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Ep 149: How to Stay Relevant in the Digital Era

Today we’re talking to Phil Treadwell, he’s the VP of Development, a Regional Manager, a national speaker, and is the host of the Mortgage Marketing Expert Podcast. Phil and I had a great conversation on current events in the mortgage industry, how to deal with romanticizing business of the past, and what factors go into choosing a modern lender. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did! Episode Resources: Mortgage Marketing Expert Podcast Industry Syndicate Fannie Mae Studies...


Ep 148: Closing Over 800 Loans with The No. 1 Female-Led Mortgage Team in AZ

My special guest today is Lizy Hoeffer, a senior LO with Guild Mortgage, who also happens to run THE #1 female-led mortgage team in Arizona. We talk about modern loan origination and how she’s created a digital presence through education, podcasting, and YouTube - which has helped her close 856 loans so far this year! Lizy is a rock star! But can you guess what her #1 source of business is? Listen in to find out! Episode Rescourses: Subscribe to Lizy on YouTube Follow...


Ep 147: Going All-In on Mobile To Win Consumers and Capture Agents

Today we’re chatting with Ben Teerlink, CEO and Founder of MobilityRe, about mobile apps for real estate. Ben speaks on how having a mobile first user experience decreases friction in the customer experience and how MobilityRe can increase the functionality in your business as a real estate agent or loan officer. Episode Resources: MobilityRe Website Get MobilityRe MMR Promotion MobilityRe Email MobilityRe Phone: 855-858-0590


Ep 146: The Power of a Personal Brand to Grow Your Business

Today we take a peek inside on the young new breed of modern mortgage originators. Our special guest is Eric Braun of the Long Island area in New York, we will discuss how he generates business with social media, his tactics of moving online to offline, and his Brew-Re events - mixing beers and real estate into professional networking. Listen in to defeat the loan officer average! Episode Resources: Eric Braun Facebook Eric Braun Instagram Brew-Re Event Instagram


Ep 145: The $200 Million Dollar Man on Building a High Trust Referral Business Closing 400 Loans

On today's episode we have veteran producer Kory Kavanewsky from Coronado, California. We unpack his strategies on his traditional mortgage origination with trusted referral partner relationships. We also get into financial planners and Kory's achievement of being licensed in 25 different states! Episode Resources: Kory Kavanewsky Facebook Kory Kavanewsky CMG Financial Website


Ep: 144: How to Get Started, Build Your Brand and Get Business from Instagram

Today we have owner of Berman Media PD, Michelle Berman. She is here to give us advice on building marketing campaigns, awareness, and referrals through Instagram. Being an expert in this platform along with a keen eye for helping real estate and mortgage professionals, listen in to hear what she has to say about using Instagram to build, grow, and monetize your business. Episode Resources: Berman Media PD: Instagram Power Method Module Michelle Berman Instagram


Ep 143: Lessons In Achieving The #1 Spot for Closed Units Statewide

My special guest today is Brian Case, join us as we unpack the tactics he’s used to generate abundant business for 22 years. We explore how he manages his team, utilization of BonBon, Lunch and Learns with agents, and his process of converting online applications into in-person meetings. We also touch on how he leverages homebot to get massive open rates, engagement, and referrals for himself and his realtor partners. Tune in now to hear advice from a top producer on workflow and...


Ep 142: Funding a Record $50-Million in a Single Month

On today's episode we have a special guest and industry leader Ryan Hills here to tell the tale of achieving the impressive $50 million in 30 days. He reflects on using the asset of being particular about the people you let on your team, and having an aware strategy that reflects the next step in the market. Ryan encourages to have a good reliable group that will be able to help each other up along the way, as well as the advantages of social and video to boost and connect with your target...


Ep. 141 - The Art of Making Things Happen in Your Business and Life

Today we have special guest, Steve Sims, and we dive into his enthusiastic take on the entrepreneurial and mortgage market, as well as some coaching insights. Steve delights in being a unique asset in a divided market of those stuck in the old ways, and those looking to change and communicate better within these progressing times. Steve encourages us in individuality, pushing people out of their comfort zone, and being transparent to get results in the modern mortgage market. Episode...


Ep. 140 - Featured PRO Members of the Month Funds 200+ Loans

Today, we speak with Rob & Jill Garrison, this duo combines mortgage & branding excellence to attract agents and brokers in assisting them to obtain the best mortgage experiences. We explore their career paths in the mortgage business, fostering relationships with agents, participating with new businesses in their community, and utilization of online tools such as Homesnap app. Thank you for being an encouraging aspect in our community, and congratulations on being PRO Members of the Month!...


