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A Magic: The Gathering podcast focused on past and present Limited formats: Draft, Sealed, Cube, and more!

A Magic: The Gathering podcast focused on past and present Limited formats: Draft, Sealed, Cube, and more!
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A Magic: The Gathering podcast focused on past and present Limited formats: Draft, Sealed, Cube, and more!






The Tiger Is Out



Spearmint Siege Rhino



Throne of Eldraine: Have Your Food and Get Eaten, Too

We're back from our time vault (the voltaic key went missing) just in time to get excited for the upcoming set, Throne of Eldraine. In this episode, we talk about the set's new mechanics and some of the cards revealed so far. Come hungry, but stay away from the oven! Enjoy!


The Pro Tour Cube with Eric Klug

When we heard the Pro Tour Cube would be hitting MTGO this week, Joe and I were excited for a new, unique draft format to try out. In our curiosity to know more about it, we thought we'd ask the person most qualified to tell us about it-- the creator of the Pro Tour Cube himself, Eric Klug! Eric is known in the Magic community primarily for his legendary card alters, and I think it's really cool that he's getting to showcase another awesome project in this way. I highly recommend that...


013: Three's a Tribe

Turns out that Michael DePiazza never hung up the call since the last time he was our guest, so it was our good fortune to have him back on to talk Rivals of Ixalan. We spend this episode going a bit deeper into specific cards, interactions, and a few draft archetypes. If you're still getting a feel for this new side of the island (ixland?) then tune in, and allow our genius/folly to light your way. Put on those headphones, and get some laundry done! If you have any questions for James...


012: Rivals' Arrival

Did you draft a lot of Ixalan and wish to yourself "I'd love to play more of this but with different pictures."? Have you forgotten that there is such thing as a Declare Blockers step? Is your cat making TOO MUCH NOISE all the time? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, pull up an overturned milk crate and give this episode a listen, as we dive teeth-first into Rivals of Ixalan. We talk prerelease experience, initial impressions, and why you should first-pick Alexander Hamilton...


011: A Vintage Look

What are you doing listening to podcasts when there's Vintage Cube on Magic Online?!? In this episode, we discuss some of our favorite Vintage Cube archetypes and give our thoughts on the changes to this year's cube list. Whether you're a cube veteran or you've never first-picked a Library of Alexandria, this episode will still be the same number of minutes. Enjoy! If you have any questions for James or Joe, send them to: Connect with us on Twitter! James -...


010: Ironic Masters & UnstABL

We were able to amass enough components for an Iconic Masters discussion, outlining a few of our favorite draft archetypes as well as one card interaction Joe uses that is so crazy, YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT HASN'T BEEN BANNED YET! (DECKBUILDERS HATE HIM!). After Channeling our enthusiasm for a sweet draft format, (SIT DOWN, IXALAN, NOT YOU!), we boom-flingered our way into an Unstable conversation on which of these wacky/sweet cards we'd like to see show up in black-border cube. (YOU WON'T...


Magic to the Max

We lost Joe somewhere deep in the MTGO Pauper Leagues, so I met up with Max Mick, a young but highly skilled Magic the Gathering player with a pedigree uniquely related to this great game. Max has already made a name for himself by Top 8'ing a Grand Prix last just year, and you can check out a brief article about him at the event here: In this episode we discuss the current state of Ixalan limited, known around my treehouse as Attaxalan, and share a longing for the...