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The Pussy Is Power Episode

There's a few things we know best and sex is one of them. The ANP crew have a little fun on this sex filled episode. We touch on (pause) masturbation, love, women deleting bodies and much much more. Email AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive produced by - @Cbiznyc


Shop Talk With Chase Episode

This is what happen when they let the Henny in. We're joined by a friend to the room, Chase. We touch on everything from Hood movies,Sex, Jail, Liquor, Chicken and pure jokes. A fun episode of organized randomness. Sit back, roll up or sip something and Enjoy this fun filled Episode. Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc Please send all emails and inquiries to AskKilsy@gmail.com Engineered by none other than Preach.


The Tyron Perryman Episode

On this fun episode we sit down with Tyron Perryman, the distinguished gentleman from Harlem. He's the host of The Tea And Converse podcast. We talk old vs new Harlem, gentrification, art, life and HIP HOP! Sit back, roll up, sip something and RELAX! Executive Produced By @Cbiznyc #Like #Subscribe #Comment #share We're on Soundcloud, Itunes, stitcher and Google Play!


The One Gotta GO Episode

Salute to you Mr. Obama on doing a good job these past 8 years. Your regalness and intelligence is unmatched. Good luck and prosperity on your future endeavors. We have a lot of fun on this one. Edibles included. Donald trump is now commander in chief . Lord help us. Shout out to those women who were on the front lines this past weekend speaking their voice and raising hell! One gotta go! We think you guys will enjoy the now famous social media game. Kilsy also answers an ask Kilsy...


The Blue City Series Episode

Blue City! The Hottest series on the net right now! The About Nothing Podcast crew chops it up with Marcus Reyes and Dwayne Parker. Marcus is the show's creator / writer / Producer / Director and Camera Man. Dwayne is an actor and assistant director on the show. We talk about the origins of the show and the future of the show. We also chop it up on video games (Marcus and Dwayne are big gamers!) Movies and HIP HOP! Enjoy. Send all emails, photos and shout outs to AskKilsy@gmail.com...


The Back Home Episode

We're back like we never left ! Cake and Kilsy enjoy their fancy vape pen things or whatever the hell you call it. The crew chops it about "Back home" . Back Home is a West Indian / Caribbean term. The beauty of going back home, the smell, the food , the way of life, its a beautiful thing. Enjoy the episode . Roll one or drink one. Send all emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive produced by @Cbiznyc Instagram.com/AboutNothingPodcast Twitter.com/AboutNothingPod


The Wrap Up 2016 Episode

The last episode of 2016! We decided to go live on Facebook for this one and engage with our supporters. We touch on most of things that took place in 2016. We touch on Drake's legacy, dope podcasts, Gucci's comeback, Insecure, The night Of, Dave Chappelle and much much more. We also take calls from our dope supporters! Sit down, roll up, sip something and enjoy this dope episode. Happy 2017! be safe, stay blessed and win! Email us at AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc


The Four Haitians In A Room Episode Featuring Haitian V And Hynaken

Back like we never left! This time we brought our good friends to come chop it up with us and have some fun! The comedic Haitian V and the forever controversial Mr Scumbag, the Hynaken! This episode was filled with randomness and fun! This is what happens when they're are 4 Haitians locked in a studio! Pardon my horrible voice but that Flu was a motherf*cker! Send all Emails and questions to AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc


Supporter Appreciation Part 2 Episode

Thank you to all of our listeners from the United States and across the globe. The love you've shown over the past year has been overwhelming and we appreciate each and every last one of you. Continue to support us and send those emails in. Love is love! Send all emails, photos and shout outs to askKilsy@gmail.com Executive produced by: @Cbiznyc


The Phone Time Episode

You know how ANP do, we love to have fun. On this fun episode we get on the phones, we call some friends to chop it up and talk sh*t! We also talk about the Phenomenon that's HBO's Insecure, the best show out right now! For the record we are Team Lawrence except for Cake (He didn't see Insecure) shame on him. Stop snitching Kanye. Enjoy AskKilsy@gmail.com


The Elizabeth Canela Episode

I love episodes like this where we can just have Real talk with Real people. Educator Elizabeth Canela stops by and we discuss everything from Voting, group economics, gentrification, white flight and much much more. The daughter of immigrants, Elizabeth worked her way from the mean streets of Brooklyn to become an Ivy league graduate. Grab your wine and open your ears, you don't want to miss this one. Executive produced by @Cbiznyc Send all emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com


