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TGB 003 The Gents Who Influenced Us

Join Juan Sepulveda and Alberto Mella as they discuss the origin of their concept of what it means to be a gentleman today. From their Caribbean upbringing to their life in the United States.


TGB 002: A Model Gentleman

A Model Gentleman A Model Gentleman is a man who is able to lead by example. On this episode, I introduce you to a man who served as inspiration for the creation of The Gentlemen's Brotherhood. I once knew a man, who through his very presence, would make others comfortable. A man who regardless of his economic or social status, would treat everyone with dignity and respect. A man always preceded by his reputation. I had the honor of getting to know this man well and to have privileged...


The Beginning of a Brotherhood -TGB001

The Gentlemen’s Brotherhood Podcast Episode 1 I have been proudly working on the development of this project because it is something I think fills a gap in our society. The vision for this project has continued to evolve as I have become aware of how my education, live experience, and resources enable me to help others. For as long as I remember, I have been passionate about developing myself and helping others in the process. Today, I am proud to reveal one additional phase of this...