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90 Day Fiance super- fan podcast!

90 Day Fiance super- fan podcast!
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90 Day Fiance super- fan podcast!




90 Day Fiancé - February Gossip, Babies, Drama, & More

We talk all the Colt and Larissa, Ashley and Jay, and Jonathan and Fernanda drama, PLUS who’s had babies, and what’s coming next for 90 Day. Kim also talks with Erin Martin from Pink Shade. https://www.pinkshadewitherinmartin.com/ Thank you to our sponsors: Handy: Need help cleaning your house? Visit handy.com/craycray and use promo code craycray to get your first 3-hour cleaning for $39! Simple Health: Better access to birth control! Visit simplehealth.com/craycray and get the $20...


90 Day Fiancé - S6 Tell All - Part 2

Everyone can rejoice now that the season is over, even though we don’t know what will happen with Larissa. Please support our sponsors! Zola: To start your free wedding website and get $50 your wedding registry on Zola, go to Zola.com/craycray Myro: get 50% off your first order and get started today for just $5! Visit mymyro.com/craycray and use promo code craycray Lola: Get 40% off your customizable tampon subscription box at mylola.com/craycray and use code craycray Sling TV: As always,...


90 Day Fiancé - S6 Tell All - Part 1

Polish Father in Law gives cast members advice, Kyle tries to figure out where he can buy a butt, and everyone speculates if TLC production paid an airline employee to lose Larissa’s luggage. Join us for the Tell All recap - Part 1! Because this season ain’t over, folks! Still one more week to go! Find Erin Martin at PinkShadeWithErinMartin.com - to Listen to her Cult Talk with Erin Martin podcast, here’s the link on Apple Podcasts:...


90 Day Fiancé - S6 E11 - Parts 1 + 2

In the Season 6 Finale, we see a lot of weddings with fewer than 10 guests, lost pants, and Larissa's mug shot. SimpleHealth: Try SimpleHealth.com and get your birth control delivered to your door without interruption. Get the $20 prescription fee waived on SimpleHealth.com/craycray or use code craycray at checkout.


90 Day Fiance - S6 E10 - Where Truth Lies

Kalani describes her favorite feature about Asuelu, Larissa and Debbie get their nails done, Jay gets bored and (doesn't?) cheat on Ashley, Steven proposes to Olga. Ad free episode! We catch up on all the best evuhdens pre and post-holiday.


90 Day Fiance - S6 E9 - Backed Into a Corner

Things are tumbling downhill very quickly as every couple turns into a complete shitty dumpster fire that I barely want to watch at all; Nearly everyone is threatening to call the police; Mama Tania proves herself to be the most reasonable person on this show. SimpleHeath: Get birth control online at SimpleHealth.com/craycray and use discount code craycray waive the $20 prescription fee. Modcloth: Use discount code craycray to get 15% off your order of $100 or more (one time only) at...


90 Day Fiance - S6 E8 - No Way Out

In Episode 8: Larissa goes wedding dress shopping at a store where there are zero dresses in her budget; Cousin Lea shows up sans flower headband; Leida asks Eric to disown his children and give her $1000 a month instead; and Steven finds the best (Russian) immigration lawyer ever on this show. Sign up for Poshmark with code 90dayfiance and get $5 your first order on Poshmark.com or the Poshmark app! Check out one listener’s handle at @ariannacristine ! Visit takecareof.com and get 25% off...


90 Day Fiance - S6 E7 - Ready To Run

Larissa nearly dies of heat exposure while driving in Coltee’s car; Eric is emasculated during a visit to the florist; Sister Kalani has some amazing facial expressions; and I end up googling the conversion rate of the Indonesian Rupiah after learning Leida’s last wedding cost $300,000. BETTERHELP: Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/craycray with promo code craycray TEAMI SKINCARE: Get 20% off your first order with teamiblends.com with code craycray. Detox mask here >...


90 Day Fiance - S6 E6 - Flirting With Disaster

Coltee is attention-whoring; Sarah-with-the-Glasses brings out some seriously delicious-looking cake; Jay is bored as f*ck in Mechanicsburg; Asuelu’s boohole hurts after learning to ride a bike; drama ensues between Leida and Daughter Eric. Hint Water: Visit hint.com/craycray and use promo code cray cray to get 36 bottles for $36. BetterHelp: Get 10% off your first month at BetterHelp.com/craycray and use promo code craycray. Poshmark: Use invite code 90dayfiance to get $5 off your first...


