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Ray Robinson takes a somewhat sensitive topic, dissects it with an expert, and asks the questions normally considered too brash or rude for polite company in an effort to dispel misconceptions. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support

Ray Robinson takes a somewhat sensitive topic, dissects it with an expert, and asks the questions normally considered too brash or rude for polite company in an effort to dispel misconceptions. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


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Ray Robinson takes a somewhat sensitive topic, dissects it with an expert, and asks the questions normally considered too brash or rude for polite company in an effort to dispel misconceptions. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support




S1E22 - UnSensitive! - Witch Misconceptions

By now, most of us have come to realize that witches in modern times aren't what you picture in Halloween movies and fairy tales. Pop culture TV shows like Charmed and books like the Harry Potter series have given us a more flattering picture of a archetypal witch is closer to. But how much closer does it get? And is there still some truth in the pointy hats and broomsticks? Here to clear up what being a witch in modern times is like is Mela Borawski. --- Support this podcast:...


S1E21 - UnSensitive! - Teaching Consent

Think about when you had “the sex talk” with your parents. What age were you? Did you even HAVE one? Or was it left to the schools, your friends, or even researching the internet to learn about the birds and the bees? Think about your current or future children for a minute – do you have a plan to talk with them, and if so, at what age. What would you think if someone told you it might be a good idea to start earlier than you think? In this episode, author Lauren Carlson addresses this and...


S1E20 - UnSensitive! - Expose Your Inner Diva

When we were young, many of us were taught that sexual thoughts were bad or impure. Maybe you were told “when you get older”, and that day never materialized. Maybe you were well into adulthood before some hard truths were finally revealed, or worse, they never were. How would you even know how to learn of you don't know what questions to ask? This is the basic concept of the book “Expose Your Inner Diva” by our guest, author and erotic poet RaeMonet. --- Support this podcast:...


S1E19 - UnSensitive! - Cannabis Misconceptions

Huge headlines were made in December that the House of Representatives passed a motion to decriminalize marijuana-related offenses, which has slowly but steadily bolstered the march towards legalization of it nationwide. As of right now, twenty US states have legalized medical marijuana, and fifteen have legalized recreational use, and many of these states have seen financial gains as a result. Yet some still have an adverse reaction to making it legal for a variety of reasons – health...


S1E18 - UnSensitive! - Is Job Satisfaction a Myth

Recently while I was surfing on Facebook, I saw a meme that talked about how that job you hate would be a blessing to someone without a job at all. Having known plenty of people that dislike their job, but feel it's just a necessary evil – especially with unemployment so high right now due to COVID-19 – that just seemed logical. But is it really that cut and dry? Is job satisfaction really a luxury? This episode's guest, headhunter and career coach Simon Lader, is prepared to give us a...


S1E17 - UnSensitive! - Diversity on Professional Communications

As a older white man, there are many things I take for granted that can be obstacles to people of color and women. There are plenty of obvious ones that stand out and get a lot of attention. But what about the subtle advantages afforded me – things that, unless they are brought to light, can be ignored, thus preventing true equality to take a foothold? Destiny Washington steps up to share how that can be approached and improved in her world of professional communications. --- Support this...


S1E16 - UnSensitive! - Freedom of Speech (BONUS EPISODE!)

The last couple of weeks in the United States has been among the most tumultuous of our lifetime. At the center of the storm are people that stormed our nation's capitol building, seemingly spurred on by our president and others to do so. The fallout - the bannings from social media, some platforms losing their host services, and people debating how words can impact action - has really called into question the meaning of freedom of speech. Plenty of people on social media debate what is and...


S1E15 - UnSensitive! - Sex Worker Misconceptions

When the topic of sex work comes up, many people get uncomfortable. Possibly because their religion of choice takes a damning approach to it. Possibly because they can't imagine themselves in any of those roles. Maybe they think it's degrading, unhealthy for the mind or body, or maybe they just think, “if it's illegal, it must be bad”. We talk with Lady Mekaella on the various sex work professions that exist, and the challenges and misconceptions that plague it. --- Support this podcast:...


