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Growing a business is hard – and most people underestimate the amount of hard-work and strategic thinking that’s involved to grow and scale your company.

Growing a business is hard – and most people underestimate the amount of hard-work and strategic thinking that’s involved to grow and scale your company.
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Growing a business is hard – and most people underestimate the amount of hard-work and strategic thinking that’s involved to grow and scale your company.






Dan Golden on Scaling His Digital Agency, "Be Found Online," to 6 Years on the Inc 5000...

Ep #26 - My guest this week is Dan Golden, the co-founder and President of the digital marketing agency, "Be Found Online" (BFO). Dan is a veteran digital marketing executive, speaker and rock star in his field. He's been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and Mashable and is a member of the Young Entrepreneur's Council (YEC). His agency, "Be Found Online," has hit the Inc. 5000 list for 6 straight years and it was voted as one of the best places to work in Chicago. Dan and I talk about...


Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media, on Running the Fastest Growing Marketing Consultancy in the Country...

Ep #25 - In today's episode, I sit down with Erik Huberman, the CEO of Hawke Media which is the fastest growing marketing consultancy in the entire country. Hawke Media was voted as one of Glassdoor's best places to work and ranked as #893 on the Forbes 5000 list in 2019. Hawke Media earned $14M in revenue in 2018 and projects to do $22M in 2019. During our interview, we discuss what Erik learned as he scaled this company and what things entrepreneurs much watch out for to successfully...


David Henzel, Serial Entrepreneur, on Founding MaxCDN, Exiting for 8-Figures, & How He Grows Businesses...

Ep #24 -My guest today is David Henzel, a serial entrepreneur, who has started several companies and recently exited from one for an 8-figure deal. David founded the company MaxCDN, a content delivery network business, back in 2009. Within about five years, he grew this company to the 5th largest CDN company in the world and soon exited for eight figures. In today's interview, we discuss David's entrepreneurial journey, how he scaled MaxCDN, and what he's doing now. In 2018, David founded...


Chris Yonker, Vision Alchemist and Executive Coach, on Creating a Vision that Fuels Your Purpose...

Ep #23 - Chris Yonker, a vision alchemist, executive coach, speaker, and author joins the show today to discuss how he helps entrepreneurs to create clear visions that align their businesses and lives. Chris Yonker is a world-leading expert in Vision creation. He and his team work with companies (big and small) as well as high achievers like executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities to get clarity on what they really want—and then make the strategy mindset and behavior shifts...


Chris Brisson, Co-Founder of Call Loop & Salesmsg, on Scaling SAAS Companies...

Ep #22 - Chris Brisson, the co-founder of CallLoop and SalesMsg, joins me on the show this week to talk about his experience scaling multiple companies including two SAAS businesses. Chris started his entrepreneurial journey in college selling tires and rims on eBay where he did over $250k in revenue his first year. He grew and sold this company within 3 years and has continued to launch businesses including Automize and now his SAAS companies, CallLoop and SalesMsg. In today's interview,...


Jeremy Harbour on Buying a Business as a Growth Strategy...

Ep #21 - Jeremy Harbour, a global leader in the field of small business mergers and acquisitions, joins me on the show today to discuss buying a business as a growth strategy. Jeremy is the founder of the Harbour Club which is a membership program teaching his wealth of knowledge to business owners wanting to go deeper. He currently operates out of Singapore and has investments in over 12 countries. Jeremy has bought and sold over 100 companies and advised more than 200 acquisitions. He's...


Matt Weinberg on Scaling a Digital Design & Marketing Agency to a 7-Time Inc 5000 Company...

Ep #20 - Matt Weinberg, the President of Happy Cog (formerly Vector Media Group), joins me on the show for an interview to discuss his experience scaling his digital design & marketing agency to 8-figures and hitting the Inc 5000 List seven consecutive times from 2013-2018. Happy Cog did $13M in revenue in 2018 with 51 employees. The company was founded when Matt and his co-founder were still in high school. In today's conversation, we get into Matt's strategy for building a digital...


Zach Burkes Shares Advice and Growth Lessons from Building a Multi-Million Dollar Company...

Ep #19 - In today's podcast episode, I'm joined by Zach Burkes, a serial entrepreneur, sales coach, and the co-founder of a multi-million dollar company. Zach started his first company at 23. He's now a team member at Predictable Profits with myself and he has amazing advice and growth lessons to share. In fact, his advice stories have been featured in Fox Business, Inc., AllBusiness, Verge, Chicago Tribune, Sacramento Business Journal, SUCCESS, Forbes and more... Zach is a passionate and...


Ryan Tansom on Strategic Growth and Exit Plans for Businesses...

Ep #18 - My guest for this episode is Ryan Tansom, the podcast host of "Life After Business," a keynote speaker, investor, and the co-founder of Arkona and the GEXP Collaborative. After turning around his family's business, Ryan helped to sell it along with his father for over 8-figures in 2014. During this exit process, he learned a ton after making mistakes that left millions of dollars on the table. Since that experience, Ryan has taken what he's learned and now helps other...