90 Day Fiancé - S6 E5 - Not What I Thought

Kalani teaches us how to eat Cheetos in the car; Fernanda and Jonathan make a soft core porn in a gym; Indonesian-father-in-law talks about suitable living conditions for humans; Larissa and Coltee go sexy car shopping; Russian Doctor makes fun of Steven for crying; Jay teaches us to all appreciate pickles waaaay more than we ever have. Subscribe to Reality Cray Cray (for extended episodes), Love After Lockup Cray Cray and Married at First Sight Cray Cray. Thank you to everyone who has left...


90 Day Fiancé - S6 E4 - I Know What You Did

Debbie and Larissa fail at purchasing furniture that isn’t a snowman; Steven is relegated to hospital paperwork while Olga gives birth; Fernanda lets her inner telenovela shine; Asuelu talks about his sexy moves; Leida finally learns the English expression “hoarder.” NEW PODCASTS: - Subscribe to Love After Lockup Cray Cray - Subscribe to Married At First Sight Cray Cray - If you want EVERYTHING plus extended versions, subscribe to Reality Cray Cray, which will be available everywhere on...


90 Day Fiancé - S6 E3 - Rough Landings

Jonathan got hangers, people; Steven is the first person on this show to ever bring a reasonable amount of luggage; Asuelu searches for coconuts; Larissa wants a big-ee house with a pool; Mama Deb schools Larissa about breakfast. Get $5 off when you sign up at Poshmark.com with code 90dayfiance Get 30% off your entire first order at SmartandSexy.com with code cray cray


90 Day Fiancé - S6 E2 - Young And Restless

This week we experience not one… not two… but THREE airport meet-and-greets, including a dance that impressed everyone - except its intended audience. We also witness a little too much pre-giving-her-the-D in a hotel room, poorly packed luggage, Colt having emotions for the first time, and Larissa’s extreme affinity for flowers. Greenchef.us/craycray - get $50 off your first box! Smartandsexy.com - use promo code craycray to get 30% off your first order!


90 Day Fiance - S6 E1 - The Clock is Tickin'

This week we met a man/boy who produces orgasms with nothing but a tattoo needle, a sassy 19-year-old who reportedly ‘has opinions,’ a man with a cat named cookie-dough that he dresses up… in dresses, an Orange County-bound Samoan, and a former Marine who is dying to kick his daughter the f*ck out of his apartment to make room for his new wife. Find Erin Martin at https://www.pinkshadewitherinmartin.com. She does housewives recaps on Reality Tea as well! Subscribe to her new podcast Cult...


90 Day Fiance - Before The 90 Days - Tell All

Learn prison finger-pointing etiquette, how to wear your pants the correct length, how to choose the WRONG color foundation for television, and when it IS appropriate to ask your partner for a DNA test. In this episode we wrap up 90 Day Fiance - Before the 90 Days Season 2 with ALL the gossip from the Tell All. Visit Poshmark.com or download the Poshmark app and use invite code 90dayfiance to get $5 off your first purchase. (Hint, hint, Rachel!)


90 Day Fiance - Before the 90 Days - S2 E10

Angela wants a quickie, Hazel recites part of Tarik's famous rap, Jon and Rachel make out a lot, and Jesse and Darcey have make-up sex (DON'T DENY IT JESSE). Also... a super cool interview with 90 Day Fiance Reddit & Instagram Hero, Katie_not_holmes, dishes on her encounter with Sticky Ricky.


90 Day Fiance - Before The 90 Days - S2 E9 (With Guest Host Kyle's Wife)

With special guest Kyle's wife! Michael seems like he's destined to meet Trump, Ricky drowns, Jon is a dumbass, Darcey and Jesse suck, Tarik proves he is a rap god, and I actually feel feelings about what happens with Paul. Sorry about any audio weirdness - we didn't record this in Kim's beautiful and amazing podcast studio. Support friend of the pod Victoria here: http://gf.me/u/mk9k95


BONUS EPISODE: 90 Day Fiance - Season 6 - Couples Preview!

In this bonus episode, we review all the Season 6 couples to prepare for October 21. Kim is in England this week, but we'll be back next week to review Episodes 9 and 10 of Before the 90 Days Season 2.


90 Day Fiance - Before the 90 Days - S2 E8

Michael drives Angela back to Lagos (without charging her a BJ); Ximena (sort of) forgives Ricky; Marta and Daya say 3 words to each other; and someone on this show actually f*kcing eats something.


90 Day Fiance - Before the 90 Days - S2 E7

Jesse describes his love for refills; Michael becomes the first person to lie about NOT cheating; Ricky takes Ximena to an island so she can’t escape; and we meet single-mom-exotic-dancer-catholic Marta, FINALLY. Visit 90dayfiancenews.com for recaps and @90dayfiancecraycray on Instagram.