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Samar Alrayyes & Charlie Gavey - Never done the T-Rex thing

Meeting at the 2019 TechFugeesNZ hackathon Mike recognised two very clever, passionate, and dedicated wahine in Charlie and Samar ... and they got on like a house on fire. Samar is currently an Azure Digital Transformation Specialist at Microsoft but really she would say that she is all about, "Empowering organisations to digitally transform their business with Microsoft Azure". Charlie is the Product Manager of Search at Trade Me and Advisor Member of InternetNZ's .NZ Policy Panel. Both...


#WellyTech System Error - Come & be a tall poppy

A small and boutique collection for the Wellington System Error discussion - thanks to all that came and gave their views on the following 3 topics: - What are your views on the Hippocratic Licence? - What's the one thing (emotional, physical, etc) that the #WellyTech 2019 event can bring? - What do we think about the Christchurch Call and where it's at? If you have anything to add, do you disagree with what was said - get...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - Time for a break

The episode in which Hīria decides to have a Whare Hauora rest ... only for a month, and only because she needs to focus upon earning $ to get a production run done. We wish Hīria all the best for the next few weeks and we'll be re-joining her sometime in November to catch-up on where's she's got to. Hugs, all the AG crew, x ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hīria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the episodes:...


Owen Evans - Nobody wants to buy your sh*t

Owen Evans, second of our 5th birthday re-visits, is the CTO at JRNY and was last on the show back in August 2014, "Owen Evans - Data Lake", a true pioneer! Back in 2014 Owen had co-founded a company named Hoist from which he learned heaps (see the show title). He has since been at senior roles at 8i, and Zapier, a board adviser for other startups, and co-hosted the successful Web Developers Conference NZ (WDCNZ) which is back! Owen has a tonne of experience he passes on, how to support...


#climatestrikenz Greta Thunberg's full UN speech

Last week the world went on strike to protest the inaction from the power structures of society with regard to the current climate emergency and today New Zealand is showing their determination to be heard. So what can we, a podcast do? We have an audience, and so we are publishing the audio of Greta Thunberg’s emotional and, to some, confrontational speech at last Friday’s UN Climate Summit with the hope that it will inspire each and every one us into more direct and noticeable...


Jordan Carter - The status quo is not good enough

Jordan Carter, first of our 5th birthday re-visits, is the Chief Executive at InternetNZ and was last on the show back in October 2017, "Jordan Carter – The plan is not to have a plan". Since then he's got a 'new' job, restructured the organisation, and been a part of the Prime Minister's "Christchurch Call" in reaction to the terrorist shootings earlier this year. Jordan has a LOT to catch us up on so listen in and then get along to Nethui 2019 at Wellington's Te Papa to continue the...


Stephen Clarke - Accidentally surviving time

There's nothing simple about Stephen Clarke, he is a mind on legs with a wealth of experience from the records / archival world with a focus on standards (published we'll have you know). Set yourself down, get a cup of tea, and take a journey through the world as seen through the incredible mind of Steff Clarke ... and YES, you will want to take some threads and continue them, so get in touch with him. - -...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - Plan for business with a business plan

Hīria with the latest in the her journey of being being a founder, chief do-it-all, and startup good person as she fights to keep the value and integrity of the data collected from the community in THEIR hands and not transformed into megabucks and tracking resources for others. ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hīria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the episodes: Get all the...


Emily Mason - The nerd herder

Emily Mason is a woman with a mission, in fact multiple missions from starting a company with values (Frank Advice), ensuring evidence based policies are created, and assisting philanthropic donors the greatest impact in their endeavours (Impact Lab). From a life of government work to running a startup is takes a special sort of person, Emily is that person. Listen in as she details the hurdles, the joy, and the focus needed to step out from under the wings of the large organisation - you...


Heathy Homes Hikoi - More shoulders to carry the load

Listen to Hiria, Kaiwhakahaere at Whare Hauora, and then PLEDGE - 5 days (at time of publication) left: ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hiria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the episodes: Get all the Whare Hauora updates: - -...


