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Episode 025: Double Standards That Annoy Vegans!

Vegans face some pretty outrageous and annoying double standards... from always needing to look healthy, and making sure the "tone police" are kept happy, to not earning money for your work helping animals! We share our top 6 double standards vegans face. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR PATREON TEAM TO LISTEN TO FUTURE EPISODES References Episode 002: Ask TVC - The Monetary System, Working the Rest of Your Life, Working and Traveling Episode 008: Ask TVC - Are You a Crazy, Obsessed, Weirdo?...


Episode 024: Animalogy with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Joining us in this episode is bestselling author, podcaster, international speaker, and animal advocate, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. For over 17 years, Colleen has dedicated her life to equipping people with the tools and resources they need to make healthy and compassionate choices. In addition to so many other things, Colleen’s love of language really sets her work apart from other animal advocates. We discussed how animal-related words and expressions that we used in our every day language...


Episode 023: New Years’ Highs & Lows – Reflection, Regrets, Restart

Happy New Year!! For us this time of year is always about reflection and that of course brings up some interesting, and often regrettable, stories. We talk about all things to do with the ‘silly season’ of Christmas and New Years … what they mean to us, how we used to celebrate New Year's Eve, making New Year’s resolutions, and much more. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our listeners for a wonderful year! Your support really does mean a lot, and we wish you all a...


Episode 022: How to Deal with Your Non-Vegan Partner and Children

This is one of the most common questions that we’re asked … how do I deal with my non-vegan partner and children? What do you say?? How do you even approach the topic when your partner isn’t even open to talking about veganism?? And what about kids who refuse to eat vegan food? So many questions, so many options … let’s get into it! Sponsor This episode is sponsored by Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann Download the Vegan Voices app now - it’s FREE 30 days of video training - communicating...


Episode 021: Storytime From Around The World! Part 2

So many of you loved Episode 18 - Storytime From Around The World, Part 1 … and wanted more! Of course we couldn’t not make Part 2 In this episode we tell some hair-raising stories from what could have been a deadly end to a tuk-tuk ride in India, and a drug-search in Bali! But we survived, phew …. and on a much lighter note, our first experience of ‘connecting with spirit’ in France. All up, get ready to travel and laugh with us as we share our adventures with you. References Episode 018:...


Episode 020: Do You Suffer From Vystopia?

Do you suffer from Vystopia? Perhaps you’ve never even heard of the term? Is there a cure for it? We discuss this and so much more with our special guest, vegan psychologist and author, Clare Mann. Clare has been heavily involved in the Australian vegan and animal rights scene for many years now, and most recently she uploaded a semi-viral video on Facebook about what she calls “Vystopia”. This got our attention and we thought it would make for a fascinating topic to discuss and share with...


Episode 019: Why Are People Overweight & Unhealthy? Things We Now Take For Granted

So much has changed in regards to our health in the last few years, that what we experience on a daily basis today, would have seemed impossible years ago. And it’s so easy to take these new health benefits for granted because they feel so normal! This episode will help to answer the question, why are people overweight and unhealthy? References Dr Michael Greger of "The Best Kept Secret in Medicine is that ... the Body Can Heal Itself" Dr Michael Greger of...


Episode 018: Storytime From Around The World! Part 1

We get a lot of feedback from our listeners and so many of you enjoy our stories and flashbacks. So we thought we’d pick a few of our favorite stories and share them in this episode. We ended up talking about many different topics and kind of traveled around the world at the same time! Manifesting and living the dream, tears of liberation, belly laughs, dangerous hitch hiking in South Africa, pain and fear in Ecuador, monsoonal madness, mantras and yoga in Thailand… Get ready for an...


Episode 017: Ask TVC – Family Problems, Bad Eating Habits, & Anti-Vegan Excuses

Welcome to another episode in our Ask TVC series. In this episode we answer three very different questions we were asked by listeners. The first revolves around being vegan and dealing with stubborn, wilfully ignorant, and spiteful family members. The second asks how to get rid of bad eating habits and struggles with stress eating. The final question looks at a few of the 100+ excuses people use in an attempt to justify their continued consumption of animal products. References Land of Hope...


Episode 016: Unlocking The Cage – Who Is A Legal Person?

This episode was requested by a listener. They asked us to watch and discuss the film Unlocking The Cage. The film follows animal rights lawyer Steven Wise in his unprecedented challenge to break down the legal wall that separates animals from humans. After thirty years of struggling with ineffective animal welfare laws, Steve and his legal team, the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP), are making history by filing the first lawsuits that seek to transform an animal from a thing with no rights to...


