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Day 21 - Coffee!

It’s day 21 of 31 days to regenerate your world, and we’re making your morning coffee run a little greener! How can you make coffee more regenerative? Like… fair trade or organic or something? Nope! We’re talking about HOW you brew and drink it. Listen in as Doneil and Jason talk about how to brew a great cup of coffee at home without all the gas and paper waste of The Green Siren, Starbucks nor all the plastic and metal waste of k-cups. But if you HAVE to get your corporate dose of...


Day 20 - Understanding CSA programs and Veggie Buying Clubs

Have you voted for The Dads yet? Deadline is 4/22 at midnight central time! Vote “Individual - Jason Gray” and make sure you vote for the other categories too, to make sure your ballot counts! We’re talking how to order Community Supported Agriculture “CSA” shares, and how they differ from farm buying clubs like Bountiful Baskets. We also talk about the...


Day 19 - Gifting Local and Regenerative

Listening real time? VOTE FOR THE DADS! Vote for “Individual - Jason Gray” and make sure you vote for each of the other categories so your ballot will count! —– How can you give regenerative and local gifts? We talk about ways you can get gifts from your local farms, including value-added stuff that will help their bottom line while saving you money - soaps,...


Day 18 - Make Your Lunch Greener and Regenerative

It’s Day 18 of the 31-Days to Regenerate Your World Dad’s Boot Camp, and we’re talking how to make your lunch a little more eco-friendly. A lot of hipsters have been making salads in mason jars lately, but Doneil says that’s something rednecks like him have been doing for decades. #CulturalAppropriation We have other ideas for simple and free ways to reduce the footprint of your lunch box in both your wallet and your environment. Please support the show by visiting...


Special Interview with Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farm

We’re taking a quick break from our 31-Days to Regenerate Your World series to bring you this special longer-form episode with Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farm in Swope, Virginia. Daniel is the son of America’s most famous farmer, Joel Salatin. Since Daniel and his own kids are “taking over the family business” (as Jason would try to say in his best mob-boss voice), we thought Daniel would have some really interesting thoughts on passing on the regenerative ethic to the next generation, and...


Day 17 - Meet Your Meat: Buying Grass Fed Beef and Pastured Pork or Chicken

Where are you going to find grass fed beef for sale, or buy pastured pork? What about pastured chicken or turkey? We tell you what to look for, how to find it, and how to make buying a “half hog” or “quarter cow” less scary. Lots more on the real site, Please throw us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, etc! And as always, support our supporters: - - -


Day 16 - Defining Biodynamic Farming, Permaculture, No-Till, etc

What is permaculture? What is biodynamic wine? What are the benefits of no-till farming? We’re taking on these questions from a Dad’s perspective on this episode of 31 Days to Regenerate Your World. We’ll be brutally honest in this one. Some of these terms you’ll see that are “beyond organic” are getting way out there in hipster/hippie land. Many of these certifications were developed to help farms differentiate themselves from “just industrial organic” farms. But a Regen Dad needs to...


Day 13 - Hidden Drawbacks of “Green” Grid Energy

Everyone says green and renewable energy is the way to go. But there are some trade-offs and drawbacks to green energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, etc. Let’s drop some knowledge so you can hold your own in conversations with all the “hipster nephews” out there about whether it’s feasible or desirable to replace all our energy production with current technologies. Maybe conservation and just reducing the amount of energy we need to use in the first place is the best bet. To help...


Day 12 - The Kombucha Kraze, or What’s the Deal With Fermented Foods?

What is kombucha? Why is it so good for you? Why do the Koreans eat so much kimchi? There are a lot of questions about fermented foods out there. Dads need more fermented foods in their gut because we’ve had too many antibiotics — both medicinal and in our foods — killing off all the good bacteria. We need that good bacteria to help break down our food and give us the micronutrients we need to be productive at work, involved at home, and be good dads and husbands. As always, our full show...


