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Freeman has lectured around the world and unveils the inner-workings of secret societies. Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity.

Freeman has lectured around the world and unveils the inner-workings of secret societies. Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity.


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Freeman has lectured around the world and unveils the inner-workings of secret societies. Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity.






When Did You Wake Up? – Emily Moyer

"People always ask the question 'When did you wake up?' When I think about it, the truth is that I was always kind of awake. While I didn’t always know the all of the details of the conspiracy, the level of mind control or the gravity of the situation we are in, I did know […]


A Time For Hope – Foster Gamble

This is the time of our greatest hope for humanity. Never before have we understood more about what we don't want and what we would like to be. We face a critical fork in the road, menticide or our imaginal selves. The power of hope lies in creative play.What you believe is possible is controlled […]


The Bigger Picture – Robert Phoenix

You’ll find out where your healing expertise lies and how you are best suited to work with others once you’ve integrated the duality of form and freedom. Learn the requirements of the surrounding culture and acquire values and behaviors appropriate or necessary in that culture. As part of this process, the influences that limit, direct, […]


Can You Prove That This Virus Exists? – Andrew Kaufman MD | Shepard Ambellas

Is there really any difference between the pandemic and Project Blue Beam? What do we really have to go on? Some fuzzy pictures and no physical evidence and the entire planet locks down. What did they do to prove a virus? Collect bronchoalvelolar (lung) fluid and other samples. Find and separate genetic material from the […]


Genetic Engineering – Perry Marshall

Where did the code for life come from? It is time for a synthesis of Creation and Random Mutation. Life has a purpose. Mankind has begun to tinker with the genetic code. How long until we beg the question, what have we done!? How smart is a cell. What lengths will a cell go to […]


The Plot – Joe Atwill

When Joe and I spoke two years ago, the news was the first launch of Starlink by Space X, a collection of satellites set to bring wifi across the globe, the birth of the first genetically-modified children, Lulu and Nanna and the ramping up of the Space Force. Last year's news was the launch of […]


Way of the Warrior – Stefan Verstappen

Tyrannies throughout history have a repeated pattern of doing everything they can to eliminate warriors from their populations. How do we shift the paradigm and stand in the face of the evil of Empire? This is a guide to the Way of the Warrior. Do you have the strength of character to step out your […]


Recipe For Hell On Earth – Gary Wayne

Begin with Patent WO2020060606 and create a body activity cryptocurrency. Add a Digital Twin with an In-Silico Child's Brain and A.I using Synthetic DNA Storage. Combine with a Human by adding Graphene Oxide and CRISPR Technologies. Then, sprinkle with Smart Dust and you have the perfect recipe for Hell On Earth. Sit back with your […]


Simulation Is Hypocrisy – Chance Garton

Years before NASA showed the moon landing, Star Trek was setting the stage with episodes dealing with The Eugenics Wars and The Return of the Archons. The idea of being placed into a computer simulation or altering your genetics is a tale that runs as far back as the origins of Gnosticism. These thought have […]


Dallas In Wonderland – Ryan Page

As USA Today reveals it's inaugural NFT inspired by the first newspaper delivered to space in 1971, we still ask the question, did man land on the moon? How long have Deep Fakes been a reality? Was Zapruder's footage of John F. Kennedy's assassination altered? Was Stanley Kubrick behind the moon landing camera lens? Our […]


A Map of Evil – Dylan Monroe

"Freemasonry is far too serious a matter for any man to assume its villainous obligations without due reflection...bound by the cable tow of Satan to the altar of Baal, there is no place for after repentance." Mah-Hah-Bone Edmond Ronayne Past Master 1879 "To overcome these dark magicians who have held our world hostage for centuries, […]


The Greater Reset – Rosa Koire

The idea of the New World Order has been around for decades. Every dictator yearned for it but, only now has the technology caught up with the desire to rule the world. We have seen fires in the Amazon, across California, and killing 1 billion animals in Australia. How do you herd people into human […]


Do You Have Rights? – Alphonse Faggiolo

What do you do when the Law comes for you? Are you a citizen? Do they have jurisdiction over you? Do you become a defendant or go on the attack? Should you call an attorney? Do you know the Rules of Professional Conduct? How about Title 18 Criminal Codes? Do you have rights? We are […]


The Science of Transmutation – Benjamin Balderson

Are you a Global Citizen or an eminent threat to humanity? How can we see an elevated view of reality that will guide us to transmutation? Is your energy going in the direction you desire? Let's find the salts of salvation. How's your garden growing? Are you keeping up on your storables? The world is […]


Saturn Death Cult – Troy McLachlan

What type of person belongs to the Saturn Death Cult? Could Prince Phillip's comments to charity ladies be any indication? When billionaires like Hilton and Rothchild get married can we see this cult's obsession with the "Golden Age"? Troy McLachlan lays out how the ancient past laid the foundation for a group of greedy slave […]


Culture Shock – Chris Knowles

Why do so many of us still walk around believing the ridiculous lies hammered into our heads by the media and the education system? Has it occurred to Joe or Jane Q. Average that everything they’ve been conditioned to believe has been deliberately engineered to disempower them? That it’s all been specifically designed to limit […]


Floating Abstraction – Lindsey Scharmyn

How do we start moving from the shadows to light? Can you take it light right now? Or is it abuse and trauma as a path to wholeness? What Entity is attached to our leaders and how do we escape an A.I. driven totalitarian state? The educational system is a horror. Seeing all that is […]


Apocalypse To Freedom – Howdie Mickoski

Most of history is a made up story written by the winner but, the depth of the lie was somewhat still hidden from us. Dive down Alice’s rabbit hole even farther. History is so far beyond a lie as to be shocking. Even the last 50 years is somewhat of a lie, 50-100 years back […]


Illuminati Unmasked – Johnny Cirucci

Is the Vatican in contact with malignant inter-dimesional beings? What are new technologies like CERN and EISCAT doing, opening portals to the Dark Side? Jesuits seek Goldilocks Planets with the help of LUCIFER. Jesuit Guy Consolmagno, lead astronomer for the Vatican, stated “Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a […]


Occult Liverpool – Darren Williams

At a sculpture park in Oslo, Gustav Vigeland's art in bronze, granite and iron are Reptilian pedophiles hidden in plain sight! The sculptures in the park, a tribute to the complexity of humankind, are centered around The Monolith. Carved out of a gigantic stone block, it is the highest point in Vigeland Park and depicts […]