The Phoenix Project Episode

Phoenix! The outspoken host of the "Phoenix Project" podcast joins us for a fun ride of liquor, comics, politics, sex, racism, BEYONCE and much much more. We had so much fun on this one. Kilsy also gives "advice" to one of our listeners from Ketucky! Enjoy! Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc Instagram.com/AboutNothingPodcast Twitter.com/AboutNothingpod #Like #Subscribe #Comment #Share


The Scruff God Episode

We sat down with talented artist Scruff Dog. He speaks on his come up, inspiration, his growing catalogue and staying away from suspect thirst trap DMs. Do all artists have a troubled or dark past? Scruff goes in to detail about his upbringing and what got him to this point. Yes, its Scruff God who did our dope artwork for the podcast. The kid is definitely on his way to greatness. Enjoy this episode because we sure did! Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc Twitter.com/AboutNothingPod...


The Happy Vegan Episode

What's wrong with Lil Wayne? He needs help. Badly. Baby Wake up. Should there be a hip hop union? (Benefits and health insurance). Hip hop loves to age their rappers. These guys are pioneers, forefathers and architects. We also briefly touch on the rape culture. We will explore this a little more on a future episode. Enjoy this fun episode. Shout out to Phoenix. Send all questions, suggestions and pictures to AskKilsy@gmail.com Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc #Like #Follow #Subscribe #Share...


The Splif Uno Episode

Single..ish! King..ish! Trust me, you've seen this everywhere! On tees, on hats and on sweatshirts! On this fun filled episode the homey Splif hangs out with us and talks about the Splif uno clothing line, his adventures in the music biz and drunk stories. Shout out to the good brother Splash for providing the libations. Twitter.com/AboutNothingpod Instagram.com/AboutNothingpodcast Send emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com Recorded at The Cast Sound Lab, Brooklyn NY. Executive Produced by @Cbiznyc


The Haitian Mangoes Episode

Our sincerest apologies for the last episode cutting off. We decided to continue that conversation. We also explore other topics as eating out for birthday dinners and covering the tab. we touch on anal sex, I dont know how we got down that road, smh. Truffle butter and moisture, disgusting + much much more! Send all emails to AskKilsy@gmail.com and we will definitely answer your question! Twitter.com/AboutNothingPod Instagram.com/AboutNothingPodcast Recorded at Cast Sound Lab Executive...


The Why You In My Phone Episode

Rest in peace Tommy. GTD! They actually made a Kim Kardashian robbery Halloween costume. Hilarious. It was quickly taken off the market. The #ANP cast takes a different direction on this episode , as per by request by our loyal supporters we briefly interview one another so our listeners could get to know us a little better. Enjoy ! #Follow #Subscribe and #Comment Instagram.com/AboutNothingPodcast Twitter.com/AboutNothingpod Be sure to email us with questions and dope ass shots!


The Chef Sade Serrano Featuring The Fresh Feen Episode

On this dope episode we have some fun with Sade Serrano, the African - Boricua pastry chef who has amazing energy and can do some damage in the kitchen we also chop it up with The Fresh Feen, Mark Gooding. He's the master when it comes to sneaker restorations and customizing. This episode was 100% sponsored by our lovely Kilsy, who's an edible gawd! No stone goes un-turned on this ride. We talk about Cooking, Fashion, THC, Kim K being robbed, ass eating, Benzino Vs Amber Rose and much much...


The Cake Vs Kilsy Episode

Cake And Kilsy are at it again! this time its one on one. They tackle topics like sexual partners history. sending out "Beefies" (Penis selfies), Yes that's an actual word. They also speak on women having more power over a kid than a man because.....IDK but You guys tell us who won! Kilsy is on a feminist rampage Follow us on: Instagram.com/AboutNothingPodcast Twitter.com/AboutNothingpod Snapchat: AboutNothingPod Be sure to email AskKilsy@gmail.com with photos (Preferably ass shots and...


The Hold Me Down Episode Featuring Jayomega And Syer

Cigars, twerking, weddings, blowjobs, cheating and hiphop were just a few of things we talked and laughed about! Our good friends from The Officially Street Podcast came to Kick it wit us In Brooklyn! Jayomega and Syer takes us back to their early years in the BX and to now living in Million dollar mansions and things of that nature. This was another fun episode! Sit back and enjoy! Instagram.com/AboutNothingPodcast Twitter.com/AboutNothingpod Send all questions and nudes to...