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On Grief: A Podcast about Death

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On Grief: A Podcast about Death is an exploration of what the people closest to the dead and dying know about death that the average lay person is too scared to ask.

On Grief: A Podcast about Death is an exploration of what the people closest to the dead and dying know about death that the average lay person is too scared to ask.
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On Grief: A Podcast about Death is an exploration of what the people closest to the dead and dying know about death that the average lay person is too scared to ask.




Episode 109: Pet Grief Part Two

In this episode we discuss: Different kinds of Pet Loss and why each has unique challenges Do pets miss their owners in a divorce? What can you do to actively move your grief forward Why our bond with service animals complicates grief Am I crazy for throwing a pet funeral? And much more... Special Guest: Adam Clark.


Episode 108: Pet Grief Part One

Wendy Van De Poll, Certified End of Life and Pet Loss Grief Coach and Bestselling Author, joins me to discuss the tough topic of Pet Grief. In this episode, we discuss: How to mentally prepare for losing a pet Should you be present when your pet is euthanized Why we still trivialize pet loss grief Should you get a new pet right away? Should you throw away all the items from your deceased pet? How to talk to kids about Pet Grief And much more...


Episode 107: The Right to Die With Exit International's Philip Nitschke

While most of us respect that the terminally ill or very old might want to exercise their right to die, not many have come around on the idea that any adult with mental capacity should have the right to end their life on their own terms. Philip Nitschke joins me to explain why Exit International provides information and works to move legislation past a medicalized model to bring this crucial right to more people. In this episode, we discuss: Societal taboos around this topic The interest by...


Episode 106: Child Grief

In this episode, we discuss: How to prepare children if someone they know is going to die soon How to help children understand what death is before it happens in the family How to recognize normal child grief patterns When to know if a child's grief is more complicated How do other factors (such as the media, divorce, or animal deaths) complicate child grief What to never say to children who are grieving And much more... Special Guest: Andrea Warnick.


Episode 105: Caitlin Doughty

Caitlin Doughty answers questions from kids and myself alike. We discuss: What are the legalities of cannibalism? Will animals dig up my body if I'm not buried deeply enough? Can you be cremated on a funeral pyre in America? Can you still be buried alive? And many more... Special Guest: Caitlin Doughty.


Episode 104: Adam Cayton-Holland

CONTENT WARNING: EPISODE CONTAINS FRANK DISCUSSION OF SUICIDE. In this episode, Adam Cayton-Holland talks about the death by suicide of his younger sister right when his career was about to take off. In this episode, we discuss: What his family was like How his sister Lydia's mental health changed What the family did to intervene with Lydia How Adam's grief manifested What Adam learned about his family's grief What kind of therapy worked for him And more... Special Guest: Adam Cayton-Holland.


Episode 103: History of Grief

Brandy Schillace and I discuss: What we know about grief from what's available in recorded history What the Reformation did that changed the way we view the dead How the Victorians turned even death into a commercial endeavour and an opportunity for class markers How the traditional American way of mourning came to be What social media is doing to shape our way of grieving And more... Brandy Schillace's website (https://brandyschillace.com/) Buy Death's Summer Coat here...


Episode 102: Mortician

Mortician and Funeral Director Erin Bodishbaugh explains what being a mortician is like. In this episode, we discuss: What kinds of people become morticians Why mortician school weeds out the goths What an average day at work is like What are the misconceptions about dead bodies What surprises they've had on the job Everything you've ever been curious about with cremation What requests they've had to turn down What the best eulogy they've ever witnessed was like And more... Special Guest:...


Episode 101: I Die

Please note: this episode is not intended to endorse the use of substances that are illegal. In this episode, we explore what it is like to die. I discuss this with Neurosurgeon and Bestselling Author Dr. Eben Alexander (The Map of Heaven) who tells me about his Near Death Experience. I also discuss how we can simulate a Near Death Experience through a drug called 5-MeO DMT ("The toad" or "Bufo") with Hilary Agro, a researcher and anthropologist who studies psychedelics, and I take 5-MeO DMT...