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The Deported Episode

Biz and Cake chop it up on this dope episode! Roll up or pour up! Enjoy! Executive Produced by : @CbizNyc Shout out to all the good people in Houston.


Issa Episode

Biz is still on vacation. Sorry for the delay! Today the team touches (Pause) everything from 4:44, ratchet internet bitches, Usher, R Kelly, Blac Chyna and America's Family. The Kardashians. Sit back, Roll up or sip something. Enjoy!


The Testicular Fortitude Episode

The Testicular Fortitude Episode has been brought to you by the good folks at Cast Sound Lab. Enjoy. Send all shout outs and photos to AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc


The Commercially Racial Episode

From Commercials to advertising,why is it that people of color get the short end of the stick? Companies for years have trolled Blacks and other cultures as low level and demeaning caricatures that mock them. Sometimes its done blatantly other times its subliminal either way its fucked up. Sit back and take notes on this very informative episode. Send emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc


The Get Out Episode Featuring Scruff God

We haven't done an episode like this in a while. We just kick back and talk about whatever. We were joined by a friend to the room, Scruff God. We touch on everything from the movie Get Out, Sports, Hip hop and Much much more. Sit back , roll up or sip something. Enjoy! Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc Send emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com


The Ivy Rivera Episode

Ivy Rivera, welcome to the new generation of Media! Ivy is at the forefront of the come up! From BET, to her very own radio show and numerous entertainment gigs. She's workin! Sit down, roll up, sip something and listen! Ivy gives a look in to her journey on the way to the top! Enjoy! Send photos and emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc


The Dr. Umar Johnson Episode

Dr. Umar, The Prince Of Pan-African-ism. One of the most requested speakers today! Dr Umar gives us his insight on the state of Blacks in this country, autism, finance,the so called black community, The LGBTQ and last but definitely not least his Frederick Douglas, Marcus Garvey Academy ! Dr Umar is a Certified School Psychologist who has a private practice in Pennsylvania and lectures throughout the country, he's also a blood relative of Frederick Douglass. Sit down, roll up or sip...


The Jameer Pond Episode

This episode was long overdue! Jameer Pond joins the party and it's a dope one! Jameer is an up and coming Media mogul. From Hot 97 to WBLS and to his own platforms, what can't this kid do? We speak Kedrick, Biggie, Radio, Books, The State of Hip hop and much much more. Sit back, roll up or sip something. Shout to Preach! Send emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Produced by @CBiznyc


Likes Or Die Part 2

On this episode we revisit a familiar topic, this was actually our first episode "Likes or Die". The internet is a gift and a curse, How much has the internet consumed you? Are you obsessed? can't put your smartphone down? Enjoy this dope episode, Sit back, Roll up or sip something. Send all emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Produced By @CBiznyc


The Return Of The Phoenix Podcast Episode

The Phoenix Podcast joins on us on this fun filled episode. This episode is filled with Midgets, Porn, Video Games, Marvel Comics, Comic Con and much much more. Sit back, roll up and sip something and enjoy! Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc Send all emails and questions to AskKilsy@gmail.com


What Happened To R&B? Episode (Part 2)

What ya'll thought we were finished? Told yall we were coming back for more. On part 1 I know we forgot a lot of key players and hit records so part 2 is here to clean everything up! Keith Sweat, Donell Jones, Next, Teddy Riley and more! This fun filled episode will definitely have your playlists on fire this week. You're welcome. Executive Produced by @CBiznyc Send emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com


What Happened To R&B? Episode (Part 1)

What happened to R&B? During the early 90s and late 2000s you got love on almost every R&B hit. R&B albums were a staple to guarantee you some pussy. Fast forward to present day R&B, Bitches are getting smacked, nobody is in love anymore. R&B stars want to be rappers so bad. There's still a few like Miguel, Trey Songz, Lloyd and a few others that still capture the essence, Love. We name drop a few classics on this episode, this is just part 1 because I know we missed a few. Love makes the...


The What's Beef? Episode

It's the hottest thing smoking in town right now. Remy Vs Nicki* (Asterik because she's yet to respond) - Do we crown Remy? Does Nicki have to respond? We also take a look at past classic battles. What do you guys think? Join in on the conversation. AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Producer: @Cbiznyc


The Sneaker Head Episode (Vol.1)

I know, I know, it's about damn time right? You'd think that ANP would have a sh*t load of sneaker episodes seeing that all of the hosts are big sneaker heads and are heavy in the culture! Biz, Cake And Kilsy all share there individual top 5 kicks of all time! Sit back and enjoy this long over due nostalgic ride! Please comment on the itunes and rate us, even if you hate us. Send emails and questions to AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc


The Dinner Land Episode

Dinner Land! the ANP crew sits down with the ultimate creative genius Shake and the lovely Alexis. Dinner Land was founded in March 2013. It began as Shake's creative portfolio, documenting his creative work for clients such as Flying Food Group, Birthday Cake, Uncle Bacala, and Cellar 25. As time moved on the opportunities grew larger and the vision became clearer. Production grounds for Tax Stone, Its Bizkit, Salaam Remi, Complex Media, The Stashed Media Network, Bhrama Bull, The Earwaxx...


The Pussy Is Power Episode

There's a few things we know best and sex is one of them. The ANP crew have a little fun on this sex filled episode. We touch on (pause) masturbation, love, women deleting bodies and much much more. Email AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive produced by - @Cbiznyc


Shop Talk With Chase Episode

This is what happen when they let the Henny in. We're joined by a friend to the room, Chase. We touch on everything from Hood movies,Sex, Jail, Liquor, Chicken and pure jokes. A fun episode of organized randomness. Sit back, roll up or sip something and Enjoy this fun filled Episode. Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc Please send all emails and inquiries to AskKilsy@gmail.com Engineered by none other than Preach.


The Tyron Perryman Episode

On this fun episode we sit down with Tyron Perryman, the distinguished gentleman from Harlem. He's the host of The Tea And Converse podcast. We talk old vs new Harlem, gentrification, art, life and HIP HOP! Sit back, roll up, sip something and RELAX! Executive Produced By @Cbiznyc #Like #Subscribe #Comment #share We're on Soundcloud, Itunes, stitcher and Google Play!


The One Gotta GO Episode

Salute to you Mr. Obama on doing a good job these past 8 years. Your regalness and intelligence is unmatched. Good luck and prosperity on your future endeavors. We have a lot of fun on this one. Edibles included. Donald trump is now commander in chief . Lord help us. Shout out to those women who were on the front lines this past weekend speaking their voice and raising hell! One gotta go! We think you guys will enjoy the now famous social media game. Kilsy also answers an ask Kilsy...


The Blue City Series Episode

Blue City! The Hottest series on the net right now! The About Nothing Podcast crew chops it up with Marcus Reyes and Dwayne Parker. Marcus is the show's creator / writer / Producer / Director and Camera Man. Dwayne is an actor and assistant director on the show. We talk about the origins of the show and the future of the show. We also chop it up on video games (Marcus and Dwayne are big gamers!) Movies and HIP HOP! Enjoy. Send all emails, photos and shout outs to AskKilsy@gmail.com...