Chris Davis, CEO of Automation Bridge on the Strategy and Execution of Multi-Million Dollar Sales Funnels

Ep #17 - My guest this week is Chris Davis, the CEO of Automation Bridge and an experienced builder of multi-million dollar online sales funnels. Chris' educational background is in Electrical Engineering which he credits as giving him a unique strength in his ability to systematize business processes. When he left his field of engineering to pursue online marketing, he noticed a perfect marriage between his systematization skill-set and existing automation software tools. Chris has...


Eric Schechter, Co-Founder of GiddyUp, on Scaling to $55.2M in 6 Years

Ep #16 - Eric Schechter, the co-founder and marketing directory of GiddyUp, joins me on the podcast this week to discuss his journey form social media manager at Carnival Cruises ending in 2012 to scaling an 8-figure business. Eric's company, GiddyUp, is the exclusive Performance Sales Channel that profitably scales customer acquisition for the world's most innovative brands. Since starting the company in 2013, Eric and his team have scaled it to $55.2M and recently had the company ranked...


Robby Berthume, CEO of Bull & Beard and Agency Match, on His Entrepreneurial Journey and Agency Growth Strategies...

Ep #15 - In today's episode, I interview Robby Berthume, the CEO of Bull & Beard and founder of Agency Match. Robby started his first agency at the age of 14 and has now worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of premiere agencies across the world. Robby is one of the foremost experts in agency growth and has scaled multiple agencies to 7-figures plus. You may have seen Robby featured in various publications including Forbes, Fortune, Success, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Inc., and the...


Patrick Barnhill, Founder of Specialist ID, on Making the Inc 5000 Five Years In a Row...

Ep #14 - In today's episode, I am joined by Patrick Barnhill, the founder and co-owner of Specialist ID, a leading brand/distributor of photo ID badge accessories. Specialist ID has been named to the Inc. 5000 list for 5 consecutive years and continues to grow rapidly. Patrick founded the company when he was just 21 years old and, in today's interview, we discuss his story along with what he's learned along his journey. Learn More About Patrick Barnhill's Company, Specialist ID: Visit...


Zenith Engineers' Nikhil Choudhary, CEO, & David Renard, Director of Sales, on Scaling to the Inc. 5000...

Ep #13 - In today's episode, I am joined by Nikhil Choudhary, CEO, and David Renard, Vice President of Sales, of Zenith Engineers, Inc. Zenith Engineers has defied the common perception that engineering companies are restricted to slow growth by hitting the Inc. 5000 list and ranking as the 213th fastest growing company in the United States. In fact, for the engineering niche, Zenith is ranked #1 in the entire country. Over the past 3 years, Zenith Engineers has seen growth of 1924% and...


Michael Mogill, CEO of Crisp Video Group, Talks Goal Setting and Creating Meaningful Business Growth...

Ep #12 - Michael Mogill, the CEO of Crisp Video Group and the author of "The Game Changing Attorney," joins the show this week for an interview about goal setting and leadership. Crisp Video Group is a national video marketing company that produces high-quality and engaging videos for businesses all over the world. Michael specializes in helping law firms to land the best cases by making them stand out from their competition. Michael is also a highly sought after speaker who has presented...


Michael Dash on His Journey from Addict to 7-Figure Entrepreneur...

Ep #11 - Michael Dash joins me on the show this week to share about his journey from addict to 7-figure entrepreneur and the tactics and strategies he learned along the way. I first met Michael through the Young Entrepreneurs Council which only admits 7-figure business owners. In our interview today, we will discuss his philosophy for scaling a business and we will get into his story and new book, "Chasing the High." Having dealt with addiction throughout his life and having sold his...


Kyle Goguen on Going From Startup to $8.8M with a Pet Business

Ep #10 - My guest today is Kyle Goguen, the founder and CEO of which has been ranked as the 20th fastest growing company in Los Angeles and the 45th fastest growing company in California. In fact, Kyle's three year company growth record is a whopping 1677%. Kyle's entrepreneurial journey started young as he founded his first eBay store at 16 years old after local restaurants had refused to hire him. eBay became Kyle's marketplace of choice for the next two years where he...


Charles Kirkland on How Focus and Mindset Changed His Business

Ep #9 - My guest this week is Charles Kirkland, one of the world's leading media buying experts and the owner of the Media Buyer Association. Charles is an online advertising expert and a master at driving web traffic. He credits his ability to recognize patterns as being key to his success in both driving traffic and boosting conversions. In this interview, Charles shares what he has learned in growing multiple businesses and what factors move the needle most in scaling a company. He...


Ari Meisel on Business Growth by the Art of Less Doing

Ep #8 - My guest this week is Ari Meisel, the best-selling author of “The Art of Less Doing“, and “The Replaceable Founder.” Ari is a self-described "overwhelmologist" and his insights into personal and professional productivity have earned him the moniker, “The Guru’s Guru.” Ari is the host of the award-winning "Less Doing Podcast" and he speaks on international stages where he addresses thought leaders and influencers. He also maintains a blog where you can find immediate and actionable...


Matt Brauning of The Driven Entrepreneur Podcast on Perseverance

Ep #7 - My guest today is Matt Brauning, a writer for FORBES, a 2-time best selling author, and the host of the top charting podcast “The Driven Entrepreneur” on iTunes, a syndicated show that plays on 16 AM/FM stations coast to coast. Matt was filmed in the movie “The Journey” with Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor, and you’ve likely seen him on television as he's been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. He's been an entrepreneur since 2002, speaking all over the world including the US,...