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Facing Fears With Aïcha Barry & Maria Camia

In today's episode, I interview both of my soul sisters, Aicha and Maria who were both previously on the podcast. Aicha was the guest star on “The Value of Obstacles” and Maria was on “Positive Mindset.” Both of them recently visited me in Seattle at the same time, and I couldn't miss the opportunity to record another episode with both of them in the same room! During our week together, we tried a bunch of new and different things for each other us to create new experiences and memories with...


30 Days of Yoga with Curt Rivadeneira

In today's episode, I interview my friend Curt Rivadeneira on a 30 Day Yoga Challenge that we completed together from Yoga with Adriene's TRUE series to reign in the new year. We were each other's accountabila-buddies on this new year challenge that we wanted to complete together to herald in the new year. He was a true source of inspiration because he would journal about each yoga video which I would look at in advance and know what to expect. Sometimes all you need is an accountabila-buddy...


How To Grow A Successful Mindset with Bobby Chiu

In today's episode, I interview Bobby Chiu on how to grow a successful mindset. Bobby co-founded Imaginism Studios along with Kei Acedera where they specialize in character design and concept art for film, TV, gaming and publishing as well as creating their own projects from apps to art books. Bobby also founded Schoolism, which is online education evolved with industry professionals in the field of art. His goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain other creative people with the work Kei...