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A podcast where futurology and philosophy collide. Hosted by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova, with guests. We talk about the technological singularity, artificial intelligence, spirituality, future societies, and how we will be affected by the exponential curve of progress.

A podcast where futurology and philosophy collide. Hosted by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova, with guests. We talk about the technological singularity, artificial intelligence, spirituality, future societies, and how we will be affected by the exponential curve of progress.
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A podcast where futurology and philosophy collide. Hosted by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova, with guests. We talk about the technological singularity, artificial intelligence, spirituality, future societies, and how we will be affected by the exponential curve of progress.




FTP105: Jim Rutt - Game B: The Fifth Attractor, A New Social OS

Today on the show we have Jim Rutt, complexity researcher, systems thinker, podcaster, and former key player in several technology companies. Jim was previously the chairman of the Santa Fe Institute, where he has been involved since 2002, working in the scientific study of consciousness and evolutionary artificial intelligence. He is also one of the thinkers behind BigChainDB, the blockchain architecture startup. In this episode we talk about the concept of Game B, what it is and how it...


FTP104: Retreat Center Vision & Other New Projects

We’ve been diving deep into several projects lately - growing our courses, designing a brand new meditation app, starting the global Future Thinkers meetup initiative, and brainstorming the creation of an in-person retreat center for exploring the ideas and practices we talk about on the podcast and in our courses. In this episode we discuss our vision for this retreat center, why we want to create it, and what we want to do there. This is still in a very early stage and a work in...


FTP103: Cris Beasley - Emotional Health and Self-Sovereignty

In Part 2 of our interview with author, podcaster and healing practitioner Cris Beasley, we talk about the role of emotional health in society and why it is crucial for gaining self-sovereignty, as well as the current position of mainstream science on energy work and healing practices. Show notes and Part 1: http://www.futurethinkers.org/103 Sign up for A Course in Personal Evolution - Registration closes on July 31! More info: http://courses.futurethinkers.org


FTP102: Cris Beasley - Working With Negative Emotions

Our guest in the following two episodes is Cris Beasley, an author, podcaster, ex AI startup founder and healing practitioner who created the Love Lock card deck to help people explore and work with difficult emotions. We asked Cris some of the questions that we often get from our listeners and course participants: how to access the repressed emotions in the body, what are some of the helpful techniques and tools to do it, and how to integrate these emotions into our lives in a healthy...


FTP101: Rebel Wisdom - Who Are The Intellectual Deep Web?

We had a roundtable style discussion with David Fuller and Alexander Beiner from Rebel Wisdom about the Intellectual Dark Web, where that conversation is heading, the emergence of the Intellectual Deep Web, and how to find cohesion and unity in a decentralized world. Show notes: http://www.futurethinkers.org/101 To learn how to adapt to our uncertain future, sign up for our mailing list and get the 50+ page guide: http://futurethinkers.org/signup Check out the Course in Personal...


FTP100: Jamie Wheal - Sense-Making In Chaos

Our guest in this episode is Jamie Wheal, a researcher and coach in the field of human potential, peak performance, and flow states. He is the co-author of the book “Stealing Fire” and director of Flow Genome Project. In this interview we talk about how to make sense in a world that is unraveling faster than we can keep up with, discuss the potential solutions to this crisis, and the challenges of building coherent and resilient communities. Show notes: http://futurethinkers.org/100 To...


FTP099: John Vervaeke - Meaning, Wisdom And Transcendence

John Vervaeke is a lecturer at the University of Toronto and author of Awakening From The Meaning Crisis lecture series on YouTube. In Part 2 of our interview we talk further about self-transformation, transcendence and strategies for creating meaning. Show notes: http://www.futurethinkers.org/99 Part 1 of the interview: http://www.futurethinkers.org/98 Take the Future Thinkers Course in Personal Evolution - designed to help you create a life of meaning, purpose and impact:...


FTP098: John Vervaeke - Overcoming The Meaning Crisis

We had a great pleasure to interview John Vervaeke, a lecturer at the University of Toronto in the departments of psychology, cognitive science and Buddhist psychology. John’s excellent lecture series on YouTube called Awakening From the Meaning Crisis has inspired us to invite him on the show and discuss how to overcome the meaning crisis in today’s world. In this interview we also dive deep into the topics of integrating scientific and traditional views of the search for meaning, multiple...


FTP097: Sovereignty vs. Identity

In this episode we discuss further on one of our favorite topics - how to gain more sovereignty in modern world, as well as how it relates to the notion of personal identity. We use Jordan Greenhall's framework to describe sovereignty as developing and practicing three basic capacities: perception, sense making and agency. We discuss these capacities in the context of dominant framework of secular thought in the Western world, the crisis of meaning, entrepreneurship, identity politics...


