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90 Day Fiance super- fan podcast!

90 Day Fiance super- fan podcast!
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90 Day Fiance super- fan podcast!




90 Day Fiance The Other Way S1 E7 + Happily Ever After S4 E11

Laura is done shopping for Coochie Cream and reality sets in as she prepares to leave for Qatar; Ronald breaks ALL the rules during his bachelor party (no strippers!); Larissa needs to learn the definition of passive aggressive; Sumit washes Jenny’s hair. Get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp, go to BetterHelp.com/craycray Try a better way to get birth control with Simple Health by going to simplehealth.com/CRAYCRAY or just enter code CRAYCRAY at checkout to get $20 prescription fee...


90 Day Fiance The Other Way S1 E6 + Happily Ever After S4 E10

Corey arrives in pig town and pretends to be surprised like it’s the first time he’s been there; We meet Aladdin and he’s incredible; Laura goes to a sex shop; Deavan has a meltdown in the airport; Ashley calls the police to return the teenager she got from Jamaica. Get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp, go to BetterHelp.com/craycray Interested in extended, bonus, and ad-free episodes? Visit Patreon.com/realitycraycray Follow us on Instagram at @realitycraycray and @going.kyle


90 Day Fiance The Other Way S1 E5 + HEA S4 E9 + Ludwing!

Evelin fails to meet Corey at the airport; We finally meet Deavan and Jihoon (and Bbakki the dog!); Ashley and Jay have a fabricated tattoo-bathroom-sex-scandal that we MUST talk about. Betterhelp offers affordable, convenient counseling via text, chat, phone, or video. Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/craycray Get 20% off wireless earbuds at BuyRaycon.com/craycray - This is a great deal and Raycons are seriously awesome. Contact us at 90dayfiancenews.com with any feedback or...


90 Day Fiance The Other Way S1 E4 + Happily Ever After S4 E8

Ludwing wins MVP of this episode with his amazing (and terrifying) grilled cheese recipe; Laura reveals she's already married to Aladin; Tiffany's son yearns for South African candy; Karine stuns us with her English progress; Jenny and Sumit continue to be adorable. Thank you Openfit for sponsoring this episode! Text craycray to 303030 to get a FREE 30-day trial of OpenFit! Swimsuit season is upon us, people... Follow us on Instagram at @90dayfiancecraycray and @going.kyle Join our Patreon...


90 Day Fiance The Other Way S1 E3 + Happily Ever After S4 E7

Laura catfished her husband and then shaved his head; Sumit makes a terrifying visit to his parents; Corey has to get shots from Nurse Tony at the travel clinic, and he also might die of malaria; Pedro and Chantel DEFINITELY need to get a divorce. Thank you to our sponsors, Betterhelp and Lola! For 40% off all subscriptions, visit mylola.com and enter CRAYCRAY when you subscribe. (Seriously, it's awesome.) Betterhelp offers affordable, convenient counseling via text, chat, phone, or video....


90 Day Fiance The Other Way S1 E1 + Happily Ever After S4 E6

The Other Way is finally here!! We talk about the four new couples debuted on The Other Way Episode 1, and catch up on the most dramatic parts of HEA. Thank you ScentBird for sponsoring this episode! Go to scentbird.com/90day to try your first cologne or perfume for just $7.50. Follow up on Instagram @90dayfiancecraycray Join our Patreon at patreon.com/realitycraycray


90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After S4 E5 + What Now (Molly)

Colt delivers lines poorly written by production; Nicole's stepdad asks her the questions that everyone has been screaming out loud in their houses while watching this show; Pedro takes ten shots and does drunk ITMs; We don't remember anything about Ashley, Jay, Pao or Russ. Join our Patreon for extended and bonus episodes! https://www.patreon.com/Realitycraycray Follow us on Instagram @90dayfiancecraycray


90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After S4 E4

Larissa bargains for lip injections that are 2.5x her monthly budget; Nickel reminds us that she has a normal friend; Elizabeth and Andrei instigate mass insanity among viewers; absolutely nothing happens with Pao and Russ; Pedro and Chantel PLEASE DEAR GOD GET A DIVORCE. Get 10% off your first month at Betterhelp.com/craycray! Betterhelp offers affordable, convenient counseling via text, chat, phone, or video. Get 10% off your first month at better help.com/craycray. Follow us on Instagram...


90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After S4 E3

Nickel FaceTimes Azan to tell him she’s purchasing an avocado (ostensibly for the first time EVER); Ashley has a fake date with some guy that’s 55% better than Jay; Larissa chooses a court-appropriate outfit; Andre is still angry about life. Visit scentbird.com/90day to try your first perfume for my $7.50! Join our Patreon at patreon.com/realitycraycray


90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After S4 E2 + What Now? S3 David + Annie

River shows off his cool beats while Chantel continues to blame Pedro for everything; Nickel reveals Azan got rejected from a country (South Korea) where he doesn’t even need a visa to get into; Colt goes on a date with his mother. We also cover David and Annie from What Now? S3, and review the fight between River and Pedro (briefly). Our sponsor for this episode is OpenFit, an easy streaming service that allows you to work out from anywhere in as little as 10 minutes a day. Text ‘craycray’...