S1E14 - UnSensitive! - Psychic Medium Misconceptions

When someone tells you that they have psychic abilities, what do you imagine? That they will start telling you your future? That they'll start gossiping with your grandmother about your bad habits? That they'll try to con you out of your money with tarot cards and cheap theatrics? We talk with medium Laura Michelle Powers about several misconceptions about her skills and more! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


S1E13 - UnSensitive! - Single Motherhood Misconceptions

When you think of a single mother, what do you see? A disheveled woman in curlers and a nightgown, standing in the middle of a messy home with a wild child running around her feet? Maybe you see a woman on the prowl for a man to help her raise her kid - or the opposite, a bitter person that hates the idea of a relationship? Here to talk about these fallacies is single mother and business owner Janis Isman, plus her son joins us to talk about his mom and set another misconception straight -...


S1E12 - UnSensitive! - Suicide and Suicide Prevention

It's widely reported that suicide and suicide attempts spike during the holiday season, so this will be sadly appropriate timing for the initial airing of this episode on an in-depth look at it. With a great amount of focus on his own personal experiences, mental health advocate Gordon Corsetti talks about the desire to take one's own life, steps he's taken to prevent it, and advice on what to do when you have concerns about family and friends that might be on this path. --- Support this...


S1E11 - UnSensitive! - Living Abroad/Iceland

No matter where you live, you've likely wondered what it would be like to move to another country. But how would that be possible, especially if you aren't completely in-tune with the local customs and language? We talk with Heather Katharine Allansdóttir who has lived aboard in multiple countries in her life, plus look in-depth at misconceptions regarding her current home, Iceland! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


S1E10 - UnSensitive! - Activism thru Conversation

What if you were told that you could change the world, and all you needed to do was have a conversation with someone that thinks differently than you? Our guest Jonathan Rivera breaks down in detail how you too can make a dent in disharmony simply buy talking and listening to one person at a time! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


S1E9 - UnSensitive! - Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Alcohol addiction is difficult to deal with due to the denial that it's a problem for some. Concerned that you might be depending on drinking, but not certain? Then this episode is for you! We talk with Annabel Stewart, Alcohol Reset Coach, about the differences in types of alcohol dependencies, as well as treatments and the obstacles in your way! Learn more at Annabel's website here: https://www.annabelstewart.com.au/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


S1E8 - UnSensitive! - Defunding the Police

We've heard people throw around the term "defund the police" a lot this year, but what does that REALLY mean? Disband police presence in your city? Get rid of 911? Does this tie into the military as well? We sit down with justice worker Doug Lowry to get the real insight into what this movement actually represents! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


S1E7 - UnSensitive! - Dating App Disasters

Navigating the dating world is difficult. But is it tougher for a woman? Listen to three women and the problems they've run into regarding inappropriate messages and photos, angry retorts, and their recommendations to actually get a favorable response. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


S1E6 - UnSensitive! - Feminism and Christianity

You often hear that the church is steeped in patriarchy, but what does that even mean? I sit down with guests Rachel Allen and Rachel Arnold to discuss feminism's role within the Christian faith, or even if it HAS one! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


S1E5 - UnSensitive! - Abortion

We talk with "Nicole" about the abortion - the complex process she went thru, her thoughts on the political and religious issues surrounding the topic, and what she thinks when she looks back. No punches pulled, no stone unturned, this episode will give you a perspective thru the eyes of someone that's lived one of our nation's dividing topics! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


S1E4 - UnSensitive! - Adults with Autism

We sit down with NeuroDiversity & Inclusion Consultant Becca Lory Hector, CAS, BCCS to discuss the challenges adults with autism face in the world, and how and why we should strive to be more inclusive and understanding. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support


S1E3 - UnSensitive! - Mental Illness Stigma

I sit down with JP Lebangood to cover the stigmas surrounding mental illness and try to understand better a mind that processes different than my own. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ray-robinson4/support