Tras la pandemia hemos decidido continuar nuestro programa en modo Podcast para evitar riesgos y poder avanzar con nuestras ideas. Desde Marzo ha nacido el podcast AORLAND RADIO SHOW para todos los amantes de lo melódico en todas sus vertientes. Contacto del programa:


Madrid, Spain




Tras la pandemia hemos decidido continuar nuestro programa en modo Podcast para evitar riesgos y poder avanzar con nuestras ideas. Desde Marzo ha nacido el podcast AORLAND RADIO SHOW para todos los amantes de lo melódico en todas sus vertientes. Contacto del programa:




AORLAND 447 Edición: Return?

Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Sleeze Beez-Stranger than paradise Eden Curse- Fly Away Laneys Legion-Poptastic Reckless Love-. Beautiful Bomb Stardust-Sacrifice Art Nation-Superman The Defiants-The Night To Remember Rage of Angels - Over and Over Eclipse- The Hardest Part Is Losing You Mitch Malloy- I´ll find a way Be For You - April Rain ( Jose Latorre) Hero - Everytime ( Robbie García) Paul Sabu- Cassie ( Dio Heavy) Halo - Lose To Live Little River Band-The Lost And The Lonely Angelica-Breaking my heart Angels or Kings - Ice Turned to Rain Extra.


AORLAND 446 Edición: MAGIC

Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Change Of Heart - Don't Walk Away Craaft - Something For Nothing Jim- Two cold hearts Joe Pasquale- Deep In The Night John Miles - Once In Your Life John Warren-. The Chosen Few Ray Roper-Read Between The Lines Planet 3- Insincere Kurt Howell- Let´s run with it Queen of Spades-.Carry On Ken Hensley - (this Is) Just The Beginning John Wetton. Right Where I Wanted To Be Silent Rage - Shattered Hearts ( Juan Jose Serrano) Rainbow-Street Of Dreams ( Dio Heavy) Ralph Van Manen. Tomorrows Yesterdays John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band - Voice Of America's Sons Ray Boltz. Heaven Is Counting On You Joseph Lee Wood - Flirting Eyes David Forbes-Endless Nights Jimi Jamison - First Day Of Love White Wolf - America (Hello Again) Rascal Flatts-Stand


AORLAND 445 Edición: Heart of AOR

Hoy han sonado Age of Reflection-Tears Art Nation-1001 Fighter V - Dangerous Walk on Fire-Hearts Of Gold Rick Mathews-Playin On The Radio Benjamin Orr- Stay the Night Baxter Robertson-Time and again Bobby Friss-Runnin' Back Paul Janz. Every Little Tear Icon-Shot At My Heart Biloxi- Listen To Your Heart Aidean- Livin Lovin Losin Van Zant- You've Got To Believe In Love ( Dio Heavy petición) Diving For Pearls.Never On Monday Hess-Falling Down Brother Firetribe-Wildest Dreams Hardline - I'll Be There Heart-Never The electric Alley-Hurricane (Jose Latorre petición)


AORLAND 444 Edición: Fantasy

Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Fair Warning-Take Me Up Aldo Nova-.Hey Ronnie (Veronica's Song) Bonfire - Who`s Foolin Who Blood Red Saint-Best Of Me Jaime Kyle-.Understanding Rick Price - Not A Day Goes By Mikael Rickfors-The Tracks Of My Tears Fortune-Stacy Keven Jordan-.There Is A Reason Jeff Paris - Stop Playin' With My Heat Jimmy Harnen-When The Midnight Comes Frank Harris- hold on to the vision Toy Cannon ( Jose Latorre). Forever One H.E.A.T Will You Be Midnite City - Beginning Of The End Heart Line - I Am The Night Champlin Bill, Williams Joseph & Friestedt Peter - Fly Away Now Joey Tempest-Under The Influence Rain or Shine-Back on Track Jim Foster - Saved by night Jane Bogaert - Keep Us Strong Jasmine Cain-Into the Grey Jimmy Barnes -- Let's Make It Last All Night