FTP096: The Shadow In Personal and Collective Consciousness

Mike and Euvie discuss the Jungian concept of The Shadow, and why it is relevant today as a framework for developing personal and collective consciousness. Show notes: http://www.futurethinkers.org/96 Check out out Course in Personal Evolution: http://courses.futurehinkers.org/


FTP095: Michael Taft - The Path of Spiritual Awakening and Self-Development

Michael Taft, a long-time meditation teacher, author, and founder of Deconstructing Yourself blog and podcast, discusses the stages of personal development and the awakening path, deconstructing reality, and the benefits of a regular meditation practice. Show notes: http://www.futurethinkers.org/95 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Registration Now Open - A Course in Personal Evolution Take the course designed to help you create a life of...


FTP094: Douglas Rushkoff - Rethinking Transhumanism and Reuniting Humanity

In Part 2 of our interview with media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, we talk about transhumanism, the distrust in the corporate-run digital environment, and using intersectionalism to reunite human species. Show notes: http://www.futurethinkers.org/94 Part 1 of the interview: http://www.futurethinkers.org/93 A Course in Personal Evolution - Take the course designed to help you create a life of meaning, purpose and impact: http://futurethinkers.org/evolution


FTP093: Douglas Rushkoff - Why Technology Needs to be on 'Team Human'

Our guest in the next two episodes is Douglas Rushkoff, a media theorist, lecturer, and author of Team Human, as well as a dozen other books on media, technology, and culture. In recent years, he has become a critic of technology for separating us from what makes us human. In Part 1 of this interview we discuss the still untapped possibilities of digital technology, the causes and potential solutions to dystopian visions of the future, as well as transhumanism and its assumptions about...


FTP092: Rupert Sheldrake - Paradigm Shifts in Science and Experiments in Consciousness

We're excited to host Rupert Sheldrake in this episode, a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. Besides getting into the details of this hypothesis, we also talk about paradigm shifts in science, psy phenomena, experiments in consciousness, and about his new book called Ways to Go Beyond And Why They Work, where he describes some of the most well known spiritual practices for altering consciousness. Complete show notes: http://www.futurethinkers.org/92 A...


FTP091: Joe Brewer - Humanity's Rapid Evolutionary Transition

This is Part 2 of our interview with Joe Brewer of the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution, where we talk about modern versions of rites of passage, and why they are important. We also discuss the ways to support cultural evolution and develop regenerative cultures that are capable of dealing with global problems and existential risks. Show notes page: http://www.futurethinkers.org/91 Part 1 of the interview: http://www.futurethinkers.org/90 Sign up for Future Thinkers Course on...


FTP090: Joe Brewer - Rites of Passage For Cultural Evolution

Our guest in this episode is Joe Brewer, Executive Director at the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution. Joe is a complexity researcher, cognitive scientist, and evangelist for regenerative culture design. We invited him onto the show because we felt that our ideas about adult development, rites of passage, and overcoming the chasm of nihilism strongly resonated with his thinking and work on cultural evolution. This interview turned out to be very dense and we talked about complex subjects,...


FTP089: Deconstructing Your Identity, And Why Do It

Identity politics have become a hot topic in the Western world. People tend to attach their sense of identity to certain political ideas, gender identity, ethnic or religious group, sexual orientation etc, and often get triggered when they perceive their identity is being threatened. Today we discuss why it is useful and important to detach from these categories in order to develop psychologically. We talk about how to deconstruct your identity and tell the stories of how we have done...


FTP088: The Ancient Art of Adulting And Meta-Skills For The Future

In this episode we are discussing the concept of "adulting" and why it's relevant today. We also talk about how being an adult will change in the future and what meta-skills one needs to develop in order to adapt to the fast-changing world. Adulting is an ironic term used by the Millenial generation to describe holding grown up responsibilities like paying the bills or taxes for example, but not feeling like an actual adult while doing that. We discuss why the adult "script" that was handed...


FTP087: Meme Wars And Collective Intelligence

We recently participated and spoke at DGOV Council in Berlin, an event that explored new principles of human-centric scalable governance. The experience inspired us to think more deeply about distributed governance, the emergence of collective intelligence, anti-fragility and sovereignty. In this episode we are discussing what kind of collective system is possible in the future and how to manage the diversity of values in such system. In This Episode Of Future Thinkers: Show notes:...


FTP086: Alex Gladstein - Anti-Authoritarian Technologies and The Future of Governance

Our guest in this episode is Alex Gladstein, the Chief Strategy Officer at Human Rights Foundation and VP of Strategy for Oslo Freedom Forum. We attended and spoke at Oslo Freedom Forum last year, and it was one of the best conferences we have ever been to - it was really well produced, with amazing participants who talked about important topics and ideas. In this interview we discuss why civil liberties make a country better for its people, what the future of governance, internet and money...