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047 – I’ll Be Back!

In this podcast I explain where I've been for over six month, and where my podcast show is going. No worries. I will be back! So in the meantime, sit back and relax while listening to 46 previous episodes that are packed solid with lots of good stuff! I appreciate all of your supportive feedback and pokes to get me back behind the mic. I've really missed podcasting! Read More The post 047 – I’ll Be Back! appeared first on AHHH Lifestyle.


046 – Wanting to Lose Weight Isn’t Shameful!

In this episode I answer the question: How can you be an intuitive eater using eating psychology, love yourself the way you are right now, and still want to lose weight without feeling guilt and shame? Plus, I provide you with the #1 most important thing to do to improve your health, and announce next week's podcast episode topic. Read More The post 046 – Wanting to Lose Weight Isn’t Shameful! appeared first on AHHH Lifestyle.


045 – How Do You Distract Yourself? Embodiment vs Disembodiment

What happens when you check out vs. what happens when you allow yourself to feel emotions and move through them. This is especially helpful for people who feel they are emotional eaters or who feel they are too emotional. Included in this podcast is a list of symptoms people experience when they are disembodied, as well as the announcement of next week's podcast topic. Read More The post 045 – How Do You Distract Yourself? Embodiment vs Disembodiment appeared first on AHHH Lifestyle.


044 – Prioritizing Positivity

In this episode I talk about increasing your daily diet of positive emotions. People who experience more positive emotions, experience more meaning. And those who experience more meaning, experience more positive emotions. This is the type of wellbeing that you really want to experience! Plus, I provide listeners with some easy-to-do ideas on how they can implement daily activities using the practice of prioritizing positivity. I provide several resources for further, more in-depth...


043 – Setting Your 2017 Goals & For the First Time Accomplishing Them!

New Year’s resolutions don’t work for most people. Extreme measures of goal setting, like SMART goals only work for about 25% of the population. Did you know that 75% people are not motivated by SMART goals at all? It shuts them down before they even get a good start. And believe it or not, only a small percentage of that 25% of people who are motivated by SMART goals, actually accomplish their goals. Resolutions are old, ineffective strategies from a past decade. Instead of “resolution” …...


042 – Ritualizing a Binge!

In order to binge the body must be in fight or flight stress response, technically called sympathetic dominance. The body cannot binge while relaxed. So when you make a binge a ritualistic process and savor every single moment before, during and after, over time you’ll naturally move through and beyond binging. In this episode, I take you through the “basic foundation” of how I work with my eating psychology clients as it relates to this topic. I also discuss clients’ typical results when...


041 – Eating Fast vs. Eating Slow: How Each Affects Your Health

In this episode, I discuss how eating fast and eating slow can significantly influence your health. You will be shocked to learn how something so simple can make a profound difference in almost every area of your life - in ways you would have never expected. While most people have set resolutions associated with speed in the new year, you will be learning to slooooow dooooown. I know, I know. You were told that speed is everything, right? That speed equals success, and successful people do...


040 – Using Your Core Values & Character Strengths to BE Authentically Happy

In this episode, I discuss core values, signature strengths, and character strengths specifically when using them to understand who you are on a psychological level, and how to use them to guide yourself on your authentic life path. The happiest people I know, live by their core values and character strengths as their one-of-a-kind "Guide to Life on Planet Earth". This is the only way to live an authentically happy life! Included in this podcast I provide two example scenarios and give you a...


039 – Your Vibe Creates Your Tribe

In this episode, I discuss how to find your vibe, how that vibe creates your tribe, how your tribe affects your whole well being, and how to recreate your vibe if you need to. Hint: Look at the people you hang out with the most. I’m not talking about how they look. You cannot tell much about a person by what they look like; that’s a myth. I’m talking about their core values, their character strengths, who they are publicly and privately, and how they effect others around them both...


038 – Recovery From Compulsive Weighing

Are you compulsively weighing yourself? I interviewed five women who said they were addicted to their bathroom scale. I asked them several questions about their weighing practices, and they gave me permission to share their answers with you. You may find yourself in some of their answers. In addition, I suggest an experiment that you can do to experientially determine if the scale effects you and how. I provide a suggestion to see how it effects other people in your life too. New studies...


037 – Reducing Stress Can Be Fun – Really!