Day 10 - Worm Poop (Castings) = Rocket Fuel for Plants

Castings Happens. Worm poop (or ‘castings’ in polite conversation) are a great fertilizer and soil conditioner. You can buy it, grow it in worm compost (also called vermicompost), or let the existing worms in your soil make them for you. We’re looking at why you would want to use this stuff and how to encourage more existing earthworm activity in your garden or lawn. We also have a cautionary point about making sure that you pack out your worms when you go fishing, because most earthworm...


Day 8 - Idling and Puffing Your Car

Idling your engine when waiting on the kids at school or sports practice — is it really that bad? How about “puffing” or warming up your car for a while when it’s super cold out in winter? Doneil and Jason are getting into it a bit at each other about whether this actually matters, or if you’re hurting your car either way. Take a listen, but also join us in the show notes post at to chime in on this controversial topic. There’s nothing that riles up any dad — Regen...


Day 7 - Are Grocery Store Organic Prices Worth It?

We’ve been talking about small, local organic / regenerative farms so far. But what about the Organic section at the grocery store? How do farms that are big enough to supply a Walmart or a Kroger growing enough to stock those bins, but still be organic and regenerative? In this episode, you’ll learn how to figure out which produce items are the most important to get from the Organic section if you can’t find it at your local farmers market — or if they’re just not grown in your...


Day 6 - Greening the Laundry

Laundry: lots of the household’s energy and water usage each year is spent getting the clothes clean. Because a Regenerative Dad is a well-dressed, good-smellin’ dad. But some of our normal laundry practices are almost deliberately making our clothes DIRTIER! Let’s take a look at how to regenerate the laundry room… carefully, mind you… don’t want to annoy the Regenerative Mom too much! Full show notes at


Day 5 - Cracking the Cage Free Egg Myth

Are pastured eggs the same thing as cage free eggs? In a word, no. In this episode of 31 Days to Regenerate Your World, we’ll take a peek behind the coop to examine all the different labels that are on egg cartons at the store. Which ones matter? Which ones are blowing marketing smoke up your vent? Full show notes over at What difference does it make if chickens aren’t living in “battery cages” when they have nearly the same amount of total space per hen, and no...


Day 4 - Composting for Dads

Let’s take the trash to a whole different league this time, by starting to compost our produce scraps, yard waste and some of our paper and cardboard. It will take even more volume out of the waste stream, to keep those landfills lasting longer. It also can really cut your fertilizer bill by giving your lawn, veg garden, and flowers/bushes a “time release capsule” of useful plant food. All while both saving water in drought areas or helping get rid of excess water faster in wet ones. The...


Day 3 - Up Your Recycling Game

Okay, Dads… we’re taking the recycling thing a whole ‘nother notch past the scrap paper in the blue bin at work! This is where you can make a big difference really quickly. But most importantly, you’ll learn that there are a lot of other men… dads… out there who are counting on people doing this right. And right now, guys… we’re really not. It’s kinda shameful. Full show notes over at Make sure you support our Sponsor of the Day It’s totally possible to...


Day 2 - What’s the Deal with GMOs?

It’s day 2 of “31 days to regenerate your world,” and what’s the deal with GMOs? We’re looking at what GMOs are, but also what they aren’t. That’s just as important for a Regen Dad to understand. Then you can hold your own against your hipster nephew who won’t eat your BBQ cornish cross chicken. Transgenic Genetically Modified Organisms are not the same thing as hybrid veggies, and not what the German monks did back in the 1800s. We teach dads the difference in this episode. Then you can...


Day 1 - What’s the Deal with Farmers Markets?

How to Navigate a Farmers Market Like a Dad! Day 1 - How to Shop at Farmers Markets Like a Regenerative Dad, or “Wait, aren’t there supposed to be farmers at farmers markets?” Thanks for joining us for Day 1 of 31 Days to Regenerate Your World. This is the “Dad’s Boot Camp” for all things green, organic and eco-thrifty, but without so much of the hipster and “mommy blog” part of the sustainability thing. Check out the full shownotes at