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The ACB Braille Forum Volume LVII January 2019 No. 7

Table of Contents Glancing Back Before Going Through the Door to 2019, by Eric Bridges Board Meets in October, November and December to Take Stock and Plan for the Future, by Ron Brooks Tours for 2019: Genesee Country Village, Baseball Hall of Fame, Niagara Falls and More, by Janet Dickelman March to the Beat of a Different Drum: Apply to Become a 2019 DKM First-Timer, by Kenneth Semien Sr. Call for Nominees for 2019 ACB Awards, by Debbie Rozear and Debra Trevino The BOP...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LVII December 2018 No. 6

Table of Contents Exciting Convention Registration News for ACB Members, by Janet Dickelman Audio Description Makes Cirque du Soleil Performance Accessible, by Linda Goodspeed Traditions Shared by Our Readers An ACB Tradition: Recognizing Dedicated Supporters, by Tom Tobin Celebrating the Season’s Riches, by Larry P. Johnson Saint Nick, by Annie Chiappetta Hot Toys for Holiday Gift-Giving, by Sharon Lovering Recipes from Forum Readers Affiliate News Improving...


The ACB Braille Forum Volume LVII November 2018 No. 5

Table of Contents House Passes Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act Tour Teasers: Erie Canal, Niagara Falls, and Baseball, by Janet Dickelman Will You Vote?, by Larry Johnson It's Holiday Auction Time!, by Carla Ruschival Benefits of Audio Description in Education Contest My Experience at the 2018 Conference as a Leadership Fellow, by Darian Slayton Fleming Summary of 2018 Resolutions The Pitfalls of Being a Caregiver, by Larry P. Johnson November: A Time to Give...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LVII October 2018 No. 4

Table of Contents A Sneak Preview of Rochester, by Janet Dickelman The Number-10 Dillon Express Was a Huge Success!, by Donna Brown ACB Holiday Auction Reminder, by Carla Ruschival The Rehabilitation Issues Task Force and Employment: What Are We Fighting For?, by Doug Powell Benefits of Becoming Involved with Your State’s Rehabilitation Council, by Bob Hachey Disability and the Evolving Workplace, by Peter Altschul The Randolph-Sheppard Employment Program: More Than...


The ACB Braille Forum Volume LVII September 2018 No. 3

Table of Contents President’s Message: ACB Applauds Senate for Advancing Marrakesh Treaty, by Kim Charlson Looking Back at St. Louis, and Ahead to Rochester, by Janet Dickelman St. Louis ACB’s Gateway to Success, by Ron Brooks, Susan Glass, Donna Brown, Paul Edwards, and Deb Cook Lewis Mini Mall News, by Carla Ruschival American Council of the Blind Announces Audio Description Awards Summary of the ACB Convention Board Meeting, by Deb Cook Lewis ACB Radio Holiday...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LVII August 2018 No. 2

Table of Contents New Directions for the ACB Braille and E-Forum Magazines, by Ron Brooks Taking the Forum Back to School, by Ron Brooks The Special Education Task Force: Powerful and Little Known, by Paul Edwards The Key to a Powerful Start: Preschool Programs for Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired, by Ron Brooks Fear of Teaching, by Susan Glass Special Accommodations for Standardized Tests, by John Buckley President's Message: College Success! A New Program...


The ACB Braille Forum Volume LVII July 2018 No. 1

Table of Contents In Memoriam: Marlaina Lieberg, Oct. 2, 1949-May 11, 2018, by Denise Colley Readers’ Memories of Marlaina Lieberg President’s Message: Introducing the 2018 Leadership Fellows, by Kim Charlson and Kenneth Semien Sr. Strategic Action Planning Teams Report, by Eric Bridges ACB Establishes The Legacy Fund, by Tom Tobin Staying Connected in St. Louis, by Janet Dickelman Focus on Membership, compiled by Ardis Bazyn Passings Here and There, edited by...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LVI June 2018 No. 12

Table of Contents In Memoriam: Sue Ammeter, by Denise Colley Readers’ Memories of Sue Ammeter Breaking Barriers for Those Who Are Blind and Visually Impaired, by Tony Stephens Extras, Extras, Read All about Them! Plenty of Fun Things to Try in St. Louis, by Janet Dickelman Mega Deals at the Mini Mall, by Carla Ruschival Fake News, by Larry Johnson Affiliate News A Gift to You from PCB’s AccessiDocs Project, by Tony Swartz Synopsis of Prescription Reader Campaign...


The ACB Braille Forum Volume LVI May 2018 No. 11

Table of Contents President’s Message: Marrakesh Treaty Moves Forward in Senate, by Kim Charlson Cisco Collaborates on Phones with American Council of the Blind This Year’s Convention Gives You the Chance to Earn Continuing Education Units, by Carla Ruschival Inviting Exhilarating Memories and Successes: DKM First-Timers Make a Difference!, by Kenneth Semien Sr. Come Learn How to Use the Best Features of ACB to Build Your Membership Constitution and Bylaws Committee...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LVI April 2018 No. 10

Table of Contents ACB Commends Delta for Revising Its Service Animal Policy The Gateway to Success Is in St. Louis, by Janet Dickelman Meet Me at the Auction You’ll Find Lots of Useful Items at the Information Desk in St. Louis, by Vicky Prahin The 2018 DKM First-Timers Gift Card Fundraiser Has Its Perks, by Kenneth Semien Sr. A Note from the MMS Committee Transportation and Delivery Service Options for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired When You Give, You...


