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Episode 16: Stop the Violence.

Candace Bowser, is an author and domestic violence shelter volunteer. She shares some of her knowledge with us so we might be able to help those around us effected by domestic violence. Listen for tips to identify and hotlines to help. Raised in rural Pennsylvania, Candace has always had a penchant for writing. She has published several books. Her passion in writing is not limited solely to horror twisted with romance. or dark romance as she calls it but also writes within the genres of...


Episode 15: Money Makeover Tips

Dustin and his wife started a journey in February of 2015 to become consumer debt free. Ashley had lost her job in November 2013 and after a year of spinning their wheels they found Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. Dustin & Ashley followed Dave Ramsey's teachings through his books and lead 4 Financial Peace University classes. Dustin & Ashley used a simplified approach to manage their personal finances by doing a monthly budget TOGETHER. After 27 months, making a household income...


Episode 13: Lost: 140lbs. Found: Hope

At over 300 lbs Tara thought her only option to lose weight was weight loss surgery, but after seeing 3 relatives lose weight with surgery only to gain it all back, she decided she didn't want to rearrange her insides for something that obviously has more to do with lifestyle. So she decided to do it the "hard way" with diet and exercise. She had some help in the beginning with medication from her doctor that taught her how much she needed to move and how much to eat, but after a couple...


Episode 12: Russian to Konclusions

Konstantin Posherstnik was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1988. He has one sister named Alona. The family moved to Kfar Saba, Israel when Konstantin was 2. After entering the lottery to win a green card for several years, they finally were accepted and able to move to America in March of 1999, when Konstantin was 11 years old. Konstantin went to Eden Prairie, MN High School. After graduating high school in 2007, he decided to attend college at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He pursued a...


Episode 10: Honesty vs. Kindness

In this episode, John and Melynda explore Honesty vs Kindness. Which do you prefer? Is it better to rip the band-aid off and tell someone how things are or should you proceed with kids gloves? Does your relationship with the person matter? Are you kinder or more honest to strangers or loved ones?


Episode 09: I'm Biased About Fallacies, Pt. 2

STES01E09 I’m biased about fallacies part 2. John and Melynda revisit our second episode and follow up talking about fallacies. You can follow along on the what’s your fallacy website as we discuss how to avoid using fallacies in our discussions with each other. Stitcher - Libsyn: iTunes: Soon: (this week)...


Episode 08: Have We Gone Mental?

The answer is yes… yes we have. This episode we get derailed off our original topic and end up really getting into a passionate discussion about police brutality, politics and corruption and a whole lot more. The good news is, even though there were some disagreements, we maintained our civility and at the end of it all came out better informed and still friendly! Dani Adams - Dani Adams is a PhD student in social work at the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service...


Episode 07: Putting Yourself Out There

Today John and Melynda speak with John Gregory Hancock. We talk about what it’s like to be a creator and deal with the good folks on the internet leaving comments, and overall just have a good conversation with a great storyteller. Hancock, Born near St. Louis, spent over 25 years as a newspaper graphic artist, winning multiple national and international design awards. Ever since a child, he has been blessed (or cursed) with the ability to dream entire storylines in color....


Episode 06: Cooking Up Smiles

John and Melynda are joined by their most famous guest yet, Chef Sterling Wright, “MR. 100” and former Hell’s Kitchen contestant. They talk about how Sterling can stay so positive despite coming up from a rough part of Nashville and facing struggles in his life. He is one of the inspirations for the podcast and shows how in his own way, he can spread positivity and joy to everyone who comes in contact with him. As a Nashville native, Sterling Wright is the real-deal – our very own home...


Episode 05: Thats How We Bend

Stop The Earth October 26 – That’s How We Bend. John and Melynda are joined by guest, Janel McLaughlin, Yoga Instructor. This is the first time on the show where the hosts are challenged by someone who has different ideas. The discussion flows from goat yoga to alternative medicine vs western medicine. An example of how people with some opposing viewpoints can have a respectful dialogue and come out still friendly. Janel - Yoga Instructor I grew up on a farm approximately 25 miles north...


Episode 04: What Have We Learned?

John and Melynda are joined by guest, Christina Zephier, a school teacher. The conversation covers a bunch of topics like public schools vs private?, How can we teach our children how to think instead of what to think? Bullying… is it as big an issue as everyone says? Does it really take a village? Should people without kids pay taxes towards schooling?…and much more. Christina Zephier has been working with kids ages 0-14 for 7 years. She graduated from Black Hills State in 2016 and has...


Episode 03: But, Think of the Children

John and Melynda are joined by special guest, Former Miss Teen South Dakota Hunter Widvey. They discuss childhood cancer awareness and the importance of being the change you want to see in the world. Hunter Widvey and has the goal of bringing more awareness to childhood cancer in South Dakota. She has felt a calling over the past several years to become a pediatric oncologist. She is currently a pre-med student at Augustana University majoring in Chemistry & Government/International...


Episode 02: I'm Biased About Fallacies

John and Melynda discuss looking inward at our own biases. What is bias? And, how identifying our own biases will help us in our dialogue with other people. They take a look at several different bias definitions and discuss examples from the website Other websites you might be interested in: Join us on our social media: Contact the...


Episode 01: What is Stop The Earth?

Welcome to the Stop the Earth Podcast! A discussion detailing inward reflection, observations of human interaction and how we can improve our world. For our first episode we discuss exactly what the podcast is, why we are doing it and what you can expect as a listener. You can contact the podcast by emailing Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter! ———————————————————— NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and do...