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MTM EP 12 - There's No Straight Line to Your Dreams w/ Romeo Candido

Stories are as old as the human race. Before we had the written word, we had oral traditions. And somehow the story, in all it's forms and delivery methods, has survived through all that time. Writer, director, musician and producer Romeo Candido has a story worth listening to. As you can tell from his titles, the man has done some serious work over the years. He’s easily smashed the 10,000 hour rule in a number of fields so it goes without saying that he’s been around the block a few times...


MTM EP 11 - The House of Law w/ Emily Law

In my opinion, few art forms emphasize community more than street dance. In Toronto Emily Law is trying to maintain the origins of those forms and incorporate them into more contemporary settings and performances. Like many professions and art forms, dance commands a great deal of respect and subservience to the limitations of one's body, so Emily is keen to get to work while she's able.


MTM EP 10 - The Power of The Club w/ BAMBII

As dance music has become increasingly more mainstream, the place of the DJ seems to have shifted from one of tastemaker to placeholder. We are now in a time when festival crowds’ attention is held by one dude, pumping a fist in the air to what may or may not be an pre-recorded set of songs. Where promoters are more interested in social media numbers than track selection, and where non-male DJs get added to shows for the sake of fulfilling diversity requirements. Despite all of that, there...


MTM EP 9 - Cracking the Promotion Puzzle w/ Todd Simmons

Producer, promoter and performer Todd Simmons, aka Rod Skimmins discusses his experience in curating, producing and promoting events and what it takes to make those events successful now and into the future.



In this time of perfectly branded Instagram accounts, sponsored Facebook live events and heavily curated everything, few artists embody the bravado and brazen attitudes once found to be the hallmark of rock 'n' roll. Though Ali X has chosen not rock but Techno as his central genre, he nevertheless continues to create his music his way, unapologetically coercing his audience to submit to his grimy, funky loops and industrial machine sounds.


MTM EP 7 - LeFade to Black and White w/ Michelle LeFade

Cartoons are often reserved for the funny pages or maybe the New Yorker, so if you saw some of Michelle LeFade's work for the first time, you could be forgiven for feeling like they don't belong in either. The stories they tell, and the manner in which she tells them don't often resort to word bubbles or ellipses. Instead, it's the line and the thickness of the brushstroke, the hyperbolic nature of the character's bodies or the wry smiles they wear that tell you more about what's going on in...


MTM EP 6 - What Resonates with James Harris?

James Harris (aka Hemingway) is a soft spoken, but clearly thoughtful and contemplative music producer. Though he's been through some very real challenges in his life, he continues to see the potential in the universe. James' career is one that's been bolstered by the support of not only his family, but his local and online music and art community as well. I think James is a wonderful example of how discipline and playing well with others can do a lot to produce and sustain amazing work.

MTM EP 5 - Visual Appeal with Oliver Husain

This week on Mind to Make, I'm speaking with visual artist and film maker Oliver Husain. Oliver is the creator of MTM logo (yeah!) and his pieces involve image, sculpture, movement and textile. In this interview we discuss the importance of training to underscore your practice. We discuss Oliver’s early influences, his humbling and educational experiences connecting with artists in other cultures and how the spaces you create in and show your work in change the context in which you see that...


MTM EP 4 - Mindfulness to Make with Josh Reichmann

With every new artistic endeavour, we can discover not only a new destination but also the path that led us there. But how to stay on the path, and what path should we take? As someone who has often struggled with these questions, I became increasingly interested in meditation as a means to helping with focus and intention. I found that as with most journeys, it helps to have a guide. So on this week's episode of Mind to Make, I speak with artist, musician, film-maker and now meditation &...

MTM EP 3 - Fashion Is Such a Drag with Buzz

AIR DATE: APRIL 23th, 2018 On the 3rd episode of Mind To Make, I sit down with pretty and pun-y fashion designer and drag queen Buzz. I wanted to have Buzz on the show because since having been introduced to the world of drag, I’ve been astounded by the numerous disciplines it involves, from performance to design and how consistently creative the artists in that world have to be to compete. This is no different for Buzz. Buzz’s bio reads as follows… Buzz is an emerging fashion thing who...


MTM EP 2 - Maylee Todd and Her Virtual Womb

On the 2nd episode of Mind To Make, I sit down with the delightful Maylee Todd. We talk about her latest record Acts of Love and the process she went through to make it. We explore ideas around being a solo artist vs. being in a group, releasing on labels vs. self-release and discuss Maylee's Virtual Womb show and how she's included her audience in her performances. All that, and lots more fun stuff!


MTM EP 1 - Strategy in the Age of Internet Memes w/ Robert Bolton

Air Date: April 9, 2018 On the 1st episode of Mind To Make, I speak with friend and collaborator Robert Bolton. We talk about rap music's power to shape lyrical minds, how strategic foresight maps well onto being a musician, Robert's latest project From Later and what inspired it, as well as his love and respect for internet meme culture. Read Rob's bio below to get a more full picture of everything he's involved in. Robert Bolton is a Canadian artist and strategist. As Head of Foresight...