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20: Defense of Human Life...even blue lives

A.B. 392 changes the standard of the use-of-deadly-force from reasonable to necessary in defense of human life…and likely endangers Law Enforcement in the name of Social Justice. Read more at ( Photo by Fred Mouniguet ( on Unsplash...


19: Make Your Money Do More

Kate Eiland, First Vice President of the Eiland Group at Wells Fargo Advisors brings a ton of financial planning, investing, and retirement advice to the Tuesday show. Get in touch with Kate off the air at (559) 437-2200. Photo by Jp Valery ( on Unsplash (


18: Save Oceano Dunes

A whole lot of folks were feeling this one: The CA Costal Commission, an unelected body, is trying to end Off-Roading at Oceano Dunes at Pismo…a six mile stretch of beach used by families since they made the climb in a horse-drawn buggy (seriously) ( . The bottom line is this: Someone wants to restrict YOUR rights to your beaches – your birthright as Californians - and the reasons why SUCK. Get involved at...


17: Tulare Sheriff Boudreaux: Operation Red Reaper

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux talks to Philip Teresi and Blake Tayloor about ‘Operation Red Reaper’ ...a massive Nuestra Familia Gang bust that took nearly 100 criminals off the streets of the Central Valley


16: Last Saturday

That's all, folks... Photo by Alex on Unsplash


15: Who’s Going to Pay?

* Feds Strip High Speed Rail of $928 Million * California lawmakers already want to roll back a key promise of marijuana legalization * Fresno's notorious Motel Drive to be cleaned up * He bought the fencing coach’s house. Then his son got into Harvard * Dozens of vehicle windows smashed out near Bulldog Stadium, nothing was taken * A company will fake your vacations for social media * Man kicks Arnold Schwarzenegger in the back, gets talked by security (Arnold’s fine) [Donate...


14: The Dumpster Fire Show

Unbeknownst to me there was a massive technical failure during this week’s Saturday Show, so if you were listening on or TuneIn you basically heard 2 hours of commercials. Engineering is trying to figure out what happened, but in the meantime this week’s edition of the podcast is commercial free as an apology… * Trump Derangement Syndrome persists in the House * DPRK Coal Ship SEIZED by U.S. authorities * There’s no Constitutional Crisis, it’s just politics * The State moves to...


13: He chose…poorly

Calling into a Talk Show can be intimidating, but I still invite you to give it a try sometime. But: * Do not lie to the call screener * Do not talk over the host * Do not be dumb Just a quick hit from a week back while filling in for Chris Daniel on KMJ. Cheers! Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash


12: Basic Training, careful screening, and two tragic losses

* Filling in for Ray Appleton on KMJ * Buzz Question Pushback: Would a “Negative Country” spend $350,000,000 watching good guys kick butt? * “Avengers: Endgame” box office blowout & the climb to beat “Avatar” for total ticket sales * Attorney General William Barr may skip House Judiciary testimony if no one for the House Judiciary Committee can be trouble to attend * Breaking News: Authorities disrupt a Terrorism plot in Southern California * The New York Times chooses a mind-bendingly...


11: Saturday in Fresno: Manhunt, Flood Watch, and “Murderabilia”

* Buzz Q Breakdown: Don’t use retirement funds to float adult children! * Don’t leave your dog (or cat or goldfish or child) in the car! * PG&E is allowed ANOTHER rate hike…to cover th cost of 2016 & 2017 incidents * There’s a time & place for a Tele-Doc….but maybe not the Deathbed? * Snowmelt-induced Flood Watch in effect in Hanford * 1,000 quarantined in Southern California after another Measles scare at UCLA * “Avengers: Endgame” spoiler beat-down * A local man’s...


10: The “4/20 Show” that wasn’t

* 100-year-old woman gets broken waterline fixed, after 5 month ordeal * The 25 worst jobs in US: low pay, high stress, and poor job security * Social media “influencer” convicted in plot to hijack Domain Name * Several Central Valley stores hope to curb panhandling with signs * Disney shares rocket higher after unveiling streaming cheaper than Netflix * Judge Upholds Mandatory Measles Vaccinations * Officials accused of trying to sell alleged Robert Kraft sex tape * Will Pier 1, Bed Bath...


