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The 85 Podcast 13 GO Month

On this very special episode of The 85 we bid a fond farewell to our Gazette partner, Nick Dumont. Josh and Zach play a game of Panther Predictions of Future Past. We have an indepth discussion with Vincent Ginski from the GGDC about GO Month coming in October. And Nick closes us out by hosting his last Inside the Pages. Please subscribe and follow us at @the85pod.


Ep. 12: Aug. 31 - Sept. 16

How is it already Labor Day? The summer, as always, has flown by. Celebrate the long weekend (and the weekend after) with our Go Gaston events and by checking out our list of the best disc golf courses in the area. Here's the full rundown: 0:00 - Introduction 1:39 - Discussing Charlotte Agenda's article on Gaston County's growth 4:02 - Go Gaston Events 8:54 - "High Five" counting down the 5 best places for disc golf 11:13 - "Inside the Pages" looks at the Gaston Gazette's top stories...


Ep. 11: Field trip to York Chester Brewing

The pod traveled to the banks of the Catawba River to host a show at York Chester Brewing. Due to the impromptu recording location, the audio quality isn't the greatest – but fortunately, our guests are! Check out the rundown to see who's featured: 1:13 - We discuss the viral #LoveGastonia movement 2:30 - We help you plan your upcoming week with Go Gaston events 4:55 - Speaking with Julia Roberts of York Chester Brewing 7:30 - Heidi Schmidt tells us about her paddleboarding company,...


Ep. 10: July 20-August 2

With the help of our listeners, we've made it to double digits! Welcome to episode 10 of The 85 Podcast. Here's a rundown of the show: 2:25 - Go Gaston events 5:20 - Interview with Vincent Ginski from the Greater Gaston Development Corporation 13:45 - Inside the Pages of the Gaston Gazette for a quiz (!) on which towns and cities in Gaston County are growing the quickest


Ep. 9: On-site at the Gaston Pour House

In this special episode, the gang goes to the Gaston Pour House to record the first off-campus podcast. We spoke with Pour House staff and regulars, counted down the best developments in and around Gaston County, and previewed the most exciting upcoming events.


Ep. 8: July 6-15

For our eighth episode we highlight the best local social media feeds you should be following, catch up with the coffee masterminds running Java House, and a former Gazette reporter who moved to Sin City shares how Las Vegas is different from Gas(tonia) Vegas.


Ep. 7: June 8-17

The seventh pod rings in the summer, as we scout the best local public pools, carnivals popping up in the area, and live music performances. One of those musical acts may sound especially familiar... Here's the rundown: 0:00 - Introducing the hosts and discussing the significance of mental health in the wake of recent local tragedies 3:45 - "High Five" counts down Gaston's best public pools 6:12 - "Go Go Gaston events" previews the best activities to kick off the summer 8:58 -...


Ep. 6: May 25-June 3

As the pod turns six episodes old, we'd like to wish a happy Memorial Day to our listeners and all military members who have served or are currently serving. Here's the rundown for the episode: 1:40 - Our "Go Go Gaston events" previewing activities for Memorial Day weekend and the week after 4:45 - "What’s Brewing?" interview with York Chester Brewing Company founder Jarvis Roberts 12:23 - "And... We’re Done" interview with Gastonia Grizzlies general manager David McDonald 19:35 -...


Week of May 14-20

Happy Mother's Day, Gaston County! Before you sit down with Mom to listen to our newest episode, check out our website at to see upcoming events, a full playlist of episodes and how to contact us. Without further ado, the rundown: 0:00 - Introducing episode #5 2:28 - Brainstorming how we can organize a Gaston County beerfest 3:23 - Go Go Gaston events 6:41 - Recapping the Gazette's "Best of Gaston" awards, which honor local businesses and people. 8:02 - Speaking with...


Week of April 23-29

Rundown for episode 4: - "Go Go Gaston events," previewing this weekend's fun activities. - Our "High Five" counting down the largest parks in the county. - A new segment, "What's Brewing?", featuring an interview with Rivermen Brewing Director of Brewing Operations David Gonzalez. - A look "Inside the Pages" of the Gaston Gazette to break down our coverage of the upcoming primary election on May 8. Remember to vote!


Week of April 9-15

The release of episode 3 coincides with The 85 Podcast's official website launch. Check it out – it's fun, we promise. In this episode we have: - "Go Go Gaston events," teasing fun activities for this weekend. - Our "High Five" countdown looking at local live music venues. - The "And We're Done" interview with Gaston Gazette sports editor Richard Walker. - A look "Inside the Pages" of the newspaper to discuss the Gazette's Best & Brightest competition.


Week of March 26 - April 1

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the second episode of The 85 Pod has dropped! This show has: - A preview of local weekend activities. - What are the first five Gaston-related Google results? - A quiz about Gaston towns and cities. - A look at (Re)Made in the Carolinas, a PBS Charlotte special featuring Gaston's mill towns. - Go inside the pages of The Gaston Gazette to learn about the county's oldest restaurants and how you can win a $25 gift card to your favorite eatery.


Week of March 12-18

The first episode of the Gaston Gazette's "The 85 Podcast" has arrived! Here's what we have in store for you: - A preview of local weekend activities. - Five things Gaston County is known for. - An interview with Steve D'Avria of the Gaston Regional Chamber. - A look at local connections to the upcoming NCAA baskebtall tournament.


Previewing The 85 Podcast

The 85 Podcast focuses on Gaston County culture – the who, what, when, where – and will launch the week of March 12th. Follow along on social media: Twitter: @the85pod Instagram: @the85pod