AORLAND 443 Edición: Eyes of Melodic Rock

FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Seventh Key - Always From The Heart Mystic Healer-Tonight Shooting Star- Rebel With A Cause Ten-Red Sahara-Stranger Steel Bars-Save Our Love ( Tributo) The Defiants- 19 Summertime MTB-Just What It Takes Midnite City - Hardest Heart To Break JD Miller- Enemy Riyah -Speechless Heart Line - Reach For The Stars Gin Annie-Not Gonna Take It Seventh Crystal- Shut up Degreed- Big Plans Circus of Rock- All I Need ft. Pinja Black Sabath-Danger Zone David Forbes-Girl Tell Me Why Cry of Dawn-Memory Lane Heavens Edge- When The Lights Go Down Tane Cain-. Holdin' On James House-. Flesh On Fire ( Teen Wolf)


AORLAND 442 Edición: RAIN

Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Art Nation- Echo Pretty Maids-Little Drops Of Heaven Skull- Loser's Game Emotional Fire - Will You Be There Bad Habit - When The Sun Goes Down Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams & Peter Friestedt - Carrie Paradox - Catch Me In The Act Perfect View. Integrity Strangerland - Whenever It Rains ModX - Waste Another Day Koritni- Tonight HotShot-.Too Much Is Never Enough Richard Marx-Edge of a Broken Heart (live)- Manuel " Dio Heavy" Midnite City - Someday Pretty Boy. Calling Out To Me Prophet - Sound Of A Breaking Heart Pride- Saviour Of A Broken Heart Winger_Tears Of Blood Rising Wings_ Lonely Is The Night Saraya - Back to the Bullet Private Life-.Put Out The Fire Fury-Fire Wigelius- Talking about love


AORLAND 441 Edición: ANGEL

FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Warrant - Big Talk Gotthard - Can't Stop Shy-Over You Shotgun Alley - Run Robin Beck-Baby I´m not a bitch Work of Art- Whenever U Sleep Roko - One Night Stand Pride of Lions- Blind To Reason Valentine-.Too Much Is Never Enough Savannah - Useless Alibis Vega - White Knuckle Ride East Temple Avenue - DREAMS Treat- We Own The Night Boys From Heaven-Too_Far_Gone Sha-boom- Dangerous IMPERIUM - You Will Never Take Me Down Crossfade - Right there Human Zoo - Hold & Care Stardust-The Fire Renaissance Rock Orchestra-Long Live Rock And Roll The Magnificent - Angel XYZ - After the Rain The Ladder-.Sea Of Love Shotgun Messiah - Ride The Storm The Magnificent - Angel XYZ - After the Rain


AORLAND 440 Edición: TIME

Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended LeBrock - Running Wild Jessica Wolff-Sleeping Beast Mecca-Falling Grand Design - Desperate Hearts Art Nation - Brutal And Beautiful H.E.A,T-Freedom IMPERIUM - Never Surrender Stormburst - When The Worlds Collide Harem Scarem - Stranger Than Love Bad Sister - How Much Love MIKE TRAMP-Hungry THOMAS LASSAR -The Only One Magnum- Days Of No Trust ( Petición Dio Heavy) Nestor-1989 Stormburst - Get Up On Your Feet IMPERIUM - Greatest Desire Red Dawn-Promises


AORLAND 439 Edición: Once In A Lifetime

Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Brenda Russell - Piano In The Dark Stormburst - 07 - Rockin' On The Radio Floor Jansen - My Paragon Grand Design - In the H.E.A.T. of the Nite Illumishade - Hymn THOMAS LASSAR - When My Ship Comes In (SINGLE) Nekonomicon - SCP-173 (feat. Craig Cairns) Boys From Heaven-Sarah Liv Kristine - In Your Blue Eyes The Boyscout - - No easy way out ´Til tuesday - How Can You Give Up ALONE - Erik Grönwall_ Chez Kane (I-TEN) The Motels - Shame LeBrock - Can't Breathe Kim Wilde - You Came Pretty Maids- Rodeo T´pau - Secret Garden Heavens Edge-What Could've Been


AORLAND 438 Edición: Women

Hoy especial preparado por Manuel García FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Amy Grant - Good for me Darby mills-Never Look Back Jennifer Rush - You're My One And Only Laos – I Want It Annica - So Divine Witness - Am I Wrong Vixen - How Much Love Maria Vidal - Body rock Laura Branigan - Shattered glass Pat Benatar - Invincible Belinda Carlisle - Summer Rain Amanda Marshall - Dark Horse Harlequinn - Angel Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time Dante Fox - Goodbye To Yesterday Chrissy Steele - Love Don't Last Forever Jamie Kyle -Bed Of Roses Lee Aaron - Hands On Lita Ford - Shot of Poison Lorelei - Angel Space Elevator - Loneliness of love Fiona - Talk to Me Nubian Rose - Ever See Your Face L7 - Pretend We're Dead Canaan - Real World Joal - Queen Of The Night


AORLAND 437 Edición: Victory

Hoy han sonado. Heavens Edge- Had Enough Holoflash - Rise Of The Dragon Jelusick-Reign_Of_Vultures METALITE - Take My Hand Michael Catton-READY FOR THE TAKIN Michael Thompson Band- THE LOVE GOES ON Mike Tramp- LITTLE FIGHTER Narnia-Hold On Nighthawk - Burn The Night Revolutions Saints- Crime Of The Century SMACKBOUND Imperfect Day Smoking Snakes - Excited The Flood- A Taste of What's to Come THOMAS LASSAR - Whatever I Do (SINGLE) TOUCH-THE SWEETEST VICTORY


AORLAND 436 Edición: Dreams

Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Bill Champlin - Somethin_' To Believe In Among Thieves-The sun still shines Jesse Harms - All Heaven Broke Loose Bernie Shanahan- The Night Is Never Long Enough Brian Spence - Hear It From The Heart Beyond The Blue-More Than Ever Before Chris Irvine - Youve Got The Right Beckett- Hangin' By A Thread Dan Hartman - Waiting To See You Bill LaBounty - You've Got To Believe In Steve McClintock - When Love Breaks Blue Ruby - Show Me The Way Russell Hitchcock - Dreams of the Lonely Beau Geste -Don't Go Guardian Angels - Two Of A Kind Destination Unknown- Where do we go Joe-Bruce & 2nd Avenue - We Can Have It All Big Chill - Skin Deep Fingerprints - Angel Big Talk - Rosie 2am - Too Late Beau Coup - Hold on me


AORLAND 435 Edición: Do you remember?

Hoy recordamos a esta fantástica formación llamada White Widdow. Nos regalaron maravillosas melodías hasta 2018. Esperemos que tengan un regreso triunfal. 2010-White Widdow - Shadows Of Love 2011- White Widdow-Cry wolf 2014 -White Widdow- Carry the heartache 2016-White Widdow - Damage Is Done 2018-White Widdow- DANCED IN THE MOONLIGHT 2010 -White Widdow - One More Day 2011-White Widdow-Reckless nights 2014-White Widdow - Never again 2016-White Widdow- Last Chance For Love 2018-White Widdow- REACH UP 2010-White Widdow - Broken Hearts Won't Last Forever 2011-White Widdow-Do you remember 2014-White Widdow - Just another night 2016-White Widdow - Waited 2018-White Widdow- VICTORY 2010-White Widdow - Fire & Ice 2011-White Widdow--Patiently 2014-White Widdow- Fly me away


AORLAND 434 Edición : Battles

Hoy os toca decidir...¿ Cual os gusta más? FM-.I Heard It Through The Grapevine Gregg Tripp - I Don't Want To Live WIthout You Freddy Curci-.I Don't Want To Live Without You The Rinn - Moonlight Shadow Gabrielle The Val_Moonlight_Shadow Sheryl Crow & Jewel - Sweet Home Alabama Bonfire - Sweet Home Alabama Hasta Martes feat. Carina Mennittoe-Forever Young Axel Rudy Pell-Forever Young Tower City-I Won't Surrender Issa-.I Won't Surrender Eva Under Fire - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Daughtry - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) ft. Lzzy Hale Michael Bolton – You Wouldn't Know Love Cher - You Wouldn't Know Love Jim Jidhed - Don't lose any sleep Robin Beck.Don't Lose Any Sleep David Foster-Walkaway Bad English - Don't Walk Away Glen Burtnick.Perfect World Alias-.Perfect World Alien .Go Easy Fake I.D-. Go Easy