9: Godless America?

* Fashion brand 'FUCT' seeks trademark help from Supreme Court * Hanford police help man fake arrest, pop the question * As many Americans claim no religion as there are evangelicals, Catholics * 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' casting families in Fresno


8: The Troll Infestation

* The Weekend Buzz Question at Where’s the ‘Meh’ option? * Local provocateurs issue a press release claiming victimhood after they goad a Fresno State Professor into calling them ‘dicks’ * National Distracted Driving Awareness Month * General Social Survey: Dog owners are happier than petless people…and everyone’s happier than cat ladies * Alex Jones’ lawyer wants us to leave his client in peace * Re-Naming Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after a corporate sponsor pisses off...


7: Whole Lotta Hair Sniffin’

* Buzz Question reactions: Is DMV REALLY that bad? * Trump threatens to close the U.S. / Mexico border as the “Mother of All Caravans” approaches * Kisses from Uncle Joe * Why won’t CNN & MSNBC talk about Biden’s Behavior? * The Leggings Problem * Donate Blood!


6: Men, Myths, and Mail

* Recapping Chris Daniel’s 10 Year Anniversary Party * The Hidden Depth of the Weekend Buzz Question * Boeing’s 737 Max: The Cost of Cutting Corners * RIP CUSD Superstar Tony Petersen * Beto O’Rourke’s Mythology, oversold * Robert Muller’s Mythology, undersold * Should the USPS grant private carriers access to your mailbox? * The IRS is cutting million a little slack on their 2018 withholding * Donate Blood!


5: America’s Frenemies

* Shooter in deadly Aurora rampage had a gun with a laser sight, witness says * Stockton begins $500-a-month universal basic income experiment * Bass Lake reaches spillage levels * Dire warning from Tahoe police: 'Just please stop coming up here' * Snowy weather and chain level requirements * Amazon looks to control your smart home with Echo, Ring, Eero and more * National emergency declared by President Trump is facing legal challenges * Trump declaration faces uncertain fate in coming...


4: Nice Hat

* Measure P proponents are suing the city, insisting election laws aren’t fair * Virginia Gov. Northam will not be resigning * Alleged would-be kidnapper arrested in Madera * A Bay Area restaurant owner decides to keep serving MAGA Hat-wearing patrons * Do MAGA hats really attract negative attention? Image Courtesy of


3: Trump Speaks, KMJ Reacts

* Special Counsel Disputes BuzzFeed Report That Alleged Trump Directed Cohen to Lie to Congress * "Dine-and-Dash Dater" surrenders to serve 120-day jail sentence in Southern California * Heaven, walls and immigration? A local gas station sign sparks controversy * Ray Appleton drops in to preview President Trump’s address to the nation * President Trump proposes wall-for-DACA in bid to end shutdown * Congressman Devin Nunes joins the conversation * Local calls agree with POTUS: Congress Must...


2: The one with Travis Allen

* Burger King Bathroom Lock-In Lawsuit * California’s Secretary of State doesn’t know if the DMV has registered ineligible, illegal voters * Americans think they have WAY more allergies than they actually do * Money ruins relationships * Candidate for California Republican Party Chair Travis Allen discusses the shutdown, the wall, and how the GOP can win in 2020 * Privacy as a Survival Tool


1: Everything is Trump’s fault (except when it isn’t)

Utah Highway Patrol make their first arrest at the .05 BAC threshold It’s sad that a men dies in Yosemite, even more so on Christmas Day…but it’s not the President’s fault. A local mental patient is now in jail after wandering into the wrong house (but at least SOMEONE is watching him) Elizabeth Warren wants to be President Ann Coulter says Trump will fold on the Wall, but the President appears to be considering declaring a State of Emergency to give himself authority to re-route DOD funding...