The ACB Braille Forum Vol. LVI March 2018 No. 9

Table of Contents In Memoriam: Mary Jane “M.J.” Hills Schmitt, by Mary Beth Metzger President’s Message: Flying Needs to Remain Friendly for Guide Dog Handlers, by Kim Charlson Voting in ACB: A Proposal for Your Consideration, by Jeff Thom Getting Out the Word about You, by Ron Brooks Propel to the Next Level: Apply to Become a 2018 ACB & JPMorgan Chase Leadership Fellow, by Kenneth Semien Sr. Knowledge Is Power: Step into a New Realm!, by Kenneth Semien Sr. 2018...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LVI February 2018 No. 8

Table of Contents We Need Your Voices to Present Our Message to Congress, by Tony Stephens Lots to See and Do in The Show Me State, by Janet Dickelman Fireworks, Celebration, and the Red, White and Blue, by Kenneth Semien Sr. Diversity Enriches Our Society, by Larry P. Johnson Navajo Teacher Develops Braille System to Help Visually Impaired Read Tribal Language, by Noel Lyn Smith Fresno Chapter Tests UniDescription App in Yosemite National Park, by Jamie...


The ACB Braille Forum Volume LVI January 2018 No. 7

Table of Contents President’s Message: Nationwide Class Action Challenges Hulu’s Discrimination Against Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals, by Kim Charlson Looking Back, Looking Ahead, by Eric Bridges Tours in St. Louis Include a Ball Game, the Arch, Busch Stadium, the Botanical Gardens, and More!, by Janet Dickelman Climb Aboard the 2018 DKM Express, by Kenneth Semien Sr. The BOP Seeks to Award Excellence, by Ron Brooks Call for Nominees for 2018 ACB Awards, by...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LVI December 2017 No. 6

Table of Contents President’s Message: Visiting Affiliates – It Makes Me Proud, by Kim Charlson Eatsa Agrees to Make Its Cutting-Edge Technology Accessible to Blind Customers 2018 Convention Tidbits, by Janet Dickelman Audio Description in Your Community, by Joel Snyder Medicare and Diabetes, by Danielle Kunkle Reaching Blind and Visually Impaired Seniors, compiled by the ACB Membership Committee I Love to Fly, by Larry P. Johnson Phoebe Catlin: A Humble...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LVI October 2017 No. 4

Table of Contents President’s Report to the Convention, by Kim Charlson Audio Description Allows ACB Members to ‘See’ the Eclipse, by Joel Snyder Meet Us in Saint Louis, by Janet Dickelman 2017 Walk Was Sparkling, by Donna Brown Gettin’ Ready for the Holiday Auction, by Carla Ruschival ‘Guiding Miss Melinda:’ Reflections from a Blind Cross-Country Skier, by Melinda Hollands Some Thoughts on Getting Elected to ACB Boards, by Doug Powell Summary of the August Board of...


The ACB Braille Forum Volume LVI September 2017 No. 3

Table of Contents Senators Push for Tactile Feature on Paper Currency ACB Sparks Success Was A Big Success, by Janet Dickelman The Reno Roundup: ACB’s 56th Annual Convention A Sparkling Success!, by Doug Powell, Deb Cook Lewis, Susan Glass, and Paul Edwards Scholarships Spark Future Successes, by Michael Garrett American Council of the Blind Announces Audio Description Awards Board Approves Affiliate Name Change, Donation to WBU to Assist Caribbean Representatives, by...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LVI No. 2

Table of Contents The Hear and Now: How Do You Watch Peak TV If You’re Blind? Inside the burgeoning world of audio description, a game-changer in accessible TV, by Kelsey McKinney Can You See Me?, by Yvonne B. Garris This Blind Man Chops His Own Firewood, by Ken Stewart Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits with Vision Loss, by Deanna Power Focus on Membership Benefits, compiled by Ardis Bazyn Leaving a Legacy of Value, by Allen Casey Affiliate...


The ACB Braille Forum Volume LVI July 2017 No. 1

Table of Contents A Message from the President: JPMorgan Chase/ACB Leadership Fellows Class of 2017, by Kim Charlson Local Motors Brings Advocates and Innovators Together to Meet Olli, by Tony Stephens Staying Connected in Sparks, by Janet Dickelman How I Dealt with Choreography, by Kelsey Nicolay Last Show of the Season, by Marcia Springston Dillon Quiet Heroism of Amazing People, by Larry P. Johnson Instant Braille Translator Can Fit in Your Hand Book Review:...


The ACB E-Forum Volume LV June 2017 No. 12

Table of Contents A Message from the President: Supreme Court Rules Favorably for Students with Disabilities, by Kim Charlson Seeing Outside the Disability Box, by Howard Axelrod Events Galore to Spark Your Curiosity in Reno, by Janet Dickelman Audio Description Project Announces 2017 BADIE Award Winners Sparks Fly in Preparation for ACB Walk, by Donna Brown Reno Roundup Seeks A Few Good Hands Eat, Drink, Dress Like the 1950s, Win and Be Merry, by Kenneth Semien...


The ACB Braille Forum Volume LV May 2017 No. 11

Table of Contents President’s Message: 50 Golden Years in the Pacific, by Kim Charlson The American Council of the Blind and the Policy of Structured Negotiations, by Eric Bridges Eatsa, Restaurant of the Future, Excludes Blind Customers Sparks of Excitement Will Light Up the Sky in Reno, by Janet Dickelman A Reminder from the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, by John Huffman Let the Sparks Fly! Fanning the Flames for Resolutions at Our July Convention, by Mark...