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Ep. 39 Greg Koukl, Free Will, and True Love (Part 1)

In case we don’t clarify it enough in this episode, both Tim and I think Greg Koukl is awesome! We’ve both benefitted immensely from his work, and so the corrections we’re offering in these episodes are done in hopes that Koukl’s positions will be made even stronger, helping him to be an even more effective apologist. In these episodes, we lay out Koukl’s view on libertarian free will and why he doesn’t believe it is a necessary condition for there to be true love. Naturally, Tim and I...


Ep. 38 An Interview With a Youth Pastor

Sorry for the late episode everyone! That’s the struggle when you forget to upload the episode before you go to work. Fortunately, that’s the last you’ll hear of me this week, as this interview is one that Tim did with a youth pastor at his church. It’s a great conversation that we think you’ll get a lot out of. Hearing how Tim interacts with people who maybe haven’t studied the material as in-depth as he has is very beneficial. Sometimes, I think we as apologists can get in our own echo...



You’ve seen the bumper sticker I’m sure, with all of the symbols of modern religions. It says COEXIST. But is this an idea that is true for every religion? The answer might surprise you. Tim and I delve into what that bumper sticker really means, and we talk about an article that he wrote in which he deals with this idea. It makes for a really interesting conversation that I hope you all will enjoy. As always, leave a rating and review on iTunes that lets us know what you like and don’t...


Ep. 36 Thandie Newton vs. Star Lord

Today on the podcast we contrast two different speeches given by two different Hollywood movie stars who won two different awards. Thandie Newton won an Emmy and had some interesting comments about God that we wanted to take a look at. Chris Pratt also won an award, and we wanted to contrast the speech he gave which also referenced God, but in a much different way. The difference between the two speeches was quite stark, and we thought it would be a good idea to highlight both of them to...


Ep. 35 The Ontological Argument

There’s a bit of a role reversal in this episode. Tim interviews me about my favorite argument for God’s existence: the Ontological Argument. Not only is the argument extremely controversial, but it also has an incredibly rich intellectual history, so it makes for a fascinating episode. Even if you don’t find the Ontological Argument convincing (many Christians don’t), I think there is value in discussing it. The concept of a maximally great being is a very fruitful theological idea that...


Ep. 34 Getting to the Bottom of Trump's Election

As we continue commenting on the Big Think video, what became apparent to us is that Mr. Aslan desperately wants the reason why Donald Trump was elected to have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. But, as we talk about in this episode, his election was much more about how bad of a candidate Hillary Clinton was than anything to do with Trump’s merits. In fact, one could even say that Donald Trump’s best quality in this recent election was his ability to not be Hillary Clinton. The idea that...


Ep. 33 Why Did Evangelicals Vote For Trump?

We’re going to be talking about a video by Big Think that tries to understand why evangelicals voted for Donald Trump for president. The man in the video, Reza Aslan, theorizes about several different reasons he believes that evangelicals acted out of character and voted for a man he did not think they would have voted for. Both Tim and I believe this video completely misses the whole reason Donald Trump was elected. It seems to us that Mr. Aslan is reaching for some explanation that is...


Ep. 32 John Limanto Discusses the Problem of Divine Hiddenness

John Limanto comes back to talk about the problem of divine hiddenness. Divine hiddenness refers to the idea that, if God were to exist, we might expect him to reveal himself more fully to more people. The fact that some people do not feel as though God has been revealed to them might be thought of as an issue to the theist, particularly one who believes that God is all-loving and desires all humanity to know him. John has written about this topic and provides us with some good insights as...


Ep. 31 John Limanto Talks Being Young and Smart

John Limanto joins the podcast this week! For those of you who do not know, John Limanto is a 17-year-old guy from Indonesia who is one of the deepest thinkers in the Christian apologetics and theology circles. In this episode, we talk about what it’s like to be into apologetics and theology at a young age and how that affects one’s ministry. John is a really fun and energetic guy who I highly encourage you all to check out. He’s written several articles on the FTM website, so be sure to...


Ep. 30 Dr. Jacobus Erasmus on South Africa & Writing an Article with Tim

The second part of Dr. Jacobus Erasmsus’ interview is here. We finish up our discussion on the Kalam and the argument from an actual infinite. Also, Dr. Erasmsus and Tim talk about their co-authored journal articles on Calvinism and Molinism. Finally, Dr. Erasmsus finishes up with his assessment of the “current state” of South Africa (where he’s from). It is really a fascinating interview that I’m glad we were able to give you guys. Like last time, be sure to go to Dr. Erasmsus’ website in...


