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This podcast is geared to men, women, and everyone “in-between” from 20 to 100---anyone who loves living life!


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This podcast is geared to men, women, and everyone “in-between” from 20 to 100---anyone who loves living life!





Reflection is one of the most important aspects of personal and professional growth. It allows us to look back at our past successes and failures, so that we can learn from them going forward. Reflecting on the good and bad experiences we’ve had throughout our life helps us develop a more positive brand voice in both our private and public lives. This type of reflection helps reduce the risk of repeating mistakes, and leads to better decision-making. Reflecting on our successes also gives us the confidence to keep striving for greater things in life. By taking a few moments each day to reflect on our past experiences we can develop a strong brand voice that will carry through all aspects of our lives. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


Rhythm of Life​

Life is full of a rhythm that can be seen in all ages and stages - from babyhood to youth, adulthood to elderly age. At each stage, we experience joys, sorrows, life events and routine activities which form the rhythm of our lives. In birth, newborn babies begin their journey into the world with fragile innocence and an open heart. They experience the world around them with curiosity and wonder, learning new skills at each step of their growth. From taking their first steps to forming meaningful relationships, babies learn to communicate through words and expressions as they mature gradually in body and mind. As children reach youth age, they set off on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery. They seek to express themselves creatively, affirming their identity in unique ways; they enjoy the freedom of spending time with friends and discovering the world around them. They learn to appreciate different values and perspectives, while still understanding who they are as individuals. Adults take what they have learned from childhood experiences and build on these foundations to create new paths for their lives. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


Family, Friends and Acquaintances

Friendship and family connections bring us closer together and foster a strong sense of community. Acquaintances are the people we meet in our everyday lives - from coworkers to neighbors, classmates, or even just strangers on the street. No matter who they are or where we come from, everyone has value and something special to offer. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


Best Times

The best times with friends and family are those moments that you will always remember. When you spend time with your close circle of people it can be a great experience filled with laughter, joy, or simply just enjoying each other's company. Whether it's going out for dinner, throwing a party, or having a movie night at home - whatever the activity is, what matters most is the quality time shared with those important to you. From getting lost in conversation to exploring new places, these memories will last a lifetime. There's nothing quite like spending time with your loved ones and making the most of each moment together. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in the way we view our world. We have become more aware of the importance of public health, the need to practice social distancing, and the potential for new technologies to make our lives easier. At the same time, it has exposed many of our weaknesses as individuals and societies, including inadequate medical care and economic inequalities. These changes have forced us to rethink how we interact with each other, how we govern ourselves, and even how we think about what's possible in terms of technology. This shift can be seen in the rise of telemedicine services and virtual classrooms, increased demand for contactless payments and delivery services like food delivery apps. It is also evident in the increased reliance on data and algorithms to predict and respond to the changing needs of our society. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


What's New!

The world is ever-changing, and technology has been rapidly evolving throughout the years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such advancement that has revolutionized industries across the globe. From warfare to online shopping, AI is now a major part of modern life. The future of AI is sure to be even more exciting as new developments continue to shape our lives. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


What really matters

Ultimately, it is important to remember that the most important thing in life is not material possessions or a focused career path, but rather living a life that is meaningful. In order for us to do this we must find purpose and meaning in our lives, beyond simple financial stability or success. We must take time to explore our deepest values, ponder our unique gifts, and strive for authentic connections with others. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


The American Dream

The American Dream is a core concept of the United States that has been around for centuries. It's an idea that anyone, regardless of their background or circumstance, can achieve success and prosperity through hard work and determination. Despite its longevity, the American Dream has evolved over time to reflect changing values and expectations. Today, it often includes things like having enough money to live comfortably, owning a home, achieving professional success, and providing for your family. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


Time Is Enemy

As time passes, it’s important to take a moment and appreciate all three parts of the timeline—the present, past, and future. The present is valuable for taking on new challenges and developing yourself; the past reminds us of what we’ve accomplished and can motivate us to stay on track; while the future gives us hope that our hard work will pay off. It is only through understanding our connection to all three parts of the timeline that we fully understand how all these elements play into our lives. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at



