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Raw, long form conversations with the world’s most unique undiscovered thinkers, deconstructing our society, psychology, and purpose.

Raw, long form conversations with the world’s most unique undiscovered thinkers, deconstructing our society, psychology, and purpose.


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Raw, long form conversations with the world’s most unique undiscovered thinkers, deconstructing our society, psychology, and purpose.




#20: Roy Steves – Marketing Disruptions, Burnout & Life as an Agency Owner

Today Josh speaks with Roy Steves about the chaotic life of the marketing and agency world. Some of the topics we dive into are: Roy is an industry veteran, who over the last 20 years his career evolved from being a programmer to running several of his own businesses, being the VP of Digital Marketing and CMO of two prominent eCommerce brands, to ultimately co-founding StatBid in 2015. StatBid is a boutique paid search and SEO agency, where Roy and his team work with direct-to-consumer...


#19: Sam McNerney – Ukraine, Russian Propaganda & Information Warfare

Today Josh speaks with Sam McNerney on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some of the topics we dive into are: Sam McNerney is an applied behavioral scientist, market researcher, and brand strategist based in Brooklyn, New York. He has worked with brands such as Walmart, Procter & Gamble, and CitiBank. As a writer, he has interviewed business and academic leaders including Arianna Huffington, Andrew Yang, Jonathan Haidt, and Charles Murray – and his essays have been featured in publications...


#18: Oliver Seligman – Meditation, Bipolar Disorder & Life as a Monk

Today Josh talks with Oliver Seligman about the struggle of mental illness, mindfulness, and stability. Oliver is a monk, author, and inspirational speaker. He has spent twenty years traveling the world, helping people to find peace through meditation. In doing so, he has developed insight into the workings of the mind and what makes us happy or unhappy. Oliver has written three books, his first being “The Broker Who Broke Free” about his life change from being a successful Sales Trader at...


#17: Felix Velarde: Pessimistic Optimism, Existential Threats & Scaling Positive Impact

Today Josh talks with Felix Velarde about the potential optimistic and pessimistic futures ahead and the compound interest of positive impact. Felix is a strategist, author, speaker, lecturer, and pioneer of the internet. He started one of the world’s first web design companies in 1994. He then had a high-profile, twenty-year career as a serial founder of several innovative digital creative and strategy agencies, including being chairman at pioneering CRM firm Underwired and CEO of The...


#16: Kenda Macdonald – Tequila, Psychology & More Tequila

Today Josh talks with Kenda Macdonald about marketing, trauma, cognitive biases, and the state of American culture over a copious amount of whiskey and tequila. Kenda is an international public speaker, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, and author of the best-selling book "Hack the Buyer Brain." With a degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of London, she operates at the unique intersection of marketing, neuroscience, and buyer psychology. Currently, she is the founder and...


#15: Matthew Caruana – Surviving Suicide, Resilience & Life as a Paraplegic

Today Josh talks with Matthew Caruana about depression, suicide, resilience, and purpose. Matthew is a speaker, youth advocate, and suicide survivor. He attempted suicide at the age of 16, which left him a paraplegic, but ultimately led him to find his passion and purpose in life. Now Matthew is a speaker at schools, colleges, and mental health conferences internationally, and has been featured on ABC News, The Daily Telegraph, and more. His goal is to share his story and the lessons he...


#14: Terry B. McDougall – Career Happiness & Surviving the Corporate World

Today Josh speaks with Terry B. McDougall about courage, fear, corporate leadership, and living a fulfilling life. Terry is an executive coach, speaker, and best-selling author of Winning the Game of Work After more than 30 years of corporate business experience leading marketing efforts in senior management roles, Terry chose to become a coach to concentrate on helping leaders step fully into their potential to lead satisfying careers. Some of the other topics we dive into are: Connect...


#13: Sam McNerney – Free Will & Simulated Realities

Today Josh speaks with Sam McNerney about the growing conspiratorial culture in the West, its further detachment from reality, free will, and the implications of us potentially living in a simulation. Some of the other things we dive into are: Sam McNerney is an applied behavioral scientist, market researcher, and brand strategist based in Brooklyn, New York. He has worked with brands such as Walmart, Procter & Gamble, and CitiBank. As a writer, he has interviewed business and academic...


#12: Seth Erickson – Hacking Humans & Self-Acceptance

Today Josh speaks with Seth Erickson. Seth is an entrepreneur, author, and storyteller. He recently published his book, How to Hack Humans, an unfiltered take on the neuroscience and psychology of storytelling, and how startups can use storytelling to grow and communicate their value to investors and the market at large. He is currently a Partner at Storify Agency, where he helps startups personally craft their story and tell it in a way that resonates. Prior to Storify, he was CEO of...


