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Our podcast covers spiritual philosophy, personal development, and psychology.

Our podcast covers spiritual philosophy, personal development, and psychology.
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Our podcast covers spiritual philosophy, personal development, and psychology.






Episode 6: Love is Everything

In this episode, Michelle Mercurio and Cora Kessler interview artist, writer, style-icon and Ambassador of Peace, Beatrix Ost. For this episode, we traveled to Beatrix's estate in Charlottesville and got a glipmse into her magical world, created from art and love. Join us as we talk about silence, listening, how her fashion style evolved from the aftermath of the Second World War, how the answers we seek are within us and about the power of being in the moment of NOW. Follow Beatrix on...


Episode 5: Emotional Data

Join us as we speak with Courtney Allison Brown, a data visualization artist who focuses on mental health, wellness, and healing based in Richmond, VA. Her primary work to date is a series titled “Emotional Planes," which explores the different emotional states we all experience as we journey through life. Courtney has tracked and collected the data output from emotions (using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques) over the last 20+ years. Happiness, depression, highs and lows, stress...


Episode 4: From Whence We Came

This insight episode delves into the topics we've been thinking about as the weather turns cooler and Halloween and the Day of the Dead approaches. Cora and Michelle talk about the masks we wear, how we let things go and how our ancestors have helped shape our identities. Throughout this deeper exploration, we discuss A LOT... journaling, death, the Holocaust, practical magic, harvest season, Samhain, and honoring those we miss. It's a soul-full time of year... so join us in the FB community...


Episode 3: The Shadows Make The Light More Beautiful

In this episode, Amy Markham talks art, creative practice, cancer and magic. Join us for this free-flowing conversation covering everything from fortune-telling to Joseph Campbell to Carl Jung and Marcel Duchamp. See if you agree that the magic is within us and that we are all our own masterpiece. Amy Markham of @thestarlingcreative is a philosopher, artist, educator and a fellow podcaster. In 2011, Amy recommitted to her personal art practice during recovery from appendix cancer. Art...


Episode 2: Trust, Fall & Fairness

Cora and Michelle discuss words they've been thinking about as the season transitions from summer to fall and discuss identity, our stories and some rules that we live by. Open Sesame! *We're learning - Please excuse the audio issues in this episode* Music by Art by --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 1: Gateway to the Magic

Tune into our first full episode where we interview psychic, healer and coach Seo Kelleher about her journey to trust her intuition and restructure her world...and the worlds of her her clients! Music by --- Send in a voice message:


Intro: Trust Your Magic

In this episode, Cora Kessler and Michelle Mercurio dive into the core concepts of the Open Sesame podcast. You'll learn how we met, why we're here, and the seeds we're planting for this community. Our mission is to help you question what you think you know, trust your intuition, and restructure your world from the inside out. --- Send in a voice message: