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300 | Cameron Gott Interviews Eric Tivers

ADHD reWired is doing something different today, Cameron Gott is interviewing Eric. Cameron is an ADHD coach, that typically works with entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners to make better decisions and leading teams. He also trains coaches with two organizations and has started his own podcast. Cameron likes to use the curious accountability model for interviewing and will interview Eric with this same process. He likes to use it because it is a useful model for people...


299 | November Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb

Today's episode is our monthly Q & A session with guests Brendan Mahan and Will Curb. We are taking questions from you the listener about situations that you want to talk through. It doesn't matter if it's personal or professional, we are here to give you our perspective and see if we can help you find some answers. Our questions today are about walking the line between self-care and coddling, how to manage the anger of your ADHD diagnosis, breastfeeding and ADHD medicines, and the guilt...


298 | Getting Used to Success with Dusty Exner

ADHD reWired is excited to welcome Dusty Exner to the show. Dusty is an ADHD coach, mother, and musician from Vancouver B.C. She was formerly the front person for the punk rock band Kill Matilda. Dusty is one of the founders of girls rock camp La Paz in Baha, California. She lives in a suburb of Vancouver with her husband, daughter Melanie Sue, bird Professor, and dog Hemingway. Dusty discusses being diagnosed with ADHD, touring with her band and living in a van, and the fact that she is...


297 | Create Don't Suffocate with Natalie Walker

ADHD reWired is excited to welcome Natalie Walker to the show. Natalie is a professional musician and just released her new EP in September, which was her first since 2015. This Colorado-based singer has seen many changes in the last four years, from parting with her longtime label to being diagnosed with ADHD. Natalie has learned to embrace her different brain and has opened up about the challenges that have come from being a young, awkward kid with ADHD, learning how to navigate a thriving...


296 | October Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb

Today's episode is our monthly Q & A session with guests Brendan Mahan and Will Curb. We are taking questions from you the listener about situations that you want to talk through. It doesn't matter if it's personal or professional, we are here to give you our perspective and see if we can help you find some answers. We are discussing time blindness and why people don't allow themselves enough time to get where they are going without being late. Ways to remind ourselves what we need to take...


295 | Strategies to Identify, Manage, and Overcome Hoarding with Elaine Birchall

Eric's guest on this episode of ADHD reWired is Elaine Birchall. Elaine is a social worker and a hoarding behavior and intervention specialist. She is the director of Birchall Consulting and is dedicated to helping those with hoarding behaviors to learn to manage their possessions and vulnerabilities. She founded the Canadian National Hoarding Coalition and hosted the weekly Voice America radio show Take Back Your Life When Things are Taking Over and many other things. Elaine describes...


294 | Mastermind Session: Emily in the Hotseat

In this Mastermind Session, we have Emily in the hot seat on the subject of emotional regulation. She tells us that she is not capable of regulating anything when her switch gets flipped. When that happens, she does and says things that could get her injured or put in jail, and that while she is in the moment, she feels very positive she is in the right. Are conflict and the feelings it causes a way to self-medicate? They discuss why she levels up to crazy mad so fast and the euphoria she...


293 | Revel in Better Sex, Intimacy and Relationships With Tanya Brakeman

Welcome back to ADHD reWired. In this episode, we welcome Tanya Brakeman. Tanya is an Interior Designer, writer, teacher, and relationship mentor. She has spent over ten years engaged in the field of transformation leadership. She has developed a curriculum in the study of the erotic discipline called 'Revel, the Audacity of Ecstacy.' Revel is a daringly vulnerable investigation into how we relate to ourselves, influence our relationships, and express our uniqueness in our community and...


292 | Diagnosis Recontextualized Everything with Brian Behm

ADHD reWired welcomes Brian Behm to the show. Brian is a freelance creative director and motion artist based in Austin, Texas. His Augmented Reality Streetwear Project, NO_SYS, works to empower and amuse people through secret messages. He is excited about how Augmented Reality plays into the future of Art. Brian was diagnosed with ADHD last year at age 41. He started researching ADHD, and what he found was eyeopening. He could now explain some of the quirks he had instead of wondering why he...


291 | September Q & A with Jessica McCabe and Brendan Mahan

Today's episode is our monthly Q & A session with guests Jessica McCabe and Brendan Mahan. We are taking questions from you the listener about situations that you want to talk through. It doesn't matter if it's personal or professional, we are here to give you our perspective and see if we can help you find some answers. Our questions today are about being overly sensitive to rejection, how to know the difference between essential tasks versus important ones, and everything in between. We...


