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Two regular guys take on timeless questions both profound and mundane

Two regular guys take on timeless questions both profound and mundane
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Two regular guys take on timeless questions both profound and mundane




When Is Quitting a Good Idea?

Some of the hardest decisions in life are deciding when to quit something as opposed to when to double down. In this episode, Chris and Doug ponder how to make these decisions, in work and in life, and when they’ve made good and bad quitting decisions. They discuss when quitting is a good idea, when it’s a terrible idea, and the nuances of the murky gray areas of these big life choices. 1:56 Here is when quitting a job is not a good idea, but Chris did anyway 4:57 Everything is either a...


What Would the Founding Fathers Say About America Today If They Came Back to Life?

In a free-wheeling conversation, Chris and Doug speculate about what the Founding Fathers would have to say about America in 2019. They cover a wide range of topics, attempting to put themselves in the shoes of the Founding Fathers. You may or may not agree with their conclusions, but it will be hard to prove them wrong -- unless you can produce an original Founding Father or two. 3:28 What would almost certainly disappoint them 7:16 Constitutional amendments 8:30 Social media 9:30 The...


Is Failure More Interesting Than Success?

We all experience failure, unless we attempt nothing and live in a cave. Certainly, Chris and Doug between them have had their share of less-than-optimal outcomes – divorce, missing payroll, losing a job, not finishing a grad degree, and even crashing at the end of marathons. Since we all experience failure, getting through life is more about how to move on when things haven’t gone as planned. In other words, how to get back up when life knocks you down. 1:01 Why failure is more...


Is Nostalgia a Good Thing?

Especially as we get older, we tend to feel nostalgic for the past – often conveniently forgetting painful and even traumatic moments. How do we think about our history and past experiences in useful and productive ways, yet still change and grow? In what ways is nostalgia useful to sorting out our lives and moving forward, and in what ways is it counterproductive? In this debut episode of The Big Life Questions Show, cohosts Doug Schneider and Chris Nerney explore the pros and cons of...