Ep. 29 Jacobus Erasmus Talks Computer Science, Infinity, and the Kalam

We’ve got Dr. Jacobus Erasmus on the show for this episode, who is likely one of the smartest people we’ll have on the podcast. In this episode we talk about how he met Tim and the contributions he makes to Freethinking Ministries, including making Tim appear much smarter than he actually is. Not only that, but Dr. Erasmsus talks to us about the application of computer science to philosophy, as well as his book on the Kalam cosmological argument. In the middle of the episode, Dr. Erasmsus...


Ep. 28 Questions on Free Will & Evil

That’s right, it’s another Q&A episode about free will! What can we say, we love to talk about it! In this episode, we look at a reader question dealing with the evil that happens to devoted Christians and babies. So yeah, not a light and breezy topic at all! This certainly is a question that is common among non-Christians. Why would God allow evil to happen to babies? Maybe they can understand so-called “regular evil,” but the idea of something horrible happening to the most innocent among...


Ep. 27 Questions on Molinism

Can we still make real choices after God creates the world? One of the readers at the Freethinking Ministries website asked essentially this question, so Tim and I decided to take a stab at answering it (okay, so mainly Tim. But I edited the episode which has to count for something). If you’re wondering if we’ll ever run out of things to talk about when it comes to Molinism and free will, then your answer is no! At least, not until Tim finishes his dissertation. After that, perhaps we’ll...


Ep. 26 The Problem of Evil (Part 2)

In the second part dealing with the problem of evil, Tim comes to the incredible conclusion that not only is God’s allowing evil consistent with his moral character, but it actually would be EVIL for God to eradicate evil! You’ll definitely want to hear his argument (or you can read it at the link below). It’s likely clear after listening to this episode that understanding Molinism is a huge part of how Tim and I answer the problem of evil. As I always say, if you’ve got a theological...


Ep. 25 The Problem of Evil (Part 1)

After hearing a bunch of arguments FOR God’s existence, it’s important to understand what the other side has to offer in terms of arguments AGAINST God’s existence. Most of the time, this boils down to the problem of evil, without a doubt one of the toughest questions for the Christian to answer. However, it is not without an answer, as Tim explains throughout this episode. The problem of evil seems fairly intimidating at first, but I think it can be answered fairly well through the use of...


Ep. 24 Mikel del Rosario Talks Apologetics, Jesus' Divinity, and Stryper

Today we are lucky to be joined by Mikel del Rosario, “the apologetics guy.” I use quotes not in jest but because that’s literally how he is known in the apologetics community. So you know he’s got some great things to say! In this episode, we talk about how he first became interested in apologetics, his work with Darrell Bock at the Hendricks Center, and the divine claims of Jesus. Not only that, but you’ll hear how Tim and Mikel met through their mutual love of the band Stryper! If...


Ep. 23 More Objections to Molinism

Finally, we’re at the last episode on Molinism (although we certainly will be dealing with it in many future episodes). In this episode, Tim and I interact with one of the most common objections to Molinism: the grounding objection. Many opponents of Molinism feel as though this quite a strong argument against Molinism, but Tim and I don’t really feel its force. In fact, as Tim shows in this episode, if the grounding objection were to be a good objection, then it follows logically that Open...


Ep. 22 Objections to Molinism

Now that you know what Molinism is, we need to make sure that it is true! After all, a doctrine isn’t true simply because it is useful in explaining many things. In this episode, we begin to tackle some of the more common objections to Molinism. Tim gives several helpful analogies that are useful to assuage any concerns that on this view, God still causally determines what we free creatures do. The analogies he gives have really helped me to articulate this doctrine in a much clearer...


Ep. 21 Why Christians Shouldn't Care About Religious Liberty

We thought we’d take some time to talk about the big issues dealing with religious liberty in today’s tense climate. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the issue of the man fired from Crossfit for his tweet about Pride, and the baker from Colorado who was sued for not baking a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. Both of these issues illustrate some points about religious liberty that Tim and I wanted to highlight. I think you’ll find our perspectives fairly unique and interesting, even if...


Ep. 20 Molinism (Part 2)

We’re back with another episode on Molinism! In this episode, Tim and I explain why the term “middle knowledge” is named as it is, as well as providing some more clarification on topics discussed in the previous episode. It’s another action-packed and interesting episode of the Freethinking Podcast! One of my favorite things when talking about Molinism is to see the other person’s face light up once they finally understand this deep and sophisticated doctrine. Unfortunately, that’s not...