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Hosted by Corey Easterday, The EasterPod offers up guests, insights & topics that entertain, inspire & help you aspire to engage the world in a creative & hopeful manner.

Hosted by Corey Easterday, The EasterPod offers up guests, insights & topics that entertain, inspire & help you aspire to engage the world in a creative & hopeful manner.


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Hosted by Corey Easterday, The EasterPod offers up guests, insights & topics that entertain, inspire & help you aspire to engage the world in a creative & hopeful manner.




21. Your Voice Matters w/ Andy Goh

Owner & Founder of GohJo Studios Andy Goh joins host Corey Easterday to discuss his love of podcasting, the vision behind GohJo Studios, podcasting trends, how he works to empower podcasters, and the advice Andy would give to anyone looking to start a podcast. Corey & Andy also chat about Andy’s recent cross-country road trip, favorite TV shows, & why every person’s voice matters. Follow Andy Goh on Instagram & Twitter . Follow GohJo Studios on Instagram. Learn more about GohJo Studios:...


20. Days Under Sun w/ Tecoby Hines

Artist, Musician, & Owner of Days Under Sun Coffee Tecoby Hines joins host Corey Easterday to discuss a shared love of music & coffee, the themes prevalent throughout his latest album “Days Under Sun”, & the vision behind Days Under Sun Coffee. Corey & Tecoby also chat about the NBA, what it was like on Tecoby’s latest tour, & the role of faith & community in everything that Tecoby creates. Follow Tecoby Hines on Instagram & Twitter (@nahitstecoby). Follow Days Under Sun Coffee on Instagram...


19. Being An Advocate, Engaging With The Community, Packing Your Gear Not Your Fear, & Never Not Working w/ Keith Cradle

Dr. Keith Cradle is a Community Engagement Specialist, Cultural Arts Advocate, Podcast Host, Executive Director of Camping With Cradle, & more. He joins host Corey Easterday to discuss the various ways he works to empower, engage with, & advocate for people in the Charlotte community, including his nonprofit Camping With Cradle & his podcast Crafted With Cradle. Corey & Keith also chat about mutual pop culture loves, how Charlotte can grow into a more equitable place for all, & the...


18. Practicing Resilience, Learning How To Innovate, & The Joy Of Collaboration w/ Megan Easterday

Megan Easterday makes her triumphant return to The EasterPod! She joins her husband and host Corey Easterday to discuss working as a business owner & photographer with Easterday Creative, practicing self-care & resilience, & learning how to innovate as a creative. Megan also talks about the joy of working with her clients & collaborating, becoming more ingrained in the Charlotte community, & why her ultimate goal is to empower each individual she captures through her lens. Follow Easterday...


17. Focusing On Self-Love & Mental Health w/ Lauren Dow

Author & Mental Health Advocate Lauren Dow joins host Corey Easterday to discuss her latest book “In Body I Trust”, the process of creating it, & her desire for people to experience authentic self-love, know they are not alone, & find hope, community, & resources through her work. Lauren also talks about being diagnosed with an eating disorder, her personal experience with mental health, & her journey on the road to recovery while advocating for others who suffer in silence from mental...


16. Learning How To Move “Foreward” w/ Taylor Fraser

Taylor Fraser is the Writer & Director of the new audio drama podcast “Foreward”, which chronicles one family’s story after the tragedy of a school shooting. She joins host Corey Easterday to discuss the process of creating “Foreward” alongside her team, the real life events she experienced that inspired the podcast, how she has been able to heal from her own trauma, & her hopes for the positive impact “Foreward” will have on its listeners. Listen & Subscribe to “Foreward” on Apple, Spotify,...


15. Creating A Church For All People w/ James Talbert

Lead Pastor of Citizens Akron James Talbert joins host Corey Easterday to discuss being a church committed to ethnic & generational diversity, the process of planting Citizens, how their community has evolved, & why Citizens makes it a priority to engage in the development of their local neighborhood. The two also have an honest & vulnerable conversation about James’s perspective on issues of race & systemic injustice, including his thoughts on how we can all be a part of combating racism &...


14. Exploring The Music & Themes of Speak Seldom w/ Cory Heddleston

Cory Heddleston is the Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Keyboard Player, & Songwriter for the band Speak Seldom. He joins host Corey Easterday to discuss Speak Seldom's latest single “Sanity”, the process that went into making it, & how Cory’s personal journey has inspired the music he’s created through Speak Seldom. The two also catch up on life & dive into their personal experiences regarding mental health, faith, playing music, & more. Check out Speak Seldom’s latest single “Sanity” & listen to...


13. Giving Hope Daily w/ Emmanuel & Adrienne Threatt

Co-Founders of Hope Vibes & local solution cultivators Emmanuel & Adrienne Threatt join host Corey Easterday to discuss their work advocating for the homeless community in Charlotte, what it means to “Give Hope Daily”, & why they are committed to finding creative solutions for those in need. Emmanuel & Adrienne also share their perspective & thoughts on the systemic racial issues our country is working through, including the importance of education & ways we can work together to create...