Education is an incredibly valuable asset that has oftentime been underappreciated. Although there are cons to the system, such as cost and rigidity, the benefits hugely outweigh them. An educated population is more self-sufficient and able to rely on themselves instead of seeking aid from many different areas; further, they are able to know how to better research topics and make well-informed decisions in times of need. This leads to a collective knowledge base that can help teach the public about important issues and develop solutions for them. Education can truly make people's lives easier by providing the tools required to succeed and no matter what their circumstances may be, they have the opportunity to further their schooling if they choose. Overall, education should be viewed as an invaluable asset to humanity in our ever changing society. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


Social Media and The Destruction of Institution

Social media is a double-edged sword: while it allows us to quickly keep in touch and share our lives with others, it has the potential to destroy meaningful relationships and institutions. It has been shown that those who spend more time on social media are at an increased risk of developing anxiety and mood disorders due to feeling inadequate or unsafe. Our reliance on social media can lead us to fall into patterns of avoiding face-to-face communication, causing a decrease in meaningful social ties. Furthermore, an over-reliance on technology leads to a decreased ability for critical thinking and problem solving, as well as altered personal values. Social media venues have enabled many positive developments in our culture but their power should not be underestimated – we must remain conscious of the destruction they can cause, particularly with regard to important institutions such as community, family, religion, etc. We should use social media responsibly by considering the impact these platforms may have on us and others over time. By doing so, we can ensure that our experiences are genuinely enriching rather than exploitative or destructive. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


Devine Intervention or Random Probability

Social media is becoming increasingly powerful and influential, making it a force to be reckoned with. To ensure the safety of institutions, progressive regulations, reliable policies, and strict enforcement of those policies must take place. Ultimately, it is our collective responsibility to make sure that social media does not bring forth the destruction of institutions. We must work together as a society to promote justice and curb monopolies thereby making for a more equal world; with more tangible benefits for all instead of only the few. Furthermore, we need to start teaching our kids at an early age about such issues so that the world can become aware of the importance and indispensability of diverse institutions in giving us freedom and furthering progress. By doing this, we can generate a culture where people value and protect their institutions without feeling overly dependent on them or allowing them to be easily destroyed by outside forces. Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


Those Darn Cats

The domesticated cat has been an integral part of human life for centuries, providing companionship and comfort to many people. Please join Stanley and Fred in discussing their complicated relationship with cats. Love them or leave them you will enjoy their stories


Texting or Talking

In today's world of communications, talking and texting are two popular forms of connecting with one another. Remember the days with Stanley and Fred when people had land lines and no one walked the streets talking on their cell phones.


The Value of Walking

Stanley and Fred talk about their love of walking, as well as how this podcast came to be.


Organic vs. Traditional Dating

Stanley and Fred talk about their perspectives on dating in the modern day. Reach out to Stanley and Fred with your thoughts. Email them at


Resetting Your Life After Death and Divorce

No matter your marital status, Stanley and Fred understand the difficulties that come with a major life change. Stanley is a widower who has gone through the hardships of losing a spouse while Fred is sharing his experiences navigating divorce. Join them as they share their stories, struggles, and successes. Together, they will help you to find hope and peace in the transition. Their stories will show you that it is possible to find a new normal and even happiness after experiencing a major life change. "A Park Bench becomes a Love Seat.” - Allan Ripp Let Stanley and Fred hear from you. Email them at


Is Chivalry dead?

Is Chivalry dead? When was the last time you extend a courtesy to another person? Some men wonder if woman appreciate a kind gesture such as opening a car door? Men - When was the last time you did that for a women? Women- when was the last time that gesture was extended to you? Did you like it or were you turned off? Let Stanleyand Fred hear from you. Email them at


Do you cherish your alone time or do you feel lonely?

Fred talks about being alone as a self-reflective time while Stanley experiences plain old loneliness.


Can Men and Women Have Platonic Relationships?

Does A Platonic Relationship More Often Than Not Escalate to A Romantic Relationship? Stanley doesn't think so; Fred does! Listen to their April 11th Podcast to see what they have to say! What about YOU? Have YOU had a platonic relationship that ended up being a romantic one over time? Email and tell them about it You just might become a guest on one of their upcoming podcasts!