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Ep. 25 The Problem of Evil (Part 1)

After hearing a bunch of arguments FOR God’s existence, it’s important to understand what the other side has to offer in terms of arguments AGAINST God’s existence. Most of the time, this boils down to the problem of evil, without a doubt one of the toughest questions for the Christian to answer. However, it is not without an answer, as Tim explains throughout this episode. The problem of evil seems fairly intimidating at first, but I think it can be answered fairly well through the use...


Ep. 24 Mikel del Rosario Talks Apologetics, Jesus' Divinity, and Stryper

Today we are lucky to be joined by Mikel del Rosario, “the apologetics guy.” I use quotes not in jest but because that’s literally how he is known in the apologetics community. So you know he’s got some great things to say! In this episode, we talk about how he first became interested in apologetics, his work with Darrell Bock at the Hendricks Center, and the divine claims of Jesus. Not only that, but you’ll hear how Tim and Mikel met through their mutual love of the band Stryper! If...


Ep. 23 More Objections to Molinism

Finally, we’re at the last episode on Molinism (although we certainly will be dealing with it in many future episodes). In this episode, Tim and I interact with one of the most common objections to Molinism: the grounding objection. Many opponents of Molinism feel as though this quite a strong argument against Molinism, but Tim and I don’t really feel its force. In fact, as Tim shows in this episode, if the grounding objection were to be a good objection, then it follows logically that...


Ep. 22 Objections to Molinism

Now that you know what Molinism is, we need to make sure that it is true! After all, a doctrine isn’t true simply because it is useful in explaining many things. In this episode, we begin to tackle some of the more common objections to Molinism. Tim gives several helpful analogies that are useful to assuage any concerns that on this view, God still causally determines what we free creatures do. The analogies he gives have really helped me to articulate this doctrine in a much clearer...


Ep. 21 Why Christians Shouldn't Care About Religious Liberty

We thought we’d take some time to talk about the big issues dealing with religious liberty in today’s tense climate. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the issue of the man fired from Crossfit for his tweet about Pride, and the baker from Colorado who was sued for not baking a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. Both of these issues illustrate some points about religious liberty that Tim and I wanted to highlight. I think you’ll find our perspectives fairly unique and interesting, even if...


Ep. 20 Molinism (Part 2)

We’re back with another episode on Molinism! In this episode, Tim and I explain why the term “middle knowledge” is named as it is, as well as providing some more clarification on topics discussed in the previous episode. It’s another action-packed and interesting episode of the Freethinking Podcast! One of my favorite things when talking about Molinism is to see the other person’s face light up once they finally understand this deep and sophisticated doctrine. Unfortunately, that’s not...


Ep. 19 Molinism (Part 1)

You’ve heard us talk about it quite a bit in previous episodes, so we thought it might be a good idea to explain just what Molinism actually is. Tim is one of the leading experts on Molinism, so you’ll be getting a “Molinism education” from one of the best. But don’t worry, if you don’t understand it right away, we’ve got a few more episodes coming out dealing with Molinism. The doctrine of middle knowledge is an incredibly fruitful doctrine that lends itself and can help explain many...


Ep. 18 A Manic Attack on the Freethinking Argument (Part 3)

We’re finishing up the objections posed by the Messianic Manic on this week’s episode. Safe to say, the Freethinking Argument has survived this manic attack unscathed and stronger for it. This has been a fun series to do. Even though the quality of objection wasn’t terribly high, I think it’s important to publicly show the objections for what they are. Sometimes, people can get discourage by the mere presence of an objection regardless of how powerful it is. Hopefully this video will help...


Ep. 17 A Manic Attack on the Freethinking Argument (Part 2)

We’re continuing our series responding to the Messianic Manic’s objections to the Freethinking Argument. This episode deals with what is probably the most substantive objection he raises, so we deal with it accordingly. Be prepared, this episode is fairly intense in terms of its philosophical content, but if you’ve listened to our other episodes on the Freethinking Argument, you’ll be just fine. Don’t forget to continue to share the show. We want to be able to reach more people with...


Ep. 16 A Manic Attack On the Freethinking Argument (Part 1)

I know we just talked about the Freethinking Argument a couple of episodes ago, but there’s been a video making the rounds claiming to have debunked the argument. If you know Tim, he’s not going to let that slide! In this episode, we interact with a YouTube video from a guy named the Messianic Manic. Needless to say, Tim doesn’t let him off the hook! Hopefully, by the end of the podcast you’ll see that these objections simply don’t carry much weight. They’re all based on...