Ep. 139 - My Industry Syndicate Interview!

Today my special guest is...Geoff Zimpfer!? That’s right! I was recently interviewed by my friends over at Industry Syndicate. They asked great, actionable questions and we dove deep into how to get started as an LO, having the right mindset for great relationships with Realtors, and focusing on connection rather than conversion. We also have a little fun and talk about some of the creative ways we’ve reached out to prospective leads! Episode Resources: Check out Industry Syndicate!


Ep. 138 - From the Vault...How to Go From 60 Funded Loans to 236 Loans in Record Time

My guest this week, Dominic Dangora, started in the purchase side of the business in 2013, and his first year did 16 loans. But Dominic went on from there and funded 60 loans in 2014. In 2015 he funded, 97 loans, 2016 he funded 198 loans. In 2017, he is tracking to do at least 236 units. That is massive hockey stick growth over a five year period. What did he put in place? What systems? What processes? What people did he identify and put on his team?


Ep. 137 - From The Vault...Our #1 Episode of All Time

My special guest this week is Debbie Secord and her Business Development Specialist Katie Shive. Debbie has 20 years in the business and is a Guild Mortgage Rockstar consistently closing about $65 million a year, helping 260 families in 2018. That’s a lot of loans! We’re gonna unpack lots of different things on this episode with the main focus being on Debbie’s REALTOR strategy of going deep versus wide with Agents. Biggest takeaways and links: Going Deep vs Wide With Agents Getting Started...


Ep. 136 - 3 Words to Focus on to Win More Deals

In today’s world there’s lots of challenges, disruptions, and expectations being set for the consumer and what it should be like to purchase a home. So how can you cut through the noise and close more deals? Customer, Clarity, and Communication. This episode gets tactical and practical as we dive into building the right mindset to do more with less, looking at many examples along the way. Episode Resources: The Conversion Code by Chris Smith


Ep. 135: What's The Future of Real Estate Marketing?

On this episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio our guest Chris Smith, co-founder of Curaytor best-selling author and sales connoisseur, encourages us to adapt to change or fight back when it’s comes to the future of real estate marketing. Smith explains how his work history and mentality helped mold him to be able to achieve all that he has set his sights on. He then details how to apply this knowledge to you and your marketing practices. Smith speaks on major assets towards success being...


Ep. 134 - Featured PRO Member of the Month Explodes Her Buyer Referrals by Teaching Agent Classes

Today we speak with our featured PRO Member of the Month Liz Reyes LeFore. We explore her starting smart, staying consistent with content & follow up's, and getting her classes booked for the rest of the year. She explores brand awareness for YouTube and BombBomb or Zoom for outreach to benefit her becoming stronger in her path. This especially works towards teaching others in her agent classes, and then in return the classes cycling back to more referrals and better business. Kudos to you...


Ep. 133 - Winning the Battle of Heroic Self vs Lesser Self

There are few things in life more defeating then making it to the end of something difficult only to realize you’ve screwed up...and have to start over. We’ve ALL been there before! And so the battle of the Heroic Self vs the Lesser Self begins. Today we talk about why we are the stories we tell ourselves and how you can take back control over negative self talk to win the battle over the lesser self.


Ep. 132 - From Firefighter to Top 1% Originator in Just Three Years

Welcome to the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast episode #132. Listen in as Geoff and his guest Shane Kidwell, a rising star in the mortgage industry and former fireman, chat about why technology is great but will never eclipse connection, how to nurture agent and referral partner relationships, and how to think strategically about growing your business and influence. Shane started in the industry just as it was coming out of the recession and hasn’t looked back. He’s grown his team to over...


Ep. 131 - How to Close 212 Loans with Agent Teams and Client Events

Welcome to the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast episode #131. Listen in as Geoff and his guest Ryan Smith, a loan officer with Guild Mortgage, chat about pursuing agent teams, the power of video marketing, and why reviews are so important. Ryan attributes hitting his highest producing year to date to the ideas and processes he’s learned in the CORE coaching model. He and his team work to originate loans efficiently and show their current, future, and past clients how important they are to...


Ep. 130 - How to Grow Your Business with Instagram

Listen in as Geoff and his guest Jenn Herman chat in detail about how to use Instagram for your business. Learn why Instagram is an important platform to use no matter if you’re a loan officer or real estate agent, how to use it properly, and when to use it. Jenn starts off the conversation with amazing statistics on why Instagram is the perfect platform for your real estate business. Instagram is a highly engaged platform that is essentially the visual version of Twitter. By using photos...