12. The Love Of The Game, A Commitment To Giving Back, & Learning Soccer From Coach Brad w/ Brad Stuver

Goalkeeper for New York City FC Brad Stuver joins host Corey Easterday to discuss life as a pro-athlete right now, why he loves playing soccer, & the commitment he & his wife Ashley have to giving back & helping others wherever they live. Brad also shares important observations & life lessons he has learned through being a player, his work as a coach, & his dedication to community outreach. Plus, Corey receives a much needed education about the game of soccer from none other than Coach Brad...


11. Breaking Down “The Last Dance” & The 2020 NFL Draft w/ Brent Barger

Host Corey Easterday is joined by longtime friend & fellow sports nerd Brent Barger to break down their thoughts on the new Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” including the comparison between eras, Jordan’s “G.O.A.T” status, new revelations & the human side of Jordan. Then, the two dive into their reactions from the 2020 NFL Draft including an improved outlook for the AFC North, what to make of a stacked skill position draft & the most surprising moments from Round 1. Follow The...


10. Empowering Clients & Building A Thriving Photography Business w/ Jude Anderson

Owner & Photographer at LovelyInk Creative Jude Anderson joins host Corey Easterday to discuss her passion for Boudoir Photography & using it as a vehicle to empower clients & build community, her journey to becoming a full time entrepreneur & how opening a studio has transformed her business. The two also chat about Corey’s dad humor, their go-to drinks & creating a great customer experience. Plus, Corey brings back two favorite segments to discuss The Last Dance, the XFL & what he’s...


9. Dealing Hope & Doing What You Can w/ Jason Sowell

Founder, President & CEO of Current Initiatives Jason Sowell joins host Corey Easterday to discuss the organization’s evolution, how Current has adapted its Laundry Project initiative to help families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, what it means to be a Hope Dealer & more. Jason also draws from his experience to offer up some inspiring wisdom & perspective on why it’s important to do what you can to help others & how anyone can be a Hope Dealer in their own community. Follow Current...


8. Cleveland Sports Spectacular, Favorite Game Memories, & Working In Sports Media w/ Jordan Zirm

Social Editor for The Checkdown Jordan Zirm joins host Corey Easterday for a Cleveland Sports Spectacular where he gives his assessment of the Browns offseason moves & how they fit into the plan for the ‘20-’21 season, discusses the development of the Cavs roster, & more. Jordan also chronicles his journey working in sports media, shares some great advice, & the two take turns reliving their favorite in-person game memories. Plus, as instructed by podcast law, we talk about Tiger...


7. Building Healthy Leaders, Working On Our Personal Growth, & Learning From Fear & Failure w/ Suzi Lantz

Senior Consultant with GiANT Suzi Lantz joins host Corey Easterday to chat about her role as a leadership coach working with leaders across a variety of industries, what being a healthy leader looks like, & why it’s so important to “Know Yourself to Lead Yourself.” Suzi also shares a few of the tools & resources GiANT uses to coach leaders & the two have an in-depth discussion about learning from our fears & failures. Plus, Corey overflows with delight as he ranks his Top 10 Episodes of “The...


6. Revitalization, Resisting Empire, & A Long, Storied Friendship w/ Wess Daniels

William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center & Quaker Studies at Guilford College C. Wess Daniels joins host Corey Easterday to discuss their storied friendship, Wess’s book “Resisting Empire: The Book of Revelation'', his passion for revitalization work, & what an individual's faith in God & relationship with the Church can look like in 2020. Wess also talks about his coffee company - Fireweed Coffee Co. - & describes what Corey was like as a middle schooler when *spoiler alert* Wess...


5. You Are Not Alone

In light of current world events, host Corey Easterday discusses his experience with depression & anxiety while offering up encouragement, resources, & examples of people staying connected during this time of social-distancing. It’s all tied together by a simple message: You are not alone. Follow The EasterPod on Instagram & Twitter (@theeasterpod). Like The EasterPod on Facebook. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Helpline: 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) National Suicide Prevention...


4. NFL Combine, 2020 Rookie Class, The BDL, & Pursuing Your Dreams w/ Garret Price

Garret Price of Dynasty Nerds & the Dynasty Rewind podcast joins host Corey Easterday to discuss his experience as a first time media member at the NFL Combine, players he is excited about in this year’s rookie class, the famed Brotherhood Dynasty League, & his personal journey to becoming a Fantasy Football Analyst. Garret also shares some pretty inspiring thoughts about pursuing your dreams. Plus, Corey examines how Fantasy Football can bring people together & talks about the work of...


3. Film & Whiskey w/ Bob Book

Bob Book of the Film & Whiskey podcast joins Corey to discuss the different movies and whiskeys he and his co-host Brad Gee have reviewed over the course of their podcast. Bob also shares some of his favorite movies, his take on The Oscars, podcasting tips, and his expertise on all things whiskey related. Plus, Corey introduces another cheesy wordplay segment. Will he ever run out of Easter-related puns? Tune in to find out! Follow Film & Whiskey on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. Listen to...


2. Easter Eggs, Easter Island, Easterday Creative, & The EasterLady w/ Megan Easterday

On this very special episode of The EasterPod, Corey is joined by his wife Megan to discuss their business, Easterday Creative, and Megan’s journey as a photographer, business owner, traveler, and creative. Plus, we introduce two brand new segments that may or may not stick around, have nothing to do with Easter, and are mostly an excuse for Corey to discuss TV, Sports, and (not so hidden) facts about The EasterPod. Follow Easterday Creative on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. Learn More:...