how our dreams of incremental change have failed, and the how system change will likely emerge from the liminal space between institutions. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/emerge/support


John Michael Greer - The Kek Wars: How Chaos Magic Influenced the 2016 US Presidential Election

In this episode John Michael Greer and I discuss his 'Kek Wars' article series on how the Chans used magick to influence the 2016 elections. We talk about political campaigns as magical performance, 4chan as the collective unconscious of the internet, the lefts failure to recognize a politics of existential crises, the myth of progress, and the antidote to cosmic indifference. 🐙 The Kek Wars Part 1: https://www.ecosophia.net/the-kek-wars-part-one-aristocracy-and-its-discontents/ Primer on...


Zak Stein - A Metaphysics of Love for a Time Between Worlds

On this episode of Emerge I’m speaking with Zak Stein. Zak is a writer, educator, and futurist working to bring a greater sense of sanity and justice to education (and beyond). Zak joins me on the show to speak about his recent paper in the Integral Review titled Love in a Time Between Worlds: On the Metamodern “Return” to a Metaphysics of Eros. In addition to the paper, we talk about the antropocene and it’s relationship to the metamodern historical moment, why metaphysical questions are...


Adam Robbert - Breaking the Binary of Theory & Practice

In this conversation Adam Roberts (@knowledgeecology) and I explore the idea of philosophical inquiry as perceptual transformation. We talk about the relationship between conceptuality and perception, the contemplative practice that Descartes used to produce his philosophy, how to sort through the spiritual marketplace, and the meta-freedom that exploring our assumptions can open for us. If you enjoy this conversation I recommend you check out The Side View, Adam’s new project based on the...


Terry Patten - Integral Theory & Metamodernism, Irony & Sincerity, and Why Voting Matters

In this conversation, I’m speaking with Terry Patten. Terry is a leading voice in the integral movement as an author, speaker, and teacher focusing on the marriage of personal and political transformation. We talk about the relationship between Integral Theory and Metamodernism, the use and misuse of irony & sincerity, and why we should vote, even if it’s statistically meaningless. Terry is a true evolutionary activist and it’s a real pleasure to have him on the show. And if you appreciate...


Richard Bartlett - Occupy Wall Street as Bootstrapping Collective Intelligence

In this conversation, I speak with Richard Dennis Bartlett. Richard is an author, organizational consultant, and founder of Loomio and The Hum, as well as a member of Enspiral network. He and I share an identity as former participants in Occupy Wall Street, me in NYC and Richard in New Zealand. Together we reflect on whether Occupy Wall Street could be seen as a ‘bootstrapped’ collective intelligence, the rise of the vTaiwan movement and digital governance, and the need to leverage both...


Indra Adnan - Catalyzing a Networked Politics with The Alternative UK

On this episode of Emerge I’m speaking with Indra Adnan. Indra is the ‘co-initiator’ of the Alternative UK, a new political platform aiming to transform politics in the United Kingdom. We talk about the Alternative’s approach to political change, her development of a transformative movement building event that Indra calls a ‘Collaboratory’, and the new networked story of collective evolution that the Alternative is helping to catalyze. Enjoy! The Alternative UK...


Jake Vartanian - Native: A Crypto Platform for Prosperous Communities

On this episode of Emerge I’m speaking with Jake Vartanian. Jake is the founder of Native, a platform for communities to create their own economic architecture using cryptocurrency. This is a project, like DAOStack, Holochain, or Colony, that is exploring the transition into an anti-rivalrous future that Jordan Greenhal and I spoke about in the last episode of Emerge. I recommend listening to that conversation first, as it will help you understand the significance of what Native is offering....


Jordan Greenhall - Anti-Rivalry, QAnon, and SOCIs (Oh my!)

In this conversation, Jordan Greenhall and I talk about Rivalrous and Anti-Rivalrous dynamics, the rise of self-organizing collective intelligences (SOCIs), and how QAnon might be an early example of the future of collective sense-making. "We are currently undergoing a major transition from a world dominated by the forces of scarcity to a world dominated by the forces of abundance. This is a once in a thousand-year level (or larger) transition and must be understood in that context." The...


Joe Brewer - State of the Collapse

In this episode, I speak with Joe Brewer about the on-going collapse of our planetary system, the emotional and psychological difficulties of reckoning with this reality, and how we can each become stewards for what comes next. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/emerge/support


Introducing Soulcrafting Confessionals 💞

In this episode of the podcast, I introduce a new format for the show called Soulcrafting Confessionals. More information can be found at: https://www.notion.so/emerge/Emerge-Soulcrafting-Confessionals-b70b5f3d6f8042b89a2daa9de1c6204b Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/emerge/support


Bonnitta Roy - A Source Code Analysis of Collective Action 💞

In this episode of Emerge, Bonnitta Roy and I explore a Source Code analysis of Collective Action. This is the third and final conversation in our three episode arc together. We cover such topics as why having a liquid identity makes you a better team player, the core skills for participating in collective actions, and how to create ritual spaces that facilitate the emergence of new shared identities. This episode will be well worth your time if you ever try to do things with others. That...


Rob Burbea - Meditation Fantasies & The Soulmaking Dharma

In this conversation with meditation teacher and author Rob Burbea we discuss the role of fantasy in meditation, the purpose of what Rob calls the 'Soulmaking Dharma' and some common traps that can obstruct our connection with beauty on the contemplative path. This was the first conversation I had with Rob (there are two more you can listen to in the Emerge podcast stream). For various reasons I decided not to release it immediately after we recorded it, feeling that the subsequent...


Bonnitta Roy - A Source Code Analysis of Trust 🤝

In this conversation, Bonnitta Roy and I explore what trust means within the context of complex and unpredictable systems. What is trust? How do we act in ways that amplify trust? And what does all this tell us about the vision for a 'trustless' future coming out of the Blockchain world? And why is it that sometimes highly trustworthy people are also the most unpredictable? 🤔 More notes (including the graphic we talk about during the show):...


Bonnitta Roy - A Source Code Analysis of Power 💪

In this first in a set of three conversations, Bonnitta Roy and I talk about a Source Code Analysis of the concept of Power. We explore how to speak and think about power in a way that releases complexity, cuts through confusion, and enables useful conversations. The hallmark of this approach is a commitment to unpacking hidden assumptions in order to identify a conceptualization (Bonnitta calls this a 'conceptual prime') that avoids the confusions and traps that much of our current culture...


Vincent Horn - What Wants to Emerge Now?

In this episode Vincent Horn and I speak on behalf of what wants to emerge now. We discuss the battle for our attention, the relationship between the psychological and the political, the magic of Trump and personal responsibility in the attention economy. Enjoy! ❤️ Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/emerge/support