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11: 1-2 Punch: New Smash Bros. game for Switch?! feat. DJ Nintendo

We have special guest Hendrick "DJ Nintendo" Pilar from the Smash Melee scene join us to talk about Nintendo's hugely unexpected Super Smash Bros. announcement, the community's reaction, and what it'll take for the Melee community to move to the new game. Plus: Results from Final Round 2018, the start of the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 as well as the Tekken World Tour!


10: 1-2 Punch: Dragon Ball FighterZ gets Broly, Soul Calibur 6 Drama, and Tokido's Tears

Bandai Namco has been keeping pretty busy with a slew of new trailer releases for Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and teasing an unexpected cross-over character for Soul Calibur 6, what?! Plus: Kemonomichi 2 results, where Tokido's tears moved us all. Get the full scoop on 1-2 Punch!


9: 1-2 Punch: Talking ELEAGUE's Tekken tournament feat. Cuddle_Core

This week on 1-2 Punch, host Zorine chats to the captain of the winning team at ELEAGUE's Tekken Team Takedown tournament. ITS | CuddleCore joins to talk about her experience at the event, and what it felt like to lead her team to victory and pocket the $50,000 prize in the grand final.


8: 1-2 Punch: Soul Calibur 6 gets Ivy, upcoming CPT 2018 events

On episode 8 of 1-2 Punch, Zorine takes a look at the latest in fighting game news. Soul Calibur 6 reveals an iconic character returning, Dragon Ball FighterZ patch notes, and the start of CPT 2018 is almost upon us. Get all the news from 1-2 Punch!


7: 1-2 Punch: Capcom Pro Tour 2018 details revealed Feat. James Chen

On episode 7 of 1-2 Punch host Zorine brings the newest Dragon Ball FighterZ information with DLC characters Broly and Bardock announced. Plus special guest, Street Fighter commentator James Chen joins in to disseminate the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 announcement. Get the latest in FGC news on 1-2 Punch!


6: 1-2 Punch: Is Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite dying? Feat. Supernoon

Blanka is back in Street Fighter V?! Plus: special guest and pro Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite player Steve "The SuperNoon" Carbajal joins us to talk about the game's scene, the community's reaction to its exclusion from Evo 2018, and more. Get the latest Fighting Game Community news on 1-2 Punch!


5: 1-2 Punch: Evo USA 2018 games revealed, NuckleDu hints at new team

Time for a bit of CONTROVERSY! On episode 5 of 1-2 Punch, host Zorine examines the list of games that made it to the main event listing for Evo 2018 in the US. She also breaks down which games didn't make the cut and why. On the player movement side of things, Infiltration parts ways with his team, and NuckleDu hints at potentially joining one of the biggest esports organizations in North America! Get the full rundown on 1-2 Punch.


4: 1-2 Punch: EVO Japan Results, New Soul Calibur 6 Characters

On the latest episode of 1-2 Punch, host Zorine discusses the results of the highly anticipated first Evo Japan tournament, goes over the new announcements for Soul Calibur 6 and King of Fighters XIV, and looks at the phenomenal success of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Get the latest fighting game news on 1-2 Punch! #FNTSY #ESports #EvoJapan #DragonBallZ #SoulCalibur6 #KingofFightersXIV


3: 1-2 Punch: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Soul Calibur 6

On episode 3 of 1-2 Punch, host Zorine discusses the imminent release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, goes over the results of the first major Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition tournament, and of course looks at the upcoming Evo Japan tournament that is finally upon us! We also look at the new SFV: AE tier list from Japan's best players, Soul Calibur 6 features, and more. Have a listen and get the details on 1-2 Punch! #FNTSY #Esports #StreetFighterV #DragonBallZ #EvoJapan #SoulCalibur


2: 1-2 Punch: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, NuckleDu free agency

It's the second episode of 1-2 Punch, and happy Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition day! Zorine talks about the upcoming Evo Japan tournament, as well as local upcoming tournaments in the U.S. you should be keeping an eye on. We also look at the fighting game announcements that took place over the week, including a new game from SNK (it's not what you think!), a possible second DragonBall FighterZ open beta period, and more pro player movement, with Street Fighter pro NuckleDu announcing his...


1: 1-2 Punch: Capcom Cup, K-Brad leaving Evil Geniuses

On the inaugural episode of 1-2 Punch, host Zorine covers recent tournament results including Capcom Cup 2017, Battle for the Stones, and Cooperation Cup, as well as upcoming events that should be on your radar. We also break down a list of upcoming new release games and patches coming up, and round up the latest FGC-focused news such as K-Brad departing Evil Geniuses, Madcatz making a runback, and much more--all delivered right into your earholes. Hurray! #FNTSY #ESports #Capcom #CapcomCup...