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The Tribe feat. Jackson Wahengo

This week on our #TribeExclusive we explore the sound and musical world of Namibian guitarist - Jackson Wahengo (https://www.facebook.com/jacksonwahengo/) - whose music is heavily rooted in the African tradition, blended with contemporary urban sounds, jazz, zouk and reggae – a musical fusion that has proven attractive to audiences. He shares on his musical influences as a child and finding solace in his instrument.


The Tribe feat. Adora

This week we touch base with Namibia's Sweetheart and award winning artist - Adora (@AdoraKisting). She talks staying consistent and working hard on her upcoming studio album. She also talks on creating a presence where she is not known and staying in the hearts of Namibian's...


The Tribe feat. 4X4 Too Much Power

This week on the Tribe we touch base with FanFan Mandende (@Fanfan Mandende) from 4x4 Too Much Power who have been bring true African Rumba to the Land of the Brave for the last 28 years.


The MYD Show – Discussing Tolerance with Professor Peter Katjavivi Part 1

Professor Peter Katjavivi, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Namibia and the chancellor of the Namibia University of Science and Technology, holds many wisdoms and life lessons through the rich tapestry that makes up his life journey thus far. In this episode of the MYD Show we have a frank conversation, where the Professor shares about his childhood, his influencers, his challenges and more that have moulded his life. In this two part show, Professor Peter Katjavivi discusses his view...


MYD Earth - The CEO on the link between wildlife and a strong Namibian economy

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, the CEO of the Namibian Chamber of Environment Dr. Chris Brown, shares with us now about the link between wildlife and a strong Namibian economy, a possible solution to Rhino poaching for Namibia as well as an exciting new citizen scientist project where you are being asked to help gather scientific data


The MYD Show - Love and Knowledge with Otto Kapuka

Otto Kapuka is a son of the soil who comes from humble beginnings, born and raised in the North of Namibia where he spent most of his days at the cattle post. Today Otto is a Motivational Speaker, a business owner whose business focuses on unlocking human potential through development, and is an author who has just published his first book. In this episode of the MYD Show, Otto shares with us on the power of self-knowledge as a driving force in actualizing your dreams.


The Tribe feat. Ngai-I!

This week - It's all a musical trap when we touch base with Namibia's most recent addition to the HipHop fraternity - Nga-I - The Ovi-Trap Chief and Kurama hit maker.


The MYD Show - Love and Knowledge with Meunajo Tjiroze

A passion for social transformation, the technical director at the Office of the First Lady, with a background of being a counsellor to offenders at the Correctional Services in Namibia, Meunajo Tjiroze, joined us for this episode of the MYD Show. Meunajo was born in exile, to political activist parents. Her mother who in her early life was a housekeeper, instilled a strong sense of radical empathy in Meunajo. This together with her experiences in life and her desire to contribute to the...


The MYD Show – Love and Knowledge with Ben Schernick

Ben Schernick was a police officer before he became a social worker, and has assisted many Namibians as a trainer for non-violent conflict resolution. As the founder of Co-Create Change Consultancies Ben joined us for this episode of the MYD Show, to talk about his journey from the police force to become to become an expert on conflict. He shares here too, the mistakes we make in conflict situations, as well as some of the key tools in conflict resolution.


The Tribe feat. Paradox

From 'Introducing Porchmunki' to 'The Known UnKnown II', this award winning Namibian Hip Hop duo has kept true to heart and their art. Known individually as Cassidy and Toufi and together as Paradox (@paradoxworldwide), they have done nothing but break the hearts of other rappers who never thought they would make it. From working with South African Hip Hop bomb Ricky Rick on their last project to putting out a steller follow up of their award winning mixtape, this time around titled 'The...


MYD Earth - The CEO on Plastics and Human-Lion Conflict

In this episode of the MYD Earth show Dr Chris Brown, the CEO of the Namibian Chamber of Environment, shares with us on the upcoming projects at the Namibia Chamber of Environment. Included in these chats is a discussion about the plan for plastics, and clean ups of Namibian cities as well as a chat about our Lions and mitigation of human wildlife conflict.


The Tribe feat. D-Jay

This week on the Exclusive we go hard as we touch base with Namibian HipHop Champion - D-Jay. Joining us to tell us more about his long awaited album - Champion. The good, the bad and the ugly of getting it out and making it available. Active in the Namibian HipHop fraternity since 2006, he shares his view on the industry now and how it has changed.


The MYD Show – Love and Knowledge with Treza Cooper

In this episode of the MYD Show we chat to Treza Cooper shares her story. Treza is an acclaimed Namibian Singer and an On-Air Radio DJ on 99FM. Having grown up in a children’s home after her Mother passed away when she was twelve years old, Treza is no stranger to difficulties. Her perseverance and ability to follow her passion no matter what, sees her today living the life of her dreams.


The MYD Show - Love and Knowledge with Patrick Sam

Social Transformation is what was discussed in this week’s episode of the MYD Show with the help of Patrick Sam. Chairperson of the National Arts Council of Namibia, a Broadcast Journalist, Poet, and Writer, Patrick is also a Social Activist who holds a Masters Degree in International Education Systems.


The Tribe feat. Dice

This week on the Tribe Exclusive we touch base with Namibian Hip Hop artist and actor on the Third Will - Dice. He talks the HipHop Hype in the Namibian HipHop fraternity and killing it on Trace Africa.


MYD Earth - Conversing for Conservation

What the effects of sensational messages sent on social media is in the work done in conservation, was what was discussed in this episode of the MYD Earth Show with the help of Felix Vallat from TOSCO, Tourism Supporting Conservation. Felix, who is also a partner in the Desert Adapted Lion Conservation Programme, shares here too about what is happening in Namibia regarding Lion conservation with the World having recently celebrated World Wildlife Day under the theme 'Big Cats: Predators...


The MYD Show – Love and Knowledge with Sandra Mwiihangele

Starting off the first episode of Season 4 of the MYD Show, we were joined in studio by the Founder of Kiyomisandz Beauty Products, Sandra Mwiihangele. This powerhouse Namibian woman was selected by Forbes Africa as one of the top 30 under 30 on the continent, and in this episode she shares how despite her extensive success today, she too once felt like she was a failure. In this episode she shares how she overcame her self doubts and stepped into her power.


The Tribe feat. Patrick Sam

This week on the Tribe exclusive we get to know Patrick Sam - The Art Activist. He joins us as we speak of the artistic culture in Namibia, where we are today and how we move forward into a futuristic Africa.


MYD Earth – Ethos of Ancient

Dr Margaret Jacobsohn is a Namibian writer, anthropologist and community-based conservation specialist. Co-founder of Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC), an authority on the social organization and cultural economy of the semi-nomadic Himba people of Namibia and Angola and a highly awarded conservationist, Dr Jacobsohn joined us for this episode of the MYD Earth Show, to talk about the wisdom in ancient cultures and how being solutions driven is the answer to...


The Tribe feat. Desert Films

This week we show love to the guys behind the scenes who capture the moments and build visual pictures for Namibian music. One such production company is Desert Films who was founded by Errol Geingob many years ago. Errol joins us on the Tribe Exclusive this week to talk his passion for bringing music to life, the does and don'ts of video production and how to get your video played on Trace Africa.