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The ABVIuS Globe Trekkers Part 3

Adam & Karan's Travel Tips 1:00 to 13:00 1)Pack Light 2)Pack extra Underwear and socks 7:10 ratio 7 nights to 10 pairs of both 3)Pack your Travel Toiletries 4)Don't Bring Guns on the Plane 5)Download your Airlines App- you never know when you can't print something 6)Beware of TSA screening Procedure Don't be "THAT" Guy 8)Consider Travelers Insurance- Contact your Credit Card company and know how they can help you travel. Where has Adam been? 13:00 to 18:00 Egypt! Layovers in London &...


Episode 14: Spooktacular Sounds of Halloween

Halloween Episode: What got ABVIUS into Spooky stuff: 0:00 to 12:00 Goosebumps Video Games The impact of music on horror media Tori's Horror Memories 9:00 to 12:00 Ghostwriter Goosebumps Asif's Tales of His Favorite Holiday HALLOWEEN! 12:00 to 14:00 Metal Gear Solid spooked Asif The Conjuring Tales of the Crypt Poltergeist Movies The Exorcism of Emily Rose Exorcism Movies Scary Dreams 14:00 to 26:19 How our mind perceives fear ABVIUS Nightmares Horror Movies & TV 26:00 to 34:00 The Babdook...


Episode 16: The Globe Trekkers Part 2

Tori's Trek Tori's Travel to Italy 00:00 to 09:20 Uffizi Museum Vatican CIty Trekk through Belgium 09:25 to17:00 Bruxels What did it feel like when those tires hit the tarmac? 17:30 to 26:00 Excited! and it is a small World! French and Dutch as National Languages. Lisbun to Bruxels - Tori experiences Customs! Adrenalin is a Hell of a drug ....Food Lion Stella, Waffles, Chocolate 26:00 to 42:00 The water is sweeter Beer taste better SHots!SHots!SHots! Mr. Mime. was Caught Cathedral & MiM in...


The ABVIUS Globe-Trekkers

Intro to ABVIUS Globe Trekkers 00:00 to 02:00 Asif Treks Japan 02:35 to 08:35 Booking, Flying Traveling Landing in Tokyo 08:35 to 14:53 Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Osaka is the Kitchen of Japan Kyoto 14:53 to 16:00 Food! and Octopus Balls 16:00 to 21:00 Stories from the People of Japan 21:00 to 28:00 infrastructure The Bullet Train Blue zone The Japanese People. 28:00 to 37:50 Entitlement & Japan Societal/Familial Guilt in Asian Countries How did you feel when the plane landed? 37:50 to 40:00...


Episode 13

Adam’s Favorite: 2:13 to 20:00 1) The Phantom Tollbooth By Norton Juster 2) Kitchen Confidential By Anthony Bourdain 3) The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine By Steven Rinella 4) Auguste Escoffier Author 5) Guns, Germs, and Steel By Jared Diamond Tori’s Favorite: 20:00 to 38:00 1) The Boxcar Children By Gertrude C. Warner 2) The Berenstain Bears by The Berenstains 3) Shel Silverstein Shout out to the author 4) Harry Potter By J.K. Rowling 5) Goosebumps By R.L. Stine 6) The Martian By Andy...


Episode 12: The Blockbuster

The Blockbuster Episode :30 to 6:00 Tori's Oscar Speech [4:00 to 5:00] The Ice Tray with Asif 6:50 to 18:30 Asif's Top 5 Movies 18:40 to 41:50 Tori's Top 5 Movies 42:00 to 46:00 Faisal's Top 5 Movies 46:30 to 56:49 Adam's Top 5 Movies 56:50 to 1:14:00 Karan's Top 5 Movies


Episode 11

Adam: “Here’s my first ever bread I baked...here is the crumbshot” Karan: ***Coughing*** “I *cough* Choked on the crumb…” 00:00 to 05:00 Week Round up with the gang 5:00 to 09:00 Adam’s Don Buri Experience 09:00 to 22:00 Diner Discussion ABVIUS’ favorite RVA Diners 22:50 to 29:00 Breads and Cheese-steaks 29:00 to 33:00 Onion Rings 34:00 to 41:23 Chai, Coffee, Cafe


Episode 9

00:00 to 18:00 Scrubs is gone from Netflix along with Other Netflix shows. Hulu v. Netflix v. other streaming services 18:00 to 21:50 Television/Scrubs/Friends Moves Jungle Book/ Doom! 26:50 to 35;50 The Happening in Richmond: -Nightngale Ice Cream- http://www.nightingaleicecream.com/ -Gelato Celesti now open on Boulevard -TT Lounge has Competition-Kung Fu Tea 35:50 to End CIty Planning and Development Manchester-Legends Brewery New apartments being built Scotts Addition- Breweries and...


ABVIuS Episode 5

Quote of the episode: “So they’re liiike, organic, non gmo like jerkoff to the trees kinda shit?”-Karan Asif: “I Thought In N Out was like the cookout of the west coast.” Adam and Karan Simultaneously: “NONONONONONONONOONONO” 3:00 Rousey getting routed. 11:00 UFC rundown 18:00 Adam talks about In N Out 29:00 Food Spots we like in RVA 36:00 Faisal’s cheesesteak compendium 40:00 Top 5 spots in RVA from the gang 60:00 A single place you would take a friend if they hadn’t been to RVA before?


ABVIuS Episode 4

QUOTE (Quote of the Episode): “You can build a hi-fi, 1080, hot off the press, best shit, and in about 5 years you’re still gonna have to upgrade your shit. Arright maybe 10 years ‘cause I don’t know how hi-fi you’re gonna get…..Then you got people like Adam rockin a Blackberry for like 700 years.” ~ Karan “Thass real legacy right there” ~ Faisal “Fuckin Dinosaur” ~ Asif 1:30 – What was 2016 like? Presidential Election Deaths Vine David Bowie dying Anton Yelchin Mohammad Ali 9:20 – US...


ABVIuS Episode 3

Quote of the Episode - Asif - “We used to be obssessed with...balls” Karan - You can be homo. Its ok to like balls...Full Homo...Full Homo… What where you obsessed with? Asif - “Balls...The blue balls were the best” Moment of Silence for OSU – We talk about fun memories and disdain of the snow. Sports: NFL Rams VS Titans Super bowl Cowboys winning streak Packers on the upswing NFL reprimanding players for making political/social statements News Tomi Lahren vs Trevor Noah Trumps presidency...


ABVIuS Episode 2

“Quote of the episode: “ That’s like a super reductionist, idiot version, because I have no idea.”-Karan “Is it productive to use your first amendment, if it is something that heals the soul of the people?”-Faisal Episode 2 Timestamps & Description and Intro: Heavy shit episode 0:00: Introduction 1:00 TRUMP HAS BECOME PRESENT 2:00 The gang talks about conservatives 8:00 Pokemon Sun and Moon: How we stack up 11:00 Adams 20 second review On Pokemon 15:00 UFC: Alvarez Fight 25:00 Fantastic...


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