AORLAND 433: Re-Discovering

Hoy recordamos un disco que siempre me ha traído muy buenos recuerdos y me ayuda a superar los días grises. Espero que compartamos nuestras emociones



Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Slaughter - You Are The One Honeymoon Suite - One By One Maggie Reilly - Wait Fighter-.Running the Race Ya Ya - Fascination Erika - Cold Winter Night Bad Sister - Lose Or Win Jaded Hear-.On the Rise Zaneta - Feel You Now Hugo - Walk Away Warrant - The Bitter Pill Bai Bang - I Know All The Hits Ray Roper - Hang On The Defiants-Waiting On A Heartbreak The Darkness - Is It Just Me


AORLAND 431 Edición: BACK !

Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Floor Jansen - Invincible Amy Wolter - Be That Child Clouds of Clarity - Back to Sanity DeVicious- Not Anymore Icehouse - Touch The Fire GMT. One By One The Midnight - Brooklyn, Friday, Love Boys From Heaven-. Sailing On Sturm und Drang - Lucky khymera-Don't Wait For Love The runaway wild - Forever Eighteen Houston - Don't You Know What Love Is Peter Goalby - They_'ll Never Find Us (Running for our Lives) Creye-The Game My Darkest Days - Can_'t Forget You Stormwarning- Sweet True Lies


AORLAND 430 Edición: Breaking News

Hoy han sonado. FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Talisman- Dangeorus 7th heaven- Take Me Back Stage Dolls-Runnin' Back To You China - Won t Give It Up ROBIN MCAULEY-Can’t Go On ( new 2023) First Signal-Always Be There ( new 2023) Creye-Pieces ( new 2023) Secret - Everything is gone ( new 2023) Gabrielle de Val-A Kiss in a Dragon Night ( new 2023) Sharon O´Neil-. Satin Sheets Oslo - Don't Turn Your Back Dante Fox-Message from My Heart First Night-.In the Name of Our Love ( new 2023) The Storm -Hold On Groundbreaker- When Lighting Strikes ROBIN MCAULEY-Dead As A Bone ( new 2023) Creye-Dangerous ( new 2023) First Signal-Rain For Your Roses ( new 2023) Outside Edge-Heaven Tonight Mark Free- The Last Time


AORLAND 429 Edición: Confessions

Hoy han sonado... FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended Issa-I'll Give You My Heart Degreed- Higher The Big Deal-Sensational Tokyo motor Fist_Winner Takes All Secret-Stop this world Cruzh- We Go Together Lessmann-Voss-Take my heart and run First Signal- Shoot the Bullet Khymera- Hear Me Calling Chris Rosander- TURN YOUR HEART TO STONE DARE- Road To Eden DIAMOND DAWN - Don't Walk Away Sargant Fury_ Don´t You Know Turkish Delight Volume One-Believe. Radiactive- Written In The Scars Covered Call-Think About All Times Infinite&Divine- Our Time W.E.T Coming Home T3nors- Set Fire To The Rain


Aorland 428: welcome 2023

Hoy han sonado FM-Let Love Be The Leader Extended CREYE- Air ( new 2023) CROWNE-Just Believe ( new 2023) Rob Moratti-LOVE Chez Kane - Children of Tomorrow Gone Roulette - Ready for Friday Night C.O.P - FOR YOU Gabrielle de Val-Fight_for_Love.wav ( new 2023) SATIN -.Going Your Way GINEVRA Break The Silence GRAND- Those Were The Days Hackers - Si Te Vas ( new 2023) Remedy-Sundays at Nine ARCTIC RAIN-Peace Of Mind ( new 2023) TEN-The New Found Hope ( new 2023) Wildness- Best Of Me Rexoria - Devious Desire ( new 2023) Chris Rosander - WHEN IM GONE ( new 2023) STREETLORE-Gone (Satin CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD_We´re The Forgiven Perfect Plan- Walk Through Fire NIGHTHAWK - - RUNNING WILD ( new 2023) CROWNE-Ready To Run ( new 2023)