Episode 015: We Sold Our Wedding Rings! Minimalism – The Hardest Things We’ve Let Go Of

As minimalists, we've been cutting down our possessions for the last 10 years. We’ve let go of so many things…. we even sold our wedding rings! Today we discuss the material possessions that we each found more challenging to let go of, and Luca reveals that he was once a hoarder! References Our eBook: MINIMALIST LIVING - Less is More Blood Diamond It Will Cost You Everything. Watch on iTunes Watch on Amazon Buy the DVD on Amazon Instrumental music produced by Chuki Thanks for Listening!  To...


Episode 014: James Aspey – From Drugs and Cancer to Vegan Activism and Meditation

At 17 years old, James Aspey was diagnosed with leukemia and was given only 6 weeks to live. He beat the cancer, lived a life of hard partying, drugs, and developed an eating disorder. Many years later, his life changed on a cruise ship - of all places! Fast forward to today and James has replaced drugs, cancer, and bulimia with surfing, vegan activism, and meditation. In 2014, James took a 365 day vow of silence to raise awareness for animals… and since breaking that vow on mainstream...


Episode 013: Minimalism – Did We Fail?

We live a fairly transient life and our recent move made us reassess all the stuff we own. Whilst preparing for our move, we were knee-deep in boxes and felt like minimalist failures! What and why are we still holding onto stuff?? To give you a better visual of what we recently traveled with, here’s a picture of all our stuff. In this podcast episode, we forgot to mention the fan box … which we also squeezed a wok into! Oh, and the two big backpacks also contain our towels and bedding. We’re...


Episode 012: Is Eating Animals Bad Karma?

We were asked some great questions by various people about Karma, spiritual truths, and veganism… so we combined some of these questions and answer them in this episode. Do you believe in Karma? Does eating animals give you bad Karma? How do spiritual truths hold up when put in the context of veganism? Lots of great questions that could go in so many directions! Funny how these topics end up creating more questions than offering conclusive answers References The World Peace Diet Eating for...


Episode 011: Earthling Ed – The man behind “Land of Hope and Glory”

The new film Land of Hope and Glory exposes the truth about animal agriculture in the UK and really breaks down the misconception that farms certified as free-range and organic are any better than regular factory farms. The film also proves that the horrors of the animal agriculture industry don’t just happen in America … these are standard industry practices that happen all over the world - including in the UK. The film has had a great amount of success in such a short time since its...


Episode 010: Losing Our Minds in South America – Finding Our Hearts in India

This episode was inspired by a conversation we listened to between Russel Brand and Simon Amstell about their use of conscience altering drugs to get a better insight into some of life’s bigger questions. Their conversation made us think about several of our own experiences, including a “plant medicine” ceremony in South America, and the time we thought we joined a cult in India! References Our review of Carnage The Power of Now A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Available on iTunes...


Episode 009: Fiona Oakes – North Pole to the Sahara Desert, Running for the Animals

We might as well have spoken to Superwoman for today’s episode, because our special guest, Fiona Oakes, is one extraordinary human being! Vegan for over 40 years, Fiona is an endurance runner and holds 3 marathon world records. She is the fastest woman in the world to run a marathon on all seven continents and the north pole in both cumulative and elapsed time. Fiona has competed internationally in more than 50 marathons and set 5 marathon course records around the globe, including The...


Episode 008: Ask TVC – Are You a Crazy, Obsessed, Weirdo?

Welcome to another episode in our Ask TVC series. We could really relate to today's question and had a few stories to share as we discussed it. How do you deal with people saying your lifestyle choices are crazy, obsessive, and weird? Ohh boy, what an upside-down world we live in! References The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success A Practical Guide to the Fulfilment of Your Dreams. Available on iTunes Available on Amazon “La Belle Verte" [The Green Beautiful] Instrumental music produced by Chuki...


Episode 007: Tal Gilboa – Big Brother Winner Who is Changing a Country

Today’s episode is extremely powerful and motivating. Our guest is Tal Gilboa - we met her recently on Koh Phangan in Thailand, and her story was incredible to discuss in person. Tal is an Animal Liberation Activist, she founded the Israeli Animal Liberation Front, and she was the winner of Israel’s 2014 Big Brother television show. On top of all that, she’s a mother of 3! Tal is an absolute powerhouse, holds nothing back, her approach to vegan activism is hardline, and she is one strong...


Episode 006: Ask TVC – Trapped in the “9-5 rut”, Life Change, Minimalism, Kids… Help!

Welcome to another episode in our Ask TVC series. We ask our audience to send us their questions, and each week we’ll select one juicy question that we can answer and discuss in detail. This episode is a follow up to episode 002 which discussed the monetary system, working the rest of your life in a job you’re not satisfied with, and how to combine working and traveling. A lot of questions came from that episode such as how do people with families make significant life changes or consider...