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Listen if you dare. The Last Heretik a podcast about things that people should hear but don’t want to hear and won’t hear. Here lies my unfiltered and unbridled skepticism and inquiry into the unknown and the forbidden. Listen if you dare.

Listen if you dare. The Last Heretik a podcast about things that people should hear but don’t want to hear and won’t hear. Here lies my unfiltered and unbridled skepticism and inquiry into the unknown and the forbidden. Listen if you dare.
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Listen if you dare. The Last Heretik a podcast about things that people should hear but don’t want to hear and won’t hear. Here lies my unfiltered and unbridled skepticism and inquiry into the unknown and the forbidden. Listen if you dare.








I Ate 1 Meal A Day For 3 Years, This Is What Happened…

At the time of this writing, I’ve been eating 1 meal a day for 3 years. I discovered that the conventional wisdom of eating 3 meals a day is unnecessary, almost decadent especially for people whose activity is mostly comprised of short walks, a lot of time sitting in front of their desks, and maybe 1-2 hours of workout at the end of the day. Everybody wants to lose weight, but so few consider eating 1 meal a day. Instead, these people are advised to eat multiple small meals a day and...


See Your Inner World

There’s a big difference between the external world (objective reality, the realm of forms) and the internal world–which have been called in many different ways, the mind, the self among others. Why is this important? In postmodern world where people purposely blur the distinction between the domain of forms and the domain of non-forms, it becomes important to observe these 2 seemingly opposite worlds. “Seemingly opposite”, because that is not the accurate way of thinking about it.


Is This The End?

The Arrest of Tommy Robinson marks the end of The West as we know it. If Western nations continue on this path, this marks the beginning of the odd and slow demise of The West. I hope I’m wrong. First it’s in the UK, then it will spread through Europe. And if North America don’t learn from this, we’ll be seeing North America suffer the same fate as their European counterparts.


Reasoning From First Principles

Elon Musk in one of his interviews talked about reasoning from first principles. By virtue of who he is, I think he popularized thinking from facts or objective thinking. The internet just took his word for it. Just search “reasoning from first principles” and you’ll find Elon Musk with it. The question is, how do you exactly reason or think from first principles? In this episode, we’re going to explore reasoning from first principles in greater detail.


Who is Richard Boom?

Saying things that people generally don’t want to hear includes consequences like being doxed, censored, business taken away, opportunities lost, or worst physically harmed. The so called left has morphed into this dangerous entity. I used to hide from it with a psuedonym as a shield. But no more. Here I am. I use my face and my name. I want to be as open as possible to develop that trust with listeners who may stumble on this podcast.


3 Reasons Why You Should Give a F*ck About Politics

When it comes to politics and the normal person I see no f*cks given, for the most part. Politics seems like this toxic brew that people try to avoid at all costs, even at the cost of their freedoms and ultimately their lives. If it was up to me, I would just get rid of governments and the politics that come with it, but I don’t have any better or viable alternative. And so, I must participate in politics best I can. Here are 3 reasons why should care about politics. And another 3 reasons...


Fact vs Evidence. Knowing vs Believing. EXPLAINED

Aiming for the truth in a postmodern world is like aiming at a moving target, standing on a boat on a stormy sea. We have information, yes. But weather that information is valid or true, is a totally different question. When we say true, what do we mean? When we say facts, what is it? What’s the difference between facts, evidence, and proof? How about believing and knowing? What’s the difference? These are important distinctions that must be made especially if we’re searching for truth.



The mainstream media has become synonymous to a propaganda machine. As it got more and more hysterical and as it became more and more obvious how biased the MSM is, the alternative media sphere grew. People want honest political commentary from genuine people over TV pundits who are pushing their agendas. As the alt-media sphere grows in size, influence, and market share, what is to stop the powers that be from corrupting and coopting the alt-media as part of their disinformation...


FAKE Political Spectrum REVEALED!