#WellyTech System Error - Winter BBQ

Fantastic turn out in the very loud Hashigo Zake lounge for this coming together of the #WellyTech community to meet, greet, and ponder 3 topics on the podcast, namely: 1: How can a social enterprise grow beyond it's initial idea? 2: Using AI is merely sending money overseas to the big vendors. 3: Consultancy is dead. See you at the next #WellyTech get together: | RECORDING: System Error - Spring Is Sprung (Thursday, September...


Paul Armstrong - Unicorn included

Paul Armstrong has a long history in providing ICT consultancy to organisations in New Zealand and further afar with a long and illustrious career at Synergy/Fronde - but that's all history now! Paul takes us through the ups and downs of his career, and how he is excited again to be at TipoTapp bringing the cloud unicorns to all those that need to both move and develop upon the major cloud services out there. For those that need to sell (and let's be honest, who doesn't) Paul has a...


Heathy Homes Hikoi - 1st board meeting!

Big updates from Hiria Te Rangi, Kaiwhakahaere at Whare Hauora. Hiria has had her first formal board meeting with her Directors: Amber Craig, Jay Daly, Dianne Minee - always good to communicate where the organisation is and where it should be heading. And then Hiria has been out and about speaking "The Power Of A Grandmother" TEDxWellington: Hiria also spoke at JAFAC conference, "How Whare Hauora product development is driving the...


Kylie Reiri - Better decisions everywhere

Kylie Reiri is one of those treasurers of New Zealand, a values focused wahine leading a data scientists focused company working on the issues that matter to all of us. Once you've heard Kylie explain where she comes from, how she wants data to make a difference through actual supporting better decisions, for instance services provided by central government, then we would highly recommend her talk given earlier in 2019 at Hack Aotearoa (link below) -...


Jessica Manins - Shoot friends with fart guns

Tweet from Jessica Manins, @JessicaManins - Aug 19 "When Sir Richard Taylor plays your game @beyonddotfun and says it’s the most fun he’s had in #VR it’s hard not to feel like this #oddball #comingsoon #VR" There's no better introduction to Jessica Mannins' new venture, Beyond, than that - and having played / experienced it both Mike and Raj agree it is the best social VR fun ever. Listen to Jessica's plans for her co-founded company, where it all came from, why VR has tickled Jessica for...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - nerds unite!

Hiria is here! More on her journey, speaking at TEDxWelligton and the Zero Carbon Challenge PledgeMe campaign: --- Whare Hauora has created Manawa: a smart home sensor kit and platform that measures the temperature and humidity of rooms in homes and tells you if your home is making your whānau sick. We built Manawa specifically for whānau, so they gain insights into their health and...


Rowan Simpson - Capture, measure and share. Appropriately

Rowan Simpson provides an episode that replicates his professional life, one of two halves. From being the first non-family member employee of TradeMe before moving on to Xero in it's early years. Since then Rowan has taken his experience and insights to many companies as investor and director, spreading the product development messages, and sharing his approach to tech business with all that are keen to hear (check out his Hoku Ideas page linked below). Why is this show akin to his...


Trent Mankelow - Try not to break anything

Trent Mankelow is currently the acting CEO of Summer Of Tech whilst Ruth McDavitt is off being a parent for the year and is loving it. With Trent's contacts he's looking to bring many more companies into the fold (you could be reading this in one right now, get involved with the link below). Trent has had a life of entrepreneurship co-founding Optimal Experience, being the Chief Product Officer for Vend, and most recently as Trade Me's inaugural Chief Customer Officer - not a bad Kiwi...


Duncan Greive - The media hustle

With Duncan Greive, Managing Editor of The Spinoff website and co-host of the #realpod, you know you're going to get insight into the New Zealand media scene and where it's all heading to with Facebook and Google gobbling up all the advertising revenue. At the time of recording with Viv The Spinoff were in the throws of launching their Members feature, allowing readers (like all of us at AG) to help support the ongoing work - do it here:...