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Prodigy Sportive Attestations is a podcast that encourages personal growth and a shift in perspectives through creativity, sound research, and satire. You'll learn to be accepting of views different than your own if even you don't necessarily agree!

Prodigy Sportive Attestations is a podcast that encourages personal growth and a shift in perspectives through creativity, sound research, and satire. You'll learn to be accepting of views different than your own if even you don't necessarily agree!
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Prodigy Sportive Attestations is a podcast that encourages personal growth and a shift in perspectives through creativity, sound research, and satire. You'll learn to be accepting of views different than your own if even you don't necessarily agree!






Final Fantasy

Episode 27 featuring (@themelvinanderson) dissects fantasies. When most people hear the word fantasy, they think of something sexual. In reality, one's fantasies can be about their dream goals, dream house, and even dream spouse. *I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE CLIPS USED*


Trauma Kings and Queens

Everybody is traumatized to some degree. Some more than others. The episode discusses the different types of traumas that we can endure, as well as discuss some possible solutions, while tying in every lesson with Lil Wayne references.


Stress Test

After an unexpected week off, P.S.A ironically comes back with an episode catered to stress. The purpose of this episode is to showcase that although stress is inevitable, it is a person's choice to remain "stressed out". The episode features @(chelle.glams), who is notorious for allowing stress to consume her at times. As she opens up, the listeners will be able to see what it's like for those that overthink. People who overthink will be able to relate, while people who don't will be able...



Episode 24 was inspired by the phrase "i'm a good person". Izzy wants to know "who said that"? Most categorize people in two categories. This consist of good people and bad people. The episode calls those people to the carpet and asks "who died and made you king". Either way, the episode reveals how most people are a healthy mix of good and evil. *inserts Mandark laugh*


The Players Club

This episode was inspired by an interview with Coffey Anderson on "The Roommates Podcast", where he discussed using what you have to get what you want. This correlates with the same phrase used in the classic film "The Players Club". You already have the gifts and talents you need within you, it's just up to you to use them. The episode makes references to the Disney Channel, Dragonball Z, and even StoveTopKisses.


Rated "M" for Mature

Episode 22 breaks down both immaturity as well as maturity. Just because a person is quiet or has a calm personality, doesn't mean they are mature. Maturity is a scale, and the episode showcases this in several ways. It also reveals that most people are more immature than they realize, and in some crazy way, Izzy finds a way to ask Popeyes to sponsor him. *I DO NOT OWN ANY CLIPS USED*


Booked or Busy

Episode 21 showcases the difference between being busy and being productive. This debunks the original theory that believes that a person has to be restless in order to get things accomplished. This episode features (t.ellis__) who is an upcoming actor on the rise, who sheds light on how being busy and productive can be synonymous of each other.


The Relationship Series (Part 4)

The last and final part of "The Relationship Series" features single sally (@biganggggg) and (@rbj) who's in a thriving relationship. The three dissect the pros and cons of being single and in a relationship. They give takes on past experiences including freedom, communication, focusing on being happy and even being on "lock down". Later in the episode a member of the live audience (@chelle.glams), gives her perspective on two scenarios in particular. *I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE...


The Relationship Series (Part 3)

In the third part of the series, Izzy is joined by Jet (@jetflychris) and welcomes back Taneka (@tee.seals) to discuss their take on relationships. Several intense questions are asked about what everybody expects from the opposite sex. The episode asks questions that will leave the audience wondering whether they have expectations from the opposite sex, or deal breakers. The three crack a lot of jokes while still dropping gems that include "what if" scenarios, asking if women are too...


The Relationship Series (Part 2)

The second part of the action packed "Relationship Series" attacks singleness. The purpose of the episode is to show that just because you're single, doesn't mean that you're lonely. The episode also reveals that there is no set time limit to be single either because timing is everything. Izzy is joined by two more guests, (@fluadellic & @drekaray) to empower the singles. This episode asks triggering questions that will leave the audience rethinking their current lifestyles and "relationship...


The Relationship Series (Part 1)

Episode 17 is the first part of four part series titled "The Relationship Series". The first part of the series covers friendships with special guests(@ Tamsterdam & @ whoiskayw), who discuss what friendship means to them amongst other topics. Topics including loyalty, communication, and whether any of the three have friends that they can rely on. *I DO NOT OWN ANY CLIPS USED*


The Critic's Choice Awards

Episode 16 goes into a in depth conversation about critics and critical people. The episode reveals that there a both good and bad critics, and even reveals the difference between a critic and a hater.


Holiday Heart

The 50th episode of P.S.A celebrates by discussing the topic of addictions. When most people think of addictions they tend to think of alcohol and drugs. In reality, a person can be addicted to any and everything (including a person). This episode makes references to the movie "Holiday Heart", the television series "Strange Addictions", and even a brief discussion of the classic video game "Max Payne".


Solid as Ice

Episode 14 dives deep into everybody's favorite topic...loyalty. The episode features @ lewis_theelite, who brings up several great points on loyalty. The two reminisce on past experiences where they questioned the loyalty of others, and even give their take on what being "solid" actually is.


The Double Standard Episode

Cream of the Krop Podcast and P.S.A podcast join together for their first ever joint episode as well as visual. The two podcasts disucss the different double standards between men and women that plague society. The topic journeys from the double standards in the music industry, sports, and even in the work force. The camera crew @ presidentquan_ & @ ChelseyDaniels. Youtube link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3vnDd_7zzA&t=219s



The last and final part of the #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth saga based off of a meme about song association concludes with the discussion of Schizophrenia. This is a mental disorder that isn't talked about as much as others however, it still affects society today. The host utilizes creativity, and makes this not so easy topic, somewhat easier to digest.


So Anxious

The second part of the #MentalHealthAwareness saga continues with the discussion of anxiety. There are several facts and tips given from personal experience that will help the audience overcome anxiety. There are also several references to pop culture that include R&B legend Ginuwine, and Winnie The Pooh's Piglet. R.I.P Maya Angelou and Kobe the Chinese Sharpei.


Flashback Friday

The first part of a 3 part #MentalHealthAwarnessMonth series that discusses PTSD. This episode breaks down this mental disorder and shows how relatable it can be. *I don't own any clips used*.


New Me, Who Dis?

This episode (feat @ Arinoire) discusses how a person can change, and how they are not obligated to be the same person they were 10 years ago, let alone 10 minutes ago. Episode 10 is the first ever episode to have a live studio audience, in which a member of the audience joins the discussion live (@ ItsCeeAllen). The three tie in personal experiences while touching on Nipsey Hussle's use of sage, Kamela Harris' past, and Kevin Hart's Oscar fiasco.


Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

This extremely episode opinionated discusses the importance of speaking up. Don't be the person who makes sour faces and sucks their teeth when someone brings up something you don't like or don't agree with, speak your mind. Episode 9 is probably one of the most informative episodes in P.S.A history.