When we say “spectrum” what we mean is: you have two extremes and between these two extremes are gradations of the extremes i.e. varying degrees or versions of the extremes. That means that there should be a large enough difference between the two extremes in order to create a spectrum. If the difference is too small you don’t have a spectrum, you have the same thing. So what then can we say about the “political spectrum” when the choice that we have is between government on the left and...


BONUS: Big Big Boss

I want to thank you for your support and your patience during this turbulent time in my podcasting “career.” A lot of you commented positively about the intro music of Design Mind. So to show that appreciation, I want to play that song for you in full. Once again thank you for your support and patronage. This coming week we’ll begin with The Last Heretik. I also encourage you to connect with me on the following platforms: Gab, Minds, Steemit, Twitter, YouTube, BitChute,


ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes To Our Show

ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re change the name of the podcast. We’ll be mixing the The Last Heretik (the 1st podcast show I hosted) with Design Mind. I realized that, I can’t tip toe on the topics that matter. I’m not serving you by doing so. I will keep you posted on the changes.


A Tax Reform That Works?

If we must have governments (and thus taxes), how do you design a system of taxation that is fair for all? How do you make the rich pay their taxes? In this podcast, we’re going to use design thinking to design a system of taxation that might just work. We’ll address problems such as the increasing size of governments which we not only pay with taxes but with our freedoms. We’ll also discuss how we can make the rich pay for their “fair share” of taxes, while making sure that we don’t...


Why Self-Help Doesn’t Work

How come self-help products fail? A lot of the self-help products in the 11-billion self-help industry is just new age blah repackaged, in short absolute crap. But in that pile of crap there are genuinely helpful self-help products, but how come people still fail in improving themselves even with the right product? That is what we’ll explore in this episode, we’re going to tackle the design of self-improvement.


Should You Marry? Before You Do, Listen To This

Marriage is a risky and costly proposition for men, so why marry? The MGTOW movement understands this all too well. But without understanding the primary design of marriage and divorce we’ll never have clarity in this topic. The design of marriage and divorce as it stands today is antiquated and must be changed.


Before You Go MGTOW, Listen To This!

As is almost often the case, men who decide to go MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) are those who experienced heartaches or difficulties with women. But before you go full bore MGTOW you need to understand the design of dating and relationships and how those relate to the concept of sexual market value. Because opting out from perpetuating the species is a path to making mankind extinct. FIND DESIGN MIND: Subscibe on: iTunes, Stitcher, Podcasts, iHeartRadio Follow:


Language Games: The Design Of Meaning

Designers have to be precise when they refer to things. It warrants a discussion what is the design of language? Where does meaning comes from? How does language and meaning work? It’s time we reverse-engineer the design of language by understanding language games as propsed by Ludwig Wittgenstein. By understanding the design of language we understand the world around us. FIND DESIGN MIND: Subscibe on: iTunes, Stitcher, Podcasts Follow: Twitter,


Bullsh*t Stuff People Say To You

Funny? Witty? Over-used? Manipulative? Buzzwords and jargons people say might be controlling you if you’re not aware of it. It can be manipulating you to buy into stuff that you don’t need, do stuff you would not do, and agree to politics that you don’t understand. In this episode of Design Mind, we’ll be taking a closer look at buzzwords. How it’s designed and deployed, why it’s important to understand it, and how you can detect it when it’s being used on you. If you want to see through...


Till We Say Hello Again

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Should I Give Up?

It’s so hard to talk about issues that must be taken seriously, especially if it requires intellectual integrity and critical thinking. People in general are separated into two strains of politics: the political left and the political right. But they fail to realize that both are two sides of the same coin and thus must be subjected to the same intellectual rigor and critical eyes. Unfortunately, doing so would cast you as a heretic. There’s nowhere to go, no place to hide from the mob and...


Fat Positive Has No Respect For The Healthy

The Fat Acceptance Movement has no respect for the hard work that it takes to keep oneself fit and healthy. To portray unhealth as positive then demand acceptance for that which is undesireable is the height of unreason. This must be called out for what it is: madness. An insane postmodern drive to gain power in society by preying upon fat people. Visit: MakerSupport: Patreon: Gab:...