90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After S4 E1 + What Now? S3 Tarik + Hazel

We’re back with Happily Ever After Season 4! Jay gets thrown out of the car; Nickle tells us THERE IS NO BEAUTY STORE; Chantel blames Pedro for everything; Andrei still doesn’t like Libby’s sisters; Tarik blesses us with a recap of Round The Way Girl, and we also learn some very important news about Brother Dean. Visit betterhelp.com/craycray for 10% off your first month of counseling.


90 Day Fiancé - What Now? S3

Kim and Kyle are back with a special ad-free episode to kick off HEA and What Now? Season 3! With Happily Ever After Season 3 right around the corner, Kim and Kyle warm up the season with a review of 3 couples' storylines from What Now? S3. Which 3 couples? You'll have to listen to find out! Continuous weekly episodes from here on out, as we run through Happily Ever After, 90 Day The Other Way, Before the 90 Days S3, and 90 Day Fiancé S7. Game of Thrones recaps here (they're public!):...


90 Day Fiancé - February Gossip, Babies, Drama, & More

We talk all the Colt and Larissa, Ashley and Jay, and Jonathan and Fernanda drama, PLUS who’s had babies, and what’s coming next for 90 Day. Kim also talks with Erin Martin from Pink Shade. https://www.pinkshadewitherinmartin.com/ Thank you to our sponsors: Handy: Need help cleaning your house? Visit handy.com/craycray and use promo code craycray to get your first 3-hour cleaning for $39! Simple Health: Better access to birth control! Visit simplehealth.com/craycray and get the $20...


90 Day Fiancé - S6 Tell All - Part 2

Everyone can rejoice now that the season is over, even though we don’t know what will happen with Larissa. Please support our sponsors! Zola: To start your free wedding website and get $50 your wedding registry on Zola, go to Zola.com/craycray Myro: get 50% off your first order and get started today for just $5! Visit mymyro.com/craycray and use promo code craycray Lola: Get 40% off your customizable tampon subscription box at mylola.com/craycray and use code craycray Sling TV: As always,...


90 Day Fiancé - S6 Tell All - Part 1

Polish Father in Law gives cast members advice, Kyle tries to figure out where he can buy a butt, and everyone speculates if TLC production paid an airline employee to lose Larissa’s luggage. Join us for the Tell All recap - Part 1! Because this season ain’t over, folks! Still one more week to go! Find Erin Martin at PinkShadeWithErinMartin.com - to Listen to her Cult Talk with Erin Martin podcast, here’s the link on Apple Podcasts:...


90 Day Fiancé - S6 E11 - Parts 1 + 2

In the Season 6 Finale, we see a lot of weddings with fewer than 10 guests, lost pants, and Larissa's mug shot. SimpleHealth: Try SimpleHealth.com and get your birth control delivered to your door without interruption. Get the $20 prescription fee waived on SimpleHealth.com/craycray or use code craycray at checkout.


90 Day Fiance - S6 E10 - Where Truth Lies

Kalani describes her favorite feature about Asuelu, Larissa and Debbie get their nails done, Jay gets bored and (doesn't?) cheat on Ashley, Steven proposes to Olga. Ad free episode! We catch up on all the best evuhdens pre and post-holiday.


90 Day Fiance - S6 E9 - Backed Into a Corner

Things are tumbling downhill very quickly as every couple turns into a complete shitty dumpster fire that I barely want to watch at all; Nearly everyone is threatening to call the police; Mama Tania proves herself to be the most reasonable person on this show. SimpleHeath: Get birth control online at SimpleHealth.com/craycray and use discount code craycray waive the $20 prescription fee. Modcloth: Use discount code craycray to get 15% off your order of $100 or more (one time only) at...


90 Day Fiance - S6 E8 - No Way Out

In Episode 8: Larissa goes wedding dress shopping at a store where there are zero dresses in her budget; Cousin Lea shows up sans flower headband; Leida asks Eric to disown his children and give her $1000 a month instead; and Steven finds the best (Russian) immigration lawyer ever on this show. Sign up for Poshmark with code 90dayfiance and get $5 your first order on Poshmark.com or the Poshmark app! Check out one listener’s handle at @ariannacristine ! Visit takecareof.com and get 25% off...


90 Day Fiance - S6 E7 - Ready To Run

Larissa nearly dies of heat exposure while driving in Coltee’s car; Eric is emasculated during a visit to the florist; Sister Kalani has some amazing facial expressions; and I end up googling the conversion rate of the Indonesian Rupiah after learning Leida’s last wedding cost $300,000. BETTERHELP: Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/craycray with promo code craycray TEAMI SKINCARE: Get 20% off your first order with teamiblends.com with code craycray. Detox mask here >...