Bonus Ep. 13 Brian Abasciano Responds to James White on John 3:16

We have a special bonus episode for you guys on Sunday, something that’s a little more “inside baseball” than usual. Today we have Brian Abasciano, a pastor, adjunct professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and President of the Society of Evangelical Arminians on the show with us. He responds to James White on his comments regarding whether or not the word “whoever” appears in John 3:16 in the original Greek. Brian has written an article on this very topic which...


Ep. 11 The Moral Argument (Part 4)

Finally, we’re finishing up the moral argument for God’s existence. In this episode, we talk about the second premise and conclusion, primarily focusing on defending the existence of objective moral values and duties. This premise isn’t one that is typically denied, but it’s a good idea to know how to respond to some objections. Very few people deny the objectivity of moral values and duties. It would mean things like the horrors committed by Joseph Stalin and the communists were not...


Ep. 10 The Moral Argument (Part 3)

This is turning into quite the series of episodes! We’re finishing up this week with our interactions with Erik Wielenberg’s proposed model for accommodating objective morality on an atheistic worldview. One of the points Tim mentions is that, on Wielenberg’s view, even if successful, morality doesn’t seem to matter! Sure, perhaps his model can accommodate objective morality (though we wouldn’t even go that far), but there’s no “or else” that makes these proposed “ethical facts” have any...


Ep. 9 The Moral Argument (Part 2)

We’re back with the second episode discussing the moral argument for God’s existence. Tim deals with a specific objection posed by Erik Wielenberg to the first premise of this argument. Wielenberg is an atheist philosopher at Depauw University, and he purports to have a model by which the atheist can hold to objective morality. Needless to say, this episode was quite interesting! The objection we talked about in this episode isn’t one you’re likely to come across in 95% of your everyday...


Ep. 8 The Moral Argument (Part 1)

The Moral Argument for God’s existence is one of the most powerful that the Christian has. Tim and I begin discussion of the first premise of the argument in this episode. We talk about Sam Harris’ attempt to ground objective morality in human flourishing and conclude that this attempt is unsuccessful. The great thing about this type of argument is that it’s quite simple to learn how to defend. Most people have some sort of intuition about morality, and thus it’s easy to find a common...


Ep. 7 The Kalam Cosmological Argument (Part 3)

Finally, we’ve reached the conclusion of the Kalam cosmological argument. This is Tim’s favorite part, as there is so much we can learn about God merely from the conclusion that the universe has a cause. Tim walks you through all of the characteristics of the cause of the universe, which is like discovering God! The Kalam is such a simple and powerful argument for God’s existence. It may seem rather insignificant at first, but after one understands what exactly the cause of the universe...


Ep. 6 The Kalam Cosmological Argument (Part 2)

Listen closely to this one, as it’s very easy to get lost while defending the second premise of the Kalam. Fortunately for you, Tim takes you through exactly what you need to know for 95% of all of your interactions using this argument. This premise of the Kalam is a tough one for me to defend, as I am not very good with a lot of the science that is talked about in support of it. But what I love about this argument is that, we, as Christians, are arguing in the same way as the mainstream...


Ep. 5 The Kalam Cosmological Argument (Part 1)

Yes, it’s the Kalam cosmological argument this week! It’s one of the simplest and most powerful arguments we as Christians can use. It also happens to be one of Tim’s “Mount Rushmore” arguments, so it’s definitely an important one to understand and have in your toolbelt. Tim gives a fairly comprehensive defense of the first premise in this episode. He takes you through most of the objections you might hear when running this argument, so you will be well prepared to defend your faith using...


Ep. 4 The Freethinking Argument (Part 3)

It’s the final episode on the FAAN! Don’t worry, if you haven’t listened to the first two episodes on the argument, we recap a bit of what we talked about. But seriously, you need to listen to those episodes (come on, they’re called parts 1 & 2 for a reason!). We’ve reached the conclusions of the argument that have some very interesting consequences. This argument deductively proves that humans possess libertarian free will. We truly are free to choose! Not only do most atheists reject...


Ep. 3 The Freethinking Argument (Part 2)

It’s the next episode on the FAAN! I try and push back on premises 3 and 4 of the argument, of which 3 is by far the one most taken issue with. In order to defend any good argument, you need to be prepared to answer objections of all sorts. Never be surprised by the same objection twice! As you follow along in this series on the Freethinking Argument, we always encourage you to be reading the articles Tim has written on the subject. We can’t talk about everything we want to on these...