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A podcast about Gender Identity, Trans Issues, LGBTQIA+ Issues, and Social Justice. Find us at or on Twitter @Transgressive21 and on FaceBook at

A podcast about Gender Identity, Trans Issues, LGBTQIA+ Issues, and Social Justice. Find us at or on Twitter @Transgressive21 and on FaceBook at


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A podcast about Gender Identity, Trans Issues, LGBTQIA+ Issues, and Social Justice. Find us at or on Twitter @Transgressive21 and on FaceBook at




0010 - Juneteenth

This week we discuss the newly official, but 200+ year old holiday of Juneteenth which marks the end of Slavery and one of the darkest chapters in American history, and we discuss the ongoing struggle for equality. We also relate parallels in the the struggle for LGBTQIA+ rights to the need to continue to fight against discrimination against all marginalized people. We can be found at We can be reached via email at We can be found on Twitter...


0009 - Uncanny Valley of Femininity

Building upon the last two episodes (007 Passing and 008 Imposter Syndrome) We discuss the idea of how much is too much when it comes to expressing femininity - and how I found that I had been busy worrying too much. We can be found at email at on twitter @transgressive21 and on Facebook at


0008 - Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is when a person internalizes feelings of doubts about their talents or accomplishments. It's far from a trans-specific thing, but it tends to affect many trans people in two main ways - "Am I trans enough" and "Everyone knows I'm trans". This week, we explore these (spoiler alert: imposter syndrome is a liar) You can find us at email us at reach us on Twitter @transgressive21 or on...


0007 - Passing Thoughts

We attempt to unpack some of the baggage surrounding the term "Passing" - with the help of my wife Miranda. We can be reached on the web at via email at on facebook at and on twitter @transgressive21 Please consider listening to our sister podcast: Transposed Podcast which can be found on all major podcast directories. Their web site is they can also be reached via twitter...


0006 - We can't Pee in Tennessee

Tennessee recently passed an anti trans bathroom bill that is aimed at making businesses and entities with trans positive bathroom policies rethink their support or force them to post signs with transphobic and humiliating wording aimed at making trans people feel unwelcome. Our web site is we can be reached at on Twitter @transgressive21 and on Facebook at


0005 - Trans Voices

This week, a discussion of voices (as in the noises we make with our mouth--parts). I'm not a speech therapist or voice trainer, but I've got a bit of perspective / experience that I think might be helpful. However, this is more of an overview than any in depth training. It is meant as a "hey here's what worked for me" as a trans woman. I briefly discuss trans men, but a more in depth coverage will need to happen in a future episode when I can get one or more transmasculine folks to...


0004 - Mothers Day

I couldn't ask for a more supportive mother. Many trans people have been disowned or struggled for acceptance. I thought I'd share the story of how I came out to her... or rather how I had a really odd "reverse coming out". The whole issue of coming out and family acceptance/rejection needs a deeper dive which I very much want to do in a future episode, but this is more of a "positive story" / "positive outcome" I'd like to share. Also stick around at the end for a bonus music track. As...


0003 - The Elephant in the Room

A discussion of the current spate of anti-trans laws being put forward by the Republican party and conservative groups in the US in early 2021. Find us on the web at - On Twitter @transgressive21 and at facebook


0002 - Oh No, Not Caitlyn

We need to talk about Caitlyn Jenner. Transgressive Podcast is Reach out to us at on Twitter @transgressive21 and on


0001 - Why We are Here

Inaugural episode: A bit about why I chose to do this podcast. Visit us at Contact us at or on Twitter @Transgressive21 or on facebook at