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The Final Percent is the hidden factor to achieving the best part of life.

The Final Percent is the hidden factor to achieving the best part of life.


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The Final Percent is the hidden factor to achieving the best part of life.




The Power of Association with Sharon Lechter

Ep. 112 At the end of my speaking tour, I had the honor and privilege of sitting down with Sharon Lechter, co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, in her home. We discussed life, business, and what’s next for Sharon as she prepares for the release of her upcoming book, Exit Rich.


Creating Positive Momentum with Dr. JC Doornick

Ep. 111 In this episode I interview Dr. JC Doornick, a wildly successful health and business coach based in New York. In today's climate, it may seem difficult to make progress in life but we discuss why opportunities are actually more abundant than ever and how you can use this time to create momentum in your life on a massive scale.


Living the High Life with the Mack Twins

In this episode I interview the dynamic, high energy duo affectionately named the Mack Twins. Ian and Evan Macklin are forces in their industry and give incredible insight into sales, living life, business, and working together as a team.


Interview with Top American Idol Contestant David Hernandez

In this episode I interview top American Idol contestant and long time friend David Hernandez. We discuss the evolution of the music industry while taking a trip down memory lane and there MAY even be a little singing involved. Take a listen!


Mindset Shift Featuring Cayla Kimble

Ep. 108 Today I got the chance to sit down with my partner in business and in life, my wife Cayla Kimble. Just like any other business in the midst of the pandemic, we have had negative thoughts about our future and have been afraid to navigate this uncharted territory we are operating in. There is still a sense of uncertainty in the air around the world today, but my wife has done an incredible job shifting her mindset throughout this entire ordeal in order to remain in check and continue...


Do It Anyway: Revisited

Ep. 107 This concept has been a major staple with my clients and I believe its purpose holds true now more than ever. With society having more time at home on their hands to choose to pursue new things, new hobbies, new ideas, and new directions with their lives, there is absolutely no excuse we can use of "I don't have time." If you want to make something happen for yourself and you have the choice to make of whether you move forward on it today, don't make an excuse, just DO IT ANYWAY....


Community Featuring Drew Dugan

Ep. 106 Today I sat down with my good friend Drew Dugan to get his perspective on the recent COVID-19 crisis at hand and what changes he expects the world to make to pivot into a more virtual reality. Society has been violently shoved into preparation for the future of every business operating on a different playing field. The most important thing we can do to prepare for this shift is unite the communities surrounding us and set the precedent for the generations to come.


No Instruction Manual

Ep. 105 No matter what anyone claims, there is no "instruction manual" for how to go about your life. The fact that we live in such a judgmental world, especially in a time where the world needs to unite now more than ever, is the real "unprecedented" issue that we need to shed light on. Spreading negativity constantly will not solve any of our problems and yes, I'm aware there are a lot of problems on our plates right now. In this uncertain time, I encourage you all to approach every...


Find Joy

Ep. 104 How do you quantify your happiness amidst today’s heightened climate of the COVID-19 crisis? It’s all a matter of your perspective. I’ve chosen to begin seeking the feeling of “joy” as we navigate how to experience happiness. What was your “pure joy” moment you remember most from your childhood? What were the contributing factors to that moment? With the craziness surrounding society right now, it is crucial for us to find the same aspects of our “pure joy” moments in our everyday...


House of Cards

Ep. 103 We're back today in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic happening in our country, discussing the major flaws in the current business models companies are operating within. So many of the businesses that have fallen because of this crisis have only fallen because of the 'house of cards' their systems and processes were built on. Now is the perfect opportunity to create something NEW and sustainable instead of trying to FIX what was previously developed.



Ep. 102 The word of the day today is "Opporchancity." In this tumultuous time in the world, we need to take a chance on the opportunities we have been given. Now more than ever, we are constantly grasping for certainty. The world as we know it is actively forcing us to slow down and take some time to take chances on the opportunities we still have available at our fingertips. Take the chance on true connection with others and appreciate the time we have been given! This is your OPPORTUNITY...



Ep. 101 With the overwhelming effects of the recent coronavirus pandemic our country is facing today, we are living in an uncertain, ever-changing, UNPRECEDENTED time. In times of great adversity always comes great growth. In today's episode, I want to explore what is possible on the positive side of this tumultuous event and how to overcome the negatives to truly BEcome who we are meant to be at the end of all of this.


Pillars to Live By Featuring Doug Wood

Ep. 100 My team and I recently traveled on a cruise to The Bahamas to partake in Coach Burt's Monster Luxury Cruise as a featured speaker. Along the way I got to catch up with some of my favorite people in the industry, including The REAL Doug Wood! Doug and I explore some of the biggest and most impactful habits, life lessons, and concepts that have helped us both achieve our exponential parts of life and discuss how these principles can also help you explore the final percent in YOUR...


"Say Yes" Featuring Jay Palmer

Ep. 99 In the busyness of this holiday season, I was very grateful to have gotten the chance to catch one of my good friends in business, Mr. Jay Palmer, on the phone to interview him on some of his best strategies that have helped him build the empire he has today. If you don't know of Jay, he owns 9 different locations of Floyd's Barbershop throughout the Colorado area and is on the verge of so much more in the coming years. One of the biggest principles he has led his company by is the...


The Final Percent: Revisited

Ep. 98 It's Final Percent Friday and I wanted to sit down today to go back in time and remind everyone how the concept surrounding "The Final Percent" got its start in the first place. Take a ride down memory lane with me as we reflect on these past few years with TFP as well as take a look into the future for the brand and our incredible community of TFP members. The Final Percent is the exponential part of life and I encourage you all to explore your full potential with me in the New...



Ep. 97 Today I took a deep dive into the concept surrounding our society that is "influence." We all want to influence people's lives, influence people's patterns, influence people's opinions, influence, influence, influence... but really what we are looking for is control. Instead of trying to influence someone's decision, we are actually looking to control their decision or the outcome of a situation that stems from a lack of control in our own lives. The best way to be truly be...


How Do You Occur?

Ep. 96 The word that has been circulating my family and my team lately is the word "occur." How do you occur for other people? In most cases, we are trying to occur for other people as "perfect" or "we have it all together" either in person or on social media and this behavior has become addicting to our society. The real root of the problem is this: when the cameras are off and your are alone throughout your day left to your own decisions, how do you "occur" for yourself? The thought...


Do It Anyway

Ep. 95 In a recent sales seminar, I was asked to share one of my best pieces of advice for closing and I had to say the "Do it Anyway" concept. People tend to get very wrapped up in their own heads trying to make sure they are taking all factors into account when making their decision. This concept can not only be applied in the closing of a sale, but also regular day-to-day decisions. I applied this concept in recording this podcast for you all today and I hope you can apply it in your own...


What is Your Wake Up Call?

Ep. 94 As many of you may not know, my family went into this Thanksgiving holiday a bit on edge this year as my niece was hospitalized with a life-threatening diagnosis. We were originally told that she may not make it or may be in an unstable condition for up to a year of recovery. In this time of remorse and emotional highs, my unorthodox family came together in ways we haven't before - forgiving, forgetting, letting things go, and rallying around one another in support of my niece. The...


Colorado Impactor Series Featuring Brian Watson

Ep. 93 In the first episode of our "Colorado Impactors" series, I got to sit down with my good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Brian Watson. Brian has worked as a commercial real estate owner and is the founder and CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners. He built his legacy by standing firm in his faith, working to create new opportunities in his community, and rallying around his team in times of undeniable adversity. Brian Watson is a true world-class leader, author, and politician in his...