Hacking Your ADHD - Building Your Toolbox (Simulcast) Ep1

This is the premiere episode of Hacking Your ADHD, a brand new ADHD reWired Network Podcast. Subscribe to this podcast on: Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify ADHD can make it hard for us to work on our intentions. This is even harder when we forget the things that we want to do. When you are learning about new ADHD strategies while reading books or listening to podcasts (like this one!) it is really easy to forget your intention of implementing those strategies. In these instances when...


290 | Surviving Childhood with "Sarah Edgewood"

Sarah grew up in urban poverty with domestic violence, alcohol, drugs, and all before she turned 14. She had a hard time in school and with making friends, but her tenacity got her through, she ended up graduating from college with an MBA in finance. For the last 11 years, she has had a career in higher education. She discusses her childhood, the abuse, and being diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and depression. She tells us why her son hasn’t seen his grandparents in 4 years, and why she hasn’t...


289 | Sex, Intimacy and ADHD with Ari Tuckman

Ari Tuckman is back on the show to discuss his new book and new findings regarding how ADHD affects sex and intimacy. Ari is a psychologist in Pennsylvania working to help others live their best lives. Many times, living your best life requires understanding your sexual needs and wants and how they affect your partner or spouse. Ari has spent a great deal of time researching how people with and without ADHD relate to and process sexual activities and intimacy. In his new book ADHD After...


288 | Mastermind: Gaining Financial Literacy

What do you do when your entire experience with money has been negative? Mastermind ways to overcome the negativity and get in tune with your finances! Agnes has had a tough time getting the people in her life to realize that she is ready to take control of her finances and learn what it means to be financially savvy. When she should have been learning the ins and outs of money management, Agnes was instead dealing with the death of her father. Since then she and her mother have had...


287 | Aug Q & A

August’s Q&A was a great one for everyone needing tips and tricks for helping their children and themselves get and stay “organized.” Brendan and I help talk through various strategies we’ve used to help our kids with schoolwork and assignments as well as ways we stay on top of our homes, cars, and calendars. We start the session off with a question about the progress that’s being made with making ADHD a nationally recognized health issue and our recommendations for bringing awareness to...


286 | Strengths, Expectations, Frustration, and Sensory Processing with Ann Marie Silverberg

Ann Marie Silverberg is a wife, mother, dog trainer and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Listen in as we chat about her road to diagnosis, how ADHD affects her life and business, and why, in many ways, she views the condition as a strength. Ann Marie’s road to diagnosis was a fairly long one. Like many others trying to find a reason for their behavior, she had an Aha! moment, but an actual diagnosis was long in coming. It was almost as if no one WANTED to diagnose her. She shares the...


285 | I'm not Broken, I'm Different (part 2) with Geneviève Sévigny

Genevieve’s coaching session was so good we had to break it into 2 parts. Last week we discussed a variety of topics, but this week we dig deeper. Genevieve has a variety of passions but finding the time and energy to not only start them but complete them has been a struggle. Genevieve discusses several business ventures she has considered and started and we dig into how those ventures can support her. We also discuss ways she can stay on track and create success. She has a lot of passions...


284 | I'm not Broken, I'm Different (part 1) with Geneviève Sévigny

There is a fine line between feeling broken and feeling different. Today’s guest is Geneviève Sévigny, who was recently re-diagnosed with ADHD. She has been struggling with how to connect to her friends and ways that she can discuss her symptoms with them. This is a 2-part episode chock full of ways that you can approach well-meaning friends and acquaintances when they say things that set you on edge. Geneviève is open and honest about her struggles and beliefs and the conversation was so...


283 | July Q&A

Brendan and I are back for July’s Q&A session! The goal of these Q&A sessions is to allow you, the listener, a chance to submit questions and situations for us to help talk you through and mastermind. It doesn’t matter if the issue is personal or professional, sometimes you just need to talk it through and look at it from a different perspective. Our questions this month range from how to get “unfrozen” when making decisions to medications to questions on coaching styles. The questions were...


282 | Mastermind Session: Doing Stuff You Don't Feel Like Doing - Madeline

Welcome back to another mastermind episode. Today we have Madeline in the hot seat as we work through the issues she has been facing with getting more done and having productive free time. We discuss ways that she can get more done while still playing video games but also doing things in her free time that restore and rejuvenate not just kill time. This mastermind begins with a discussion on how to break through and do the I don’t wanna’s, ways to help Madeline do her chores, study and how...