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A Philosopher and a Scientist engage each other and Ideas.

A Philosopher and a Scientist engage each other and Ideas.


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A Philosopher and a Scientist engage each other and Ideas.








E40: Maniraptoran Gravy -The Dinosaur Episode

Tastes like chicken! What does? Dinosaurs… Happy Harrahdays, -Dawdlers


E39: We Don't Need No Stinking Badges - Whitehead on Laws of Nature

Metaphysical outlaws? Does our universe operate according to some set or other of fixed, eternal rules? Enforced by whom/what? Could these "laws" themselves "evolve"? This week the Dawdlers consider some lawlike generalizations from Alfred North Whitehead's book Adventures of Ideas where he presents a quadruple of suggestions for how "laws" might function metaphysically, and how various influential thinkers have developed this concept family historically.


E38: Cognitive Combinatorialism - What Makes Humans Special?

What makes humans special? Is it language? Culture? Throwing? Semiotics? Impossible burgers? Ryan thinks it’s the extent to which we combine ("meat", cheese, bun - see!?). In this episode we Dawdlers discuss this in this “short long” and will perhaps revisit it again sometime. Join hands and feel our infinite combinatorial power, people! -The Dawdlers ~~~ 00:01:13 – Ryan’s deep passions // A way in // Physics and the humanities and nothing in between!!! 00:06:58 – Without further...


E37: The Memory of an Old Idea No One Ever Had - Derrida's Hauntology

To be or not to be, that’s the question, isn’t it? In this episode, we Dawdlers discuss Jacques Derrida’s idea “Hauntology.” Not an easy philosopher to understand, we do our best to work out what spooks a Frenchman. In the end, this was but a first foray into the thoughts of an intellect that dealt in as much enigma as he did in misunderstanding. Happy Halloween you cavity-riddled chompers! -Dawds P.s. Be warned, there’s some narration in this one. ~~~ 00:03:40 – First narration...


E36: The Man on the Street - A Definition of 'Definition'

In this episode Harland engages in some more of that pesky normative semantics and proposes a new definition of the word 'definition' (n): a paraphrastic replacement function. Huh? Well then he defines all those words too! The primary intent is to provide a pragmatically, anthropologically useful interpretation of current usage while not relying on a putatively unsupportable definition that includes notions like 'meaning' or 'speaker intentions', or other conceptual frameworks that...


Shorts - E23: Discordianism

Fnord. This week the Dawdler's dip a toe into the wild and wacky world of parody religion and spread a few memes and participate in their small way to the Pan-Pontification Project. Duck! Here comes a golden apple, thrown into our little party. Let's not fight over it, k? ~The Dawds The Principia Discordia Online:


Shorts - E22: Self-Evidence

Do we need to explain to you what breathing is? It's obvious. The evidence is in the doing. Or is it? In this Short, we discuss Harland's disdain for the phrase and its strange loopiness. Song: Can't Get Used To Losing You Artist: Andy Williams


E35: An Irenic Kind of Fellow - A Discussion on Illusionism with Keith Frankish

A first for the Dawdlers, they speak to a third person. No longer are they experiencing what it’s like to be a duo. Keith Frankish is here to tell them their duality is but a mere illusion and he is the proof! Something like that. Enjoy their conversation with Dr. Frankish as Harland and Keith plumb the depths of their degrees of eliminitivism on consciousness. Song: Ritual of a Take Artist: Fresh Cut Orchestra


E34: More Vice Than Virtue – Nelson Goodman’s Fake News

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose… Been a bit, but the Dawdlers are back. And, yes, things change but we’re still the same ol’ Dawdlers. Yer welcome. This week enjoy our exploration of some mind bending philosophical musings from philosopher Nelson Goodman. Ryan thinks a scientific orientation can help. Harland thinks philosophy can find more problems for him. Nelson thinks these are just versions. 00:02:00 – Introduction to the topic // Equations grazing in a field //...


Shorts - E21: Personal Accountability

“To remain the same in function, animals must change their form.” - Stephen Jay Gould, 1979 Gould wrote the quote above a couple times in different articles. Ryan likes it because he thinks it can apply to systems in general. Thus, to remain the same in function, systems should change their structure provided there are changes in their throughput. In organisms this happens with changes in scale. To get bigger and taller on Earth’s surface, an animal’s legs must also get thicker....


E33: Massimo Pigliucci's Hard Problems - Multi-Level Selection & Cultural Evolution

Times change and the recent past can sometimes become obsolete as the gaze of the mainstream world focuses on its new moment. But it wasn’t long ago when Richard Dawkins was calling for “militant atheism” and Dubya Bush stood on an aircraft carrier in front of a banner that read “Mission Accomplished”. Heck, there was a time when the 90’s did a collective eye roll at the 80’s. Tigers once roamed Ireland’s economy and it was *Columbia* that was unstable while Venezuela was a working...


Shorts - E19: Repeatability in Science

Everything is unique, yet almost everything is ignored. Herein may lie the crux of history as we fashion it for our purposes. Repeatability is a most productive bias.


Shorts - E18: Depression

Life may be meaningless, but is it hopeless? This week the Dawdlers do a little Short on depression. Don't?...enjoy this?


E32: Anatol Rapoport's Man-Made Conflicts - General Systems Theory

This week the Dawdler's take a step back from the previous weeks and dig down behind to examine an example of a general conceptual framework for thinking about systems, identity, and conflict - evolution, memes, and perspectivism; while they examine Anatol Rapoport's 1974 book Conflict in Man-Made Environment.


E31: The Helm of the Mutineers - On Sociopolitical Revolutions

There’s a poem by Portia Nelson called “There’s a hole in my sidewalk”. In it, she keeps going down the street, falls in the hole in the sidewalk, and struggles to get out. The poem is about repeating patterns that ultimately hurt you. The punchline? Walk down another street. In this episode, we Dawds discuss sociopolitical revolutions and the effectiveness of protests and movements that hope to precede them. We meander through various texts and ideas that have come about from the study of...


E30: The Imbalance of the Century - Zizek v. Peterson

Who's interested in current events!? This week, the Dawdlers talk about the Slavoj Zizek/Jordan B. Peterson "debate": Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism. ...and there's not much else to say! So, declaw your lobsters and have a listen!


Shorts - E17: Life is Meaningless

Do you laugh in the face of the abyss? Or do you sob uncontrollably? Either way, it doesn't matter you tiny speck of nothing! In this Short, the Dawdlers use Thomas Nagel's 1971 paper "The Absurd" as a guide for a discussion of the meaning of life (or something like that). Enjoy the discussion or cry yourself to sleep while listening. It doesn't matter. Nothing does!! -Ye olde Dawdlers


Shorts - E16: The Good Life

One way or many ways or any ways... Is there a recipe to live The Good Life?


Shorts - E15: Health

What's a healthy podcast release schedule? We sure don't know but are trying to figure it out!