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Episode 57 - The Hiatus Edition

We are Back!!! After a Hiatus, Rod and AL are back to "full speed ahead". We are still working through apps for the best audio so no guest on this week. AND in this weeks show, we talk about... drum roll... Teams is free! Yes, Free. Soo much of Awesome. AND, Groupify is finally here. Lastly, some hardware news, the usual Flow stuff and lots of the same goodness!


Ignite Podcast - 2 Guys And SharePoint - Metalogix And Content Panda

Yes, we were at Ignite and we did a show at the Podcast center!! How awesome is that! Gran the video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_aloDyzUdw&t=26s So the story goes as follows: We managed to get the CEO of Metalogix, Trevor Hellebuyck and Heather Newman, the CMO of Content Panda to talk about the impact of Teams on traditional content management. As always, some news, this time announcements from Ignite. AND much much more!


Episode 42 - Need we say More - The State of ECM with Warren Marks

42 Episodes in. Who would have thought. Thanks to all our listeners. Without you, it would just be AL and Rod talking shop like they do all the time. We caught up with our Heckler, the formidable Warren Marks to gauge where the world of Microsoft is after the restructure announcements at Inspire. As always we cover the news, talking Cloud App Security, the new iPad Yammer app, OneNote Classroom inside of Teams and much, much more.


Episode 41 - Ignite Leadup - MFA and SP Flows

AL disappears to Los Angeles to a secret client but posts all over the interwebs. There's no guest this week as we lead up to the largest geekfest on the planet, Microsoft Ignite, 25th to 29th September 2017. w00t!! AND we will be podcasting live from there! Super Amped! However, the show must go on; we talk about Ignite and the lead up, we cover what little news there was, we talk MFA, SharePoint document library flows, and cover the local scene. We love our listeners. Apparently its a...


Episode 40 - Dynamics Quest with Chris HuntingFord - OneDrive 101

We managed to track down the man with the greatest voice over vocals in the IT industry. None other than the infamous Chris HuntingFord. That's Ford with a capital F. Our tattoo'ed CRM God chats to us about how the technology has progressed and morphed into the Dynamics 365 icon in the Office 365 app Launcher. We also launched 2 new segments. Rod now does "Go with the Flow" instead of PowerShell and AL does something stupid called "New Features AL did not know about, of the week"... As...


Episode 39 - Microsoft Inspire Top 5 takeaways - Microsoft 365

In this weeks show, we kept it all about the latest news from Microsoft. Enter Microsoft 365. Rod and AL covers what it means, how much the Microsoft world is worth to Partners and how everything is moving at pace, to the cloud. They also talk about Azure Stack been shipped with appliances from DELL, HP and Lenovo which is very cool. As always, there's more Office 365 news, some cool updates and also SQL Server 2017 moving ahead with its first RC. Grab it now!


Episode 38 - Matthew Hughes - Microsoft Inspire Recap - New O365 Apps

Episode 38, the Londoner, Matthew Hughes is on the show. AL spent the week with him at Microsoft Inspire. They chat about how media influences purchasing and his business partner Adam King takes us through his experience with the Microsoft Community. We cover the breaking news from Microsoft Inspire, including the new Microsoft 365, the new partner program and the new Business Premium Apps being released for Small Businesses, and much much more.


Episode 37 - Communication Sites Lowdown - AddOns Competition

AL is off to Microsoft Inspire so we did a quick show this week. He also had something to say about Microsoft's new Communication Sites roll out for SharePoint Online, which we breakdown for the listeners. Also, our very first competition. We want to know from you, what your favourite SharePoint AddOn is. Our Top 5 listeners will receive our very first 2 Guys and SharePoint t-shirt later next month. Comment here or on Facebook.


Episode 36 - Nicolas Blank has taken over - Communication sites, and more

Our first MCM on the show! Goosebumps. AND he is one of only 8 Exchange MCM/MVP combo's on the planet. *Big Deal*. With AL travelling to Cape Town to track down the one and only Nicolas Blank, Rod had been waiting for the interview so that he and AL could do the rest of the show. Instead Nic hijacked this weeks entire show. AL chatted to him about his role changing from traditional Exchange to more business consulting. We also cover the latest news, including a wrap up of last month's...


Episode 35 blooper reel - This is a must listen

The way the show works, Alistair does pretty much nothing except suffer from verbal diarrhea every week and Rod is left with making the show sound as good as it does. Our "Easter egg" is during the closing audio in the form of the blooper reel that Rod adds after ripping out all the nonsense. Most episodes have it. This one is arguably the best. Go scan through the others now!!