#11: Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen – Foraging, Medicinal Plants & Agricultural Sustainability

Today Josh speaks with Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen about food, health, and sustainability. Mark is a chemist, ethnobotanist, author, speaker, and foraging expert. He has a Masters in Medicinal Chemistry, a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. For over 18 years he worked as a research chemist in the oil industry using his knowledge of natural products to develop environmentally-friendly replacements for traditional oil field chemicals. In 2008 he started...


#10: Jay Smith – Cyber Security, Doxing & The Weaponization of Data

There's an artist on Instagram called DrFakenstein, and he does weird short meme videos, like having Snoop Doug's face on a little girl. That is known as a deep fake, and while the memes are hilarious, there are much more nefarious uses for this technology. What happens when this is weaponized, and used for extensive PR assassinations, or false flag operations by government agencies around the world? What happens then when the far-left or far-right starts habitually doxxing and attacking...


#9: Mikel Dever – Cult Fandoms, Filmmaking & How to Destroy a Franchise

In 1999 the Star Wars film "The Phantom Menace" released and garnered widespread acclaim amongst fans. But ever since, people gradually started seeing the movie in a very different light; the enthusiasm waned, and the critical perception diminished significantly. This is a common phenomenon that is like a collectively unconscious lens that distorts through nostalgia. That collective experience is known now as “The Phantom Menace Effect.” And ugh. Well, history repeats itself... and my...


#8: Chris Giuseppini - Controlled Self-Sabotage, Resilience & The Arrival Fallacy

Norm MacDonald did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit in 2018, and when asked what life's purpose is he said: "Well, it depends on your view I suppose but it's been my experience is that life's purpose is to suffer. To abide the inevitable pain and to bear it in a noble way." For many, particularly in the West, there's this notion that if someone "pays their dues," then one day they'll be able to do what they truly want to do. Their entire life they've been running, even chasing this...


#7: George Kapernaros - Imposter Syndrome, Self-Moderation & Living a Free Life

As a rule of thumb, the most “successful” people I know are depressed and brutal on themselves. These are people with extreme wealth and by all accounts innovators and high-performers in their fields. This isn’t just my experience; a recent study by UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco detailed the personality, mood, and human factors that are common among entrepreneurs in which: This cultivates a subterranean culture of isolation that breeds further anxiety, depression, and self-hatred –...


#6: Jules Costa – Digital Nomads, Burnout, Crypto & Space Capitalism

There's never been a better time in history for someone to make money remotely. Especially last year with COVID and the mass adoption of remote work. There's a massive community online, that's growing every year, of digital nomads. People that freelance or start a business that affords them location independence and flexibility to design the lifestyle that fulfills them. This is actually something you can do, and sooner and easier than you may think. And today, we're going to talk with...


#5: Sam McNerney – Alternative Realities & Larping the Revolution

Do you ever feel like we're now living in some sort of alternative reality? Like there was some glitch in the matrix and we diverged into some other universe in the simulation? Sam Harris has a line "most people spend every waking moment of their lives in the 'movie' of their lives." What happens when the illusion of that movie is broken? Today Josh speaks with Sam McNerney about the Insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, "alternative realities", the subterranean spaces online that...


#4: Mark Cann – Making Friends, Authentic Outreach, Reframing Rejection & The Future of Networking

Today Josh speaks with Mark Cann about how to open up with others, be vulnerable, make friends, and grow your network authentically. Today we dive into: Mark Cann is an entrepreneur, growth marketer, speaker, and outreach specialist. For the past 16 years, he has been a consultant, strategist and successfully led business development teams, including working with the team at Vungle which exited in 2019 for $750m. Mark currently is the Founder of Growth Warriors where he helps B2B companies...


#3: Sam McNerney – The Engineering of Consent & Culting of America

Today Josh speaks with Sam McNerney about the history of propaganda (public relations) and how it established the incentive models and feedback loops that have led to the increasing division in our current political and societal landscape. Today we dive into: Sam McNerney is an applied behavioral scientist, market researcher, and brand strategist based in Brooklyn, New York. He has worked with brands such as Walmart, Procter & Gamble, and CitiBank. As a writer, he has interviewed business...


#2: Zaid Hisham – Life as a User Experience Problem

Life is like a video game. You can be a passive player that follows the guide, or you can pave your own path on an epic journey into the unknown. So what are you optimizing for in this game you're playing? What if you took a step back and looked at your life as the game designer, rather than the player? What if you approached your own life like a user experience problem? Zaid Hisham is a Nielsen Norman Group-certified Strategist who over the last 15 years has worked with clients such as...


#1: Why Start a Podcast?

There are over 600,000 active podcasts right now. That's a lot of noise. Why the hell start another one? Today we're diving into why I'm doing just that with my guest Zaid Hisham. Zaid is a user experience strategist (ex: Apple,, Intel, Microsoft) and as a professional problem solver, he is an absolute wizard at asking the right questions. I think this gives you a taste of what's to come. Welcome aboard. Music by Kirby Johnston – check out his band Aldaraia on Spotify