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1 – Must Triumph: How Much Fight Do You Have Within You

From an early age, I was introduced to "kaizen" (改善), the philosophy of continuous self-improvement. At first, it was only to improve my martial arts, then I applied it to every other aspect of my life. The attraction of martial arts is simple: a small person can beat a big person. It only took me a short time to realize a small person can defeat a bigger person if the smaller person is more efficient. I applied this to everything: to find the best hacks, leveraging the right resources, the...


Episode 0: Genesis

Hi. Welcome. This is episode zero of the must triumph podcast. Now, why I made an episode zero is because this podcast needs a bit of explanation. This won't be a generic interview podcast nor will it be an NPR-docu-style podcast. This podcast will be a street-level look at everyday philosophy from the mind of a martial artist... Chapters Music Ross BugdenBensound


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