Episode 35 - The Vlad Catrinescu - Stream and more

The Vlad is here people. We have him on the show! Hot off the back of the SHARE Conference in South Africa. The man with "the sexiest lisp in IT" quote--unquote, talks to us about the move from ITPro to Business Consultants and what impact he is seeing with the grown of citizen developers in the Office 365 space. We cover the Stream GA announcement this week, Microsoft Dictate and our other usual segments. Don't forget the blooper reel after the closing track.


Episode 34 - When Jonty Strolls into Town - All about migration

The man with the largest, uhm, knowledge about migrations to and from SharePoint, Mr Jonty Collins, climbed into our mobile studio this week to talk about where the world is regarding migration and how we in SA compare to Australia. This week is very apt as South Africa prepares for the arrival of Microsoft Datacenters in Johannesburg and Cape Town. As always we cover the usual weekly Office 365 and other Microsoft news, and a lot, lot more.


Episode 33 - The SharePoint Framework Edition + AL is back!

Look ma, a new toolchain! Oh and AL is back from his EuroTrip. This week we chat to Sébastien Levert, the happiest guy in SharePoint. He has fallen in love with Intranets and wants you to love his Intranet. Makes sense that he works at Valo. We talk all things "moving to the SPFx" and also cover the usual news from the world of Microsoft.


Episode 32 - Guest Host News Special

Al is away globe-trotting, so Odd and special guest host Paul Keys talk about all the SharePoint and Office 365 news you need.


Episode 30 - The Hottest Man in SharePoint, McM Brandon Botes, on Image Capture

Where have the months gone. This is a special Man Crush Monday edition with the only McM in the SharePoint world, Mr Brandon Robert Botes. He talks to us about the state of the Paperless Office in South Africa, and the rest of MEA. We cover SQL 2017, new Dynamics/LinkedIn integration, Office 365 Use Case Guildance, and all of the latest news.


Episode 29 - The Datacenter Issue with Jozua Joubert and a bumper news edition

Do you even Datacenter Bro? Is this still a thing with all of the cloudness going on? Well we find out by chatting to the only certified Datacenter guy we know, Jozua Joubert. Oh and he actually does SharePoint in real life. AND he worked in Adult Entertainment... That plus mental news about Azure, O365 Labels, new updates to Office Online Server, MS Cognitive Services and much much more.


Episode 28 - What is Enterprise Information Management and how it applies to us.

After 27 episodes, we realized that we haven't really covered the science and theory behind what we talk about every week, Enterprise Information Management. So, EP28 is dedicated to dissecting what makes up EIM and how it applies to what we, AND you do. As always, we bring you the latest news, including Group retention, CodePlex info and much much more.


Episode 27 - Mr Thirsty, Andrew Shough, Lanteria, Dynamics CRM and much more

Our greatest fan, Andrew Shough, pronounce like "cough" according to his dad, finally came onto the show and wowsers... He has an Engineering Degree, is a dev and knows SharePoint and CRM. Why did we not get him on sooner. He shares his wealth of knowledge about SharePoint and CRM with us. Added to that, we cover the latest news, including a very popular feature, Product Find of the Week which in this week's show is Lanteria, an HR product for SharePoint. AND!! You can now find us on...


Episode 26 - More Teams, Azure Bootcamp, March O365 Roundup

Can you believe that we are past a quarter century! In celebrating this, we do not have a guest this week on the show. We do cover all the great things happening in the Microsoft space. A.K.A. "Your weekly news digest". This week we cover, More Teams, Tech Summit Copenhagen, Tech Community information, the upcoming Azure bootcamp in Jozi, Microsoft AI (Yes, again), Bookings, and MS FindTime. How is it that even without a guest, we can still hit more than 30 minutes of stuff!


Episode 25 - The Yammer show with Mel and Becky

Yes, they have taken over the show. AND we love it! Two of the brightest "recreational IT" people on the planet, Melanie Hohertz and Becky Benishek talk to us about all things Yammer. Suffice to say, we go the real version, not the Microsoft version of what Yammer is and how to implement an Enterprise Social Network the right way. Amy, you were missed! We needed you to keep it sane. As always, we have news on Teams, Outages, some cool stuff for Outlook on Mac and much, much more!