In this episode, I raise awareness around 25 of the most common causes of stress. But hold on, there is more goodness! I explain how reducing your stress can be a fun adventure, and provide a list of how these stressors really affect the body - some of which you may not know is causing you stress. I also suggest two little experiments that you can do to help yourself right now, and I announce the topic for next week’s podcast. Wow! That's a lot packed into one of the longest podcast episodes...


036 – Sugar Cravings! What is Your Body Telling You?

This episode is so delicious and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth if you are willing to be honest with yourself and make some changes! In just a few minutes, you will learn what your body is attempting to tell you when you have sugar cravings, and a strategy on how you can move past them. Sugar cravings are a symptom, and symptoms are your body's way of communicating with you - in the only way it knows how. In addition, I suggest a small experiment that you can do right now to help you with...


035 – The REAL Reasons Why You Overeat and Binge Eat

In this episode you will be learning what really causes someone to eat too much. I discuss the mental, emotional, and biological sides to the behavior. Here’s a hint: It's not usually about willpower nor the food, yet many think so, leaving them feeling guilt and shame. What’s the psychology and biology behind it? What’s the difference between overeating and binge eating? In addition, I announce the topic for next week’s podcast which will be published and available to you early in the...


034 – Dealing with Food Police in Yourself and Others

Get ready for 5 tips on how to handle the most common food police judgments at a time when you may need it the most - the holidays! In this podcast, you'll learn how to empower yourself this holiday season, and say “no thank you”, or “more please” with ease. Let the food police know that what you eat, and your body isn’t any of their business. And once and for all stop the “are you on a diet again” remarks. At the very least, you can stop those inconsiderate remarks from bothering you. Plus,...


033 – Surviving Holiday Food and Still Loving Yourself

You are about to embark on a guilt free and shame free holiday season! Surviving holiday food and still loving yourself is absolutely possible for you! In this episode, I provide five points as a catalyst to help you shift your mindset about judgments we make about ourselves and allow others to make for us. Don't worry. I’ve broken them into bite-size thoughts, so it's easier to understand and digest. I also share a social media post from a new friend to illustrates the point I make in this...


032 – What is Your Eating Personality

Learn about the three Eating Personalities, and how they define your eating challenges. I also discuss first step practices that will help you free yourself of eating habits that haven't been serving you regardless of which Eating Personality you find yourself, or which plan, program or strategy you are using right now. I provide more detailed information about my "Breakfast with Your Body" online LIVE event on November 12, 2016. Plus, I reveal next week's podcast topic. If you celebrate the...


031 – Mindful Eating: Just One Step Toward Intuitive Eating

Now that you know what Intuitive Eating really is, why it works, when and with whom from last week's podcast, in this week's episode I discuss Mindful Eating. Many people are not aware that Mindful Eating is just one step toward IE. So if Intuitive Eating hasn't worked for you, it may be because you started from the end rather than the beginning. Included in this podcast is an invitation to join me for breakfast (or any other meal you wish) during a LIVE video online workshop, to learn how...


030 – Intuitive Eating: Why it Works, When & With Whom

Intuitive Eating has been around for many years, but it’s getting a bad wrap from people who know very little about it, and have never successfully experienced it. Although Intuitive Eating is similar to Mindful Eating, it’s still different. In this podcast episode, I explain why Intuitive Eating works, when and with whom it works best. I also talk about Mindful Eating vs. Intuitive Eating, and why so many people are unsuccessful with Intuitive Eating. In addition, before you can...


028 – Always Hungry? Here’s Why!

There is a growing number of people who describe themselves as always being hungry. I’m talking about hunger that leaves you never feeling satisfied, often ravenous and feeling out of control. I’ve experienced it myself, and so have many of my clients over the years. If this is you, you'll find this podcast helpful. Learn the 15 most common reasons why your hunger is not being satisfied, and what you can do about it right now. Read More The post 028 – Always Hungry? Here’s Why! appeared...


027 – Emotional Eating: What is Causing You to Eat Your Emotions?

Learn the Top 5 Reasons why people do what they call “emotional eating”. You may be shocked to learn about the #1 reason, because it’s not about emotions at all! Emotional eating is not the problem; it’s a symptom. I also share a quick, little exercise you can do to help you determine if you are physically hungry or whether it’s emotional hunger. Plus I have designed a free flowchart that you can download, and it will guide you step-